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Confronting Myself (3) By DegenerateException -- Report

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Badeline gave a small sigh, the last of her reflection trickling up her ass, as a satisfying pop heralded the completion of her meal. With a little wave, the two copies dissipated, their job now done. Badeline couldn’t help but just enjoy the feeling of the weak, foolish person she was once a part of shifting around inside her. The weight eventually settling, only for Badeline’s belly to rock as the prey within thrashed. Knocks from side to side caused only bemused chuckling from the purple apparition, a spark of resistance finally realized, all too late. Yet even these final struggles were short-lived, each movement weaker than the last, until a pure silence fell across the mountainside, the sizeable pale orb of flesh sitting still, soft gurgles rising from within.
“I was always the more useful one anyway,” Badeline chuckled, already feeling her belly begin to shift and shrink, the soft sounds turning into louder groans and gurgles. What was once a person now long gone churned inside, as the woman felt something change inside. Her existence, which found itself tied with the mountain itself, seemed to fade her now the true Madeline. The sensation was enjoyable for Badeline, yet undoubtedly the physical gains of her usurping were more noticeable and far more intimate. Where once Badeline’s body had been a mirror image of Madeline’s, the woman’s body now found itself far more curvaceous. Thighs now far more pillowy, breasts ballooning out over double their previous size, even her belly was plusher, beyond the last remnants of Madeline residing within.

The feeling of such a body was utterly sublime, yet Badeline knew there was more to do, taking the time to indulge in her new softness as she floated back down the abandoned city at the mountain’s base. Madeline hadn’t had many friends or family to turn towards, but she was sure they’d all like to see just where their Madeline had gone, in person…

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Posted by maxpayne98 1 month ago Report

How’d she become her own entity?


Posted by DegenerateException 1 month ago Report

It was either through the magic of the mountain, or the magic of my fetish.