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Smuggling Spree Part 1 By Arthotus -- Report

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Kollo coordinates with Lord Nagedogo to try and solve her smuggler problems.


Welcome to the new format. We'll see if this helps me write more.

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Posted by Graywolf18 1 year ago Report

Really happy to see Kollo back and especially excited to see more stuff with Nagedogo as I really like her character so far. But honestly, just glad to see more of your content.

Question 1: I'm in favor of both A and C. C, obviously, for more vore content and A for a tasty new pet/friend. I'd be fine with either being chosen tho.

Question 2: Lord Nagedogo was hinted at having spies looking into the other sea lords and that could be an easy resource Kollo could utilize above ground.

Question 3: Kollo should withhold the information until he has some concrete evidence. Letting it slip that Kollo is onto the smugglers will just make the guilty lords panicky and more careful. The opposite could happen and they could make a mistake but seeing as the worse thing is apparently a hefty fine (that they could likely afford anyway) makes that seem unlikely.


Posted by ribs 1 year ago Report

1) a
2) maybe the pets need something more too do? a safe place to earn money and build ties with the surface world? Kollo seaside trade house could fill a warehouse with both local and imported goods/pets.
3) assuming he stops the smugglers and saves Lord Nagedogo a few clues will not have much value now but could lead to more later maybe some pets have skills that can be put too use?


Posted by Anonymouslion 1 year ago Report

1) a
2) no clue
3) to the king!
Also, just a little tip for kollo, but ticklish prey is always fun and it feels so good! One of my preferred prey are elves that are extremely ticklish and less… well endowed and have a slender body type!


Posted by minasan 1 year ago Report

1. I'm still finding the idea of a mermaid swimming around inside Kollo amusing. I guess B might be most conducive to that as he'd have to keep the mermaids on him to treat their addiction. Though D could also work if he only finds a way to shift the control to himself rather than get rid of it.

2. She could help him set up a business for his pets. He's been mapping out all the tunnels beneath her territory so his pets could set up in them relatively safely. They could then run a business on the surface. I don't remember if he was cool with the ex-Madame setting up a new brothel or not. But could also set up a trading business. Especially if Kollo collects a colony of mermaids bound to him in some way he could set up his own sea trade operation for long term funding.

3. He could bring it to the people from the last chapter. That sort of blackmail could be used as leverage to rope that lord into helping take down the guard, or make them reveal information on the city guard's operations. A lord involved in smuggling is probably also involved in the corruption of the guard.

I hope this helps you get inspired.