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It lives! (in a zygote stage but still!) Posted 1 year ago
Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last blog post. It really helped me stop feeling sorry for myself and push more code into my game. I cut some corners and rounded off the sharp edges to come up with something that is essentially a 'test model' of the game I'm trying to make. Most of the core bones are there, to show what it could be, without any of the substance. I initially wanted to put off showing everyone anything I'd done until I had more of a complete product, since when I did this last time, the absolute lack of engagement killed my drive completely, I realize toiling forever while pretending my work is TOP SECRET is also killing my enthusiasm for the project, so I might as well show you all what I've come up with, right? If you're interested in seeing what I've been...
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Ongoing insanity check in Posted 1 year ago
Well, to say I'm making progress wouldn't be a complete lie, but only by the tiniest of measurements. My efforts feel increasingly meaningless, the product increasingly clunky and unwieldy, and the more I look it over, the less fun it even seems like it would be to play. Granted, I was making a numbers centric, vore slanted, narrative only, monster girl rancher, which is a market of like...negative 5 people? Can I even say 'nobody' would want to play it if it's a bad game in an unwanted niche? Ugh.

As you can see, I'm not super happy, mostly because I'm toiling endlessly towards a vague goal that seems less appealing as time goes on. I don't even remember why I started making games, other than my increasingly bi-polar need to create content I am also interested in. The only...
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And Now, a More Detailed Update Posted 1 year ago
Hello! Still alive. Still plugging away as slowly as possible. I figured I'd make a more detailed post this time about my game to give you all some sense of how it's going. It probably won't make much sense to anyone, but if I write it all down, maybe it'll actually give me some sense of progression.

Currently Completed: Main Menu, Basic Intro, Story Prompt System, Basic Trigger System, Shop Menu, Monster Girl Management Menu, Save Screen, Load Screen, End Game Screen(monster girl death), Week Advancement.

In Progress: Save/Load Functionality(Not everything is currently included, but what is included works), Resource Generation/Selling(currently resources can be made by Nilpera, but there's no way to sell/use them), Guild Screen(for selling resources), Weekly...
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Slow as the Creeping Glacier Posted 1 year ago
Welp, I don't like posting an update to say I haven't made all that much progress, but it's finally hit the point where I feel worse for not telling you guys something. ALA is still going I've just had a lot of trouble pushing through the dialogue. It's the fifth time I'm writing it all, putting it into the right format for the new system I'm using for the game, and I do not do great with repeating my work so many times. It's really ground my motivation to a standstill. I'm also supremely distracted with other things and little I do works to keep me focused on ALA. STILL, its getting there.

Unlike last time, I refuse to release something that doesn't have a start and end, so I'll be holding off posting any prototypes or early showings until I've programmed at least one ending...
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Xmas Hiatus Posted 1 year ago
Yes, I know, it's early, and yes, I know I'm not exactly doing a lot that warrants a hiatus, but I was always planning on taking a break to collect my thoughts around Christmas/New Years. I've decided to start this hiatus earlier than originally planned, just to try and take my own pressure to write and create stuff off my own shoulders and relax awhile. I'm still working on stuff outside of Eka's, but I think a bit of time away from the site will do me some good. I kind of feel like I'm absent already, but now I guess I'm saying I won't feel guilty for not being more involved.

Anyway, have a happy whatever holiday you go for, maybe enjoy your break from work, if you get one, and see you all in the new year. Hopefully, I'll be bored enough to make some more stuff for all of...
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It's Alive! Dungeon Master Returns! Posted 1 year ago
Mwahahaha! I've done it! New format is all but finished! Lilixis chapter three is here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=57420&p=2789591#p2789591.

Now, all chapters will be released in this forum, and between, everyone will vote on the same forum! I'm hoping this works well, but I suppose we'll find out,huh?
Good news! Dungeon Master Update! Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone. I've finished the initial, super-dooper Early draft of my personal project, so my obsessive focus on that has waned. That means I can rededicate myself to Dungeon Master!

That being said, after taking a break, as well as a few steps back, and looking over DM as a whole, I'm going to be redoing pretty much everything from the ground up. All the rules and mechanics will be changing, specifically, simplifying. The setting, story, and characters will all remain, and I'll make sure to continue from where I left off with that, but in order to renew my own personal interest in it, I need to get rid of all the things that make DM hard to write and not fun.

To make an extremely long explanation shortish, I'm very, very harshly simplifying pretty much...
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Well, slightly bad news again...regular DM delay Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone, slightly bad news. Two things kicked in that have reduced the time I work on Dungeon Master. First, work is a bit busier than it was when I began DM. Second, I've begun a personal writing project, possibly with the intent to try and get it published somewhere. That's a long shot, but I won't know if I don't try, right? Anyway, I'm going to be slowing down DM a bit, same releases, but every two weeks instead. That'll give me more time to make things look better and still write it all out. Plus voting will last longer, not that anyone generally votes after like 48-72 hours after the polls open.

My 'serious' project won't be particularly vore-related, so I won't be sharing it here on eka's. It'll be a fantasy romance, which is also pretty different from what I...
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Damn! One Week Delay on DM. Posted 1 year ago
Damn, life finally caught up with me! Due to this chapter requiring more background work than normal, more work at my job (where I get some of my writing done in my free time), and a surprisingly busy week for me, I have been unable to get Book One Chapter Four finished for today. I apologize! I will endeavor to make sure this is merely a small break, and continue pushing out weekly chapters until around Christmas, where I will likely take a 1-3 week break. Thank you all for your patience!
Chapter 2 and...Book 2?!? Posted 2 years ago
Greetings! I have good news! As someone who is terribly impatient, I've decided that a timeline of One week Voting and One week writing is unacceptable. As much as it's probably good for me as a person and writer to have a week to reflect and consider while all of you vote, I just can't do it. While I risk burning myself out, I'm happy to announce that instead of waiting, I will instead be starting Book 2!! Basically, one book will always be up for vote, and one will always be in my writing room. They'll switch every week, which will mean I always have something to write, and you'll always have something to vote on. Sound Good? No? Too bad! I'm doing it anyway. This Monday, when I compile the results for Book 1 Chapter 1, I will unveil the Prologue for Book 2, where everyone will be...
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