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[Patreon, OC] Beeg Queen Bee Reina By StygianRook -- Report

Since the winner of last month's pred poll was a new OC, here's my Black Queen Bee, Reina Hachimitsu, doing a cute pose while in her queen bee form. Thanks for casting your vote in the new OC poll as well! Also sorry for the slower pace lately, things are reopening here in my hometown so I'm busy with job search again.

Looks like Reina had quite a large meal. Her bugmeat seems quite active too. I'd say she ate one or two people and churned them into honey in her human stomach. Her bee abdomen has around three people inside its womb and maybe one in its stomach as well. Her bee gut is probably too thicc/hard to form defined bulges, but it can hardly contain all the struggling in there, wobbling and twitching all the time. Reina certainly doesn't mind carrying very lively, full stomachs/wombs, though. I bet she'd even let people feel them up since she likes showing off.

I wrote a profile for this pregpred mama queen like the one I did last time for Ruuka, so if you're interested in some l o r e, click below:

Also, if you're feeling like drawing any of my OCs, feel free to do so. Just mention/tag me when you post it, I like to see others' interpretation of my girls.

As for this month's ongoing pred poll, Tosa (Azur Lane) is in first place with a total of 11 votes. Second are Enterprise (Azur Lane) and Lucifer (Helltaker) with 10 votes each. Third is Chapayev (Azur Lane) with 9 votes.

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Posted by apitop 1 year ago Report

Honey machine


Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

huge honey pot belly


Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

beeg bee, and she's pretty cute ngl :)


Posted by Makazawa 1 year ago Report

She has a lottt of place to keep people


Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

Absolute dumptrucc booty


Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

also, good luck with job hunting lol :)


Posted by POPObro 1 year ago Report

i got the honey jars and the bee toys ready


Posted by ThatWizardGuy 1 year ago Report

Beeg Pregpred Mama, iz gud momma


Posted by TinySMWfail 1 year ago Report

Eep! D-don't sting me big bee.


Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report

it only takes ``breast vore´´ and it will be super giant


Posted by denysvision 1 year ago Report

My queen is arive,and i put her as my waifull


Posted by Pilum 1 year ago Report



Posted by DLeagueman 1 year ago Report

What a cute bee :3


Posted by PimpDaddyPichu 1 year ago Report

Utilizing the abdomen in vore scenarios are what I appreciate most about bug preds like this.


Posted by QueenLevy 1 year ago Report

Pretty Queen Bee :)


Posted by UltraFox 1 year ago Report

Does she turn people into workers/drones/queens?


Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

Yes, she can rebirth her victims into her daughters, who are black pawns.


Posted by UltraFox 1 year ago Report

Cool, can see also change her victims into different arthropods like a mantis or spider?


Posted by Shraq 1 year ago Report

I hope that you'll draw more art of Reina soon~.