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Family page 2/2 By ThoughtVision By tredur -- Report

This is not my artwork but a commission I asked to the artist ThoughtVision, whom can be reach at
I had the permission of the artist to post it in my own account

Few months had pass but Daphne belly was already beyond what she would considered full terms for twins.
Talia was extremely worried for Daphne and the babies.
The only solution she could think of was the pregnancy transfer, to help her wife.
The all process felt amazing and now she was caring her all family.
Few months later, the big day arrived and with the help of Daphne, she birthed two beautiful babies. A manticore and a human

There is a story planned for this comic, but it's not done at the moment

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Posted by moonlightshy 8 months ago Report



Posted by bonberjean 8 months ago Report

this is weird, not the bad kind of weird, the good kind of weird


Posted by tredur 8 months ago Report

that was the idea :-)


Posted by Eka 8 months ago Report

It is kind of astounding to see this type of scene being commissioned. I can't imagine the difficult on communicating the idea to not just one but two different artists in two different part of the stories, each with dozen of panels to talks through.

It is amazing to see both turned out similarly well. Very good work!


Posted by tredur 8 months ago Report


Ronnie92 and ThoughtVision were fantastic, and I tried to be as clear as possible, giving them the script idea for the scenes followed by some horrible rough pages made by me but with many references to explain.
It was great to see the mess I gave them became these fantastic pages.
if you saw what the author and artist of "one punch man" did together, imagine it with the worst starting material.


Posted by Eka 7 months ago Report

I suppose I can see where you are coming from. Anyhow, good job! I had fun with it for sure!


Posted by ThoughtVision 6 months ago Report

Thank you very much for the comment Eka's. I got a great project coming up as a ongoing series and i'd love to call the planet it takes place on Aryion. With your character as the main person that created it. I have over 30 people submitting their oc's so far to make a canon story for it. I hope this sounds good to you and thank you for this awesome site. ^_^


Posted by Eka 6 months ago Report

Oh, sure. Why not? I have no idea what the establishing canon or setting would be on "Aryion" but hey. Good to see what you will come up with. Feel free to let me know if you need anything else from me.


Posted by ImmortalPrey 5 months ago Report

Is the girl inside her gut in the 5th frame?


Posted by tredur 5 months ago Report

Yes, it's how they like to sleep and spend some time together


Posted by ImmortalPrey 5 months ago Report



Posted by TSaPA 1 month ago Report

Wouldn't mind seeing stuff like this more often.