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Frisky Fish Food By Darkarri -- Report

Happy MerMay, everybody! There's still over an hour left where I live, so I made it! Here's the first piece I got from  ecchipandaa during my Art Slave session on May 31st!

It's the return of Mermaid Dari from last year! She's found herself being preyed on by another giant mermaid, and it's Rida! Seems even in this little AU Rida's at the top of the food chain. And not only did she gobble up Dari, but she's got a couple of other friends inside her stomach too: Erin and Sayuri. Erin, as usual, seems to be overwhelmed with sheer lust-fueled pleasure to be inside such a oozing, bubbling gut, while Sayuri seems curious about just how into this Erin is getting. Dari, meanwhile, isn't usually one to enjoy scenarios like these... but between being inside Rida, and hearing Erin's moans of ecstasy, she's starting to feel a bit overwhelmed too. Rida, meanwhile, is perfectly content to lie back on the sea floor and bask in the squirming sensations trapped in her cushy belly, until she decides to release these morsels to enjoy again another time.

After getting "Tastes Fishy" with Shirahoshi and Dari last MerMay, I knew I wanted to get something with Rida this year. And rather than just have her eating Dari, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to feed her some more prey, courtesy of some friends' OCs! Plus seeing their varied reactions to their predicament is just too good.

By the way, Rida is a whale shark mermaid here, aka the world's largest fish. Quite happy with my choice and how she great she looks!

Art credit goes to  ecchipandaa!

Erin Foru belongs to  SourceSizeShenanigan!

Sayuri belongs to  Stiff!

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Posted by noytch 1 year ago Report

liking how thicc Rida is.


Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report

incredibly sexy the mermaid


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 1 year ago Report

Rida a plush looking girl hot damn