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Let's say you have a gts big titty goth gf. You're smaller than her pinky toe, but she loves you very much. She does everything in her power to make sure you're safe and has never hurt you. But you're... you. More than once she's caught you stowed away inside her shoe just as she's about to leave for work, or hiding in the pair of panties she's planning to wear. One time you were even found clinging to her tampon. You try time and time again to act out your dirty giantess fantasies with her, but to no avail. She's too observant to play along unaware, and she won't even so much as masturbate with you. Crawling up in there is strictly off limits, because she doesn't know if you'd survive it.
She dislikes this a great deal, cause all she wants is a mostly normal relationship with a guy who could potentially slip through a crack in the floor, but she's patient with you. One day, though, you get horny as fuck. And fueled by your raging boner, you get an idea. You saw her preparing food for herself earlier, some kind of soup. You make your way up to the top of the table, but stay hidden while she works. Eventually she moves her full and steaming bowl to the table, and your plan kicks off. As soon as her back is turned, you sprint over to the bowl and dive right in. Thankfully it's not too much hotter than a hot shower. And there you wait for her to begin her meal.
It doesn't take long before she sits at the table, and you're practically trembling with excitement. You're head is above the broth so you can breathe, but you've hidden yourself under a piece of food to avoid detection. Finally her spoon dips in the bowl, and it's all you can do to not bolt straight for it. Instead you wait, practically bursting with anticipation. Every time her spoon lowers, you shudder in excitement that this may be the spoonful you end up in. The ripples in the broth as she picks it up again sends a thrill through you, your heart hammering like crazy. Watching her bring it to her lips makes you weak every time, knowing that it could've just as easily been you going in there.
You're practically on the verge of cumming in your soupy bath from anticipation alone, when movement pulls you out of your fantasies. You're in the spoon. You cling to your piece of food for dear life, not wanting to fall back into the bowl and begin the wait again. You shudder uncontrollably as you approach and pass under her lips. This is it. She's looking at her phone as she eats, so you slip in completely undetected. And just like that, you're unceremoniously dumped on her tongue.
Her mouth closes, and you're trapped in the hot, oppressive, and slightly musty dark. Completely at her mercy. There's a brief pause as you sit on her massive mouth muscle where nothing at all happens. And then the movement begins. You feel rather than see her pushing her food (and you~) around in her mouth. With practiced ease she pushes the nourishment you rode in with to her teeth, where she grinds them into an unrecognizable mush. Miraculously, you remain on her tongue, far from an untimely death by chewing. You don't want that anyway. You're enjoying yourself on her slimy, powerful tongue, and besides that, your goal is to be swallowed whole and have her digest you alive~
Just as you're gearing up for her to take in another mouthful of soup, you hear a deafening noise coming from her. It takes a second of cowering with your hands over your ears, but eventually you place it as her snorting. While you're preoccupied wondering why she'd interrupt her meal for that, you find yourself sliding to the back of her throat, suddenly no longer held in place by her tongue. You can't believe it's happening so soon, and you're on the verge of bursting with joy (and jizz) when you notice that she isn't swallowing yet. Instead all of her saliva is pooling in the back of her throat. And just as you slip into the drool pool, you feel it, hear, and even taste it. The mucus that she'd snorted up earlier? She hacks it up into her mouth. It mixes with her spit, making the already thick liquid downright impossible to move in. Stuck as you are, you're helpless to resist as she swishes the phlegmy saliva from cheek to cheek with you in it. While being tossed about, you have a hopeful and filthy thought. What if instead of food, you get gulped down with her snot? Surely there could be no more vile, depraved, and orgasmic a fate than that.
Unfortunately, lost in your fantasies as you are, you fail to notice her mouth opening. Like a hardened cowboy with a spittoon, she hocks a thick loogie with you in it and spits it right onto the floor.
The near instant travel from mouth to ground has you dazed and confused for a few moments, but when the world eventually stops spinning, you see your gf looking down at you. Or rather, struggling to look down at you. Her face says it all. You're beyond disgusting to her now. She’d put up with everything before, but this was too far. There's no more love in her eyes. The fact that she knew it was you and didn't even swallow tells you how low you are to her now. Not even worth being her food. As it stands, she's looking down at you like a piece of shit she stepped in. Like you've made her day significantly worse just by existing in the same space as her. She looks beyond ashamed to have been associated with you at all, and if anyone asked her, you never even existed. You definitely weren't her boyfriend. Practically crushed by the weight of her disgusted stare, you can't help but pop a boner.
Right before your eyes you see her expression go from revulsion to outrage and hatred. Stuck as you are in her phlemy trap, you can't even begin to try freeing yourself as she pushes back her chair and stomps over to you. She raises a sandal clad foot above you (you're much too filthy for her bare feet) and keeps it hovering over you for a second. In desperation, you stare up at her pleadingly. What you get in response is a look that says she's insulted you would even so much as look her in the eye. Burning with shame, you stare instead at the bottom of her dirty flip flop. The last thing you hear from her mouth is a sneered "Disgusting piece of shit," before she brings her foot down on you with blinding speed and force.
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From the POV of a tiny boyfriend with a dirty mind. He had it coming...

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