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Masquerade's refuelling stop By Frakass -- Report

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While strolling by night, Masquerade felt a little peckish... Sadly, all the shops, snacks and restaurants of the next city on her road were of course closed at such a late time...
This was unfortunate... for the city, because Masquerade amulet granted her some powers.
Indeed, She didn't have to wait for opening time, or even to choose between any provider of food the city had to offer, to feel comfortably full again...

Author's note :
Well, hum... Once is an accident, twice is coincidence... One more shot and I will become a Vore-Bronie or something like that, I guess?

Reward for an old fan of mine,  Mage24365 , who rescued me from an embarrassing situation where I did an obvious mistake in one of my drawing description. Thanks again, mate!

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Posted by Mage24365 1 month ago Report

Thanks so much for doing this! It came out great, and I'm still incredibly starstruck to see this!


Posted by Frakass 1 month ago Report

I was really happy to do it for you ^^
It was also a good exercise, as I didn't do something in full color for some time. it was an opportunity to try to color some leather, something I find rather difficult.


Posted by Crazycat15 1 month ago Report

nice ;)


Posted by kurokaze 1 month ago Report

I love all your pieces where you do the pred belching up half digested items! The details are always amazing! I'm also so glad you are back posting, your work is my favorite on the site :) I really hope you go back to some of your alpha girls work. Still some of my favorite vore pictures ever!


Posted by GonzaII1313 1 month ago Report

Amazing work as always :3


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

If the city won't feed you, you can feed on the city.

Really like the way you differ between character color and the background color.


Posted by Throku 1 month ago Report

So they were masquerading as a city when they were a mindight snack all along?


Posted by Angel 1 month ago Report

Why resist the ponies? Go for it! ^^


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

Great work as always! Though i long for some good'ol big bellies this is very good too.


Posted by ChangelingWil 1 month ago Report

Nice. The gut is wonderful.

It's >didn't have to wait

Not she 'didn't had to wait'

Unless I'm going insane


Posted by Frakass 1 month ago Report

Indeed, thanks ^^


Posted by Frakass 1 month ago Report

I'm not an english native speaker, so I still do a lot of simple errors like this ^^


Posted by ChangelingWil 1 month ago Report

No problem, it happens.


Posted by Victusu 1 month ago Report

Awesome! Incredible like always! ^^


Posted by cle0na 1 month ago Report

Amazing ^^ but I would like to know how exactly she ate that town )) imagined she just opened her mouth and sucked everything up )


Posted by spinel 1 month ago Report

Question can u do spinel :D


Posted by spinel 1 month ago Report

Ur art is cute btw and hot