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So you've got this roommate. You've been staying together for a while and he's a chill guy. No drama, pretty fun to be around, and keeps the place neat. And he's got an insanely sexy girlfriend. She's already a full head taller than both of you, but you swear she gets thicker every time you see her. When she's over to hang out with her bf today, she's a sight to behold: massive rack straining against her top with no bra in sight, an ass that quakes with every step she takes, and thighs that you could die under. The pair had plans to go out that night, and your roommate hops in the shower to prepare, leaving you and his gf on the sofa together...
Being the good friend and roommate that you are, you try to focus every thought in your mind on anything but the total 10 sitting next to you. But just as you're starting to succeed, she leans over and whispers, "Sooo... I saw you left your laptop open last time I was here." You break into a sweat and apologize immediately, "Sorry about whatever you saw on it! I'm into some weird shit, I should really have closed that-" but she cuts you off. "It's cool, I'm not gonna kinkshame or anything. Just interesting is all." You're sweating bullets now and wondering what it was that she saw, when she answers the question for you: "Vore. Such an interesting kink." She practically moans the last two words...
Finally you turn to face her and find her staring dead at you, leaning purposefully toward your side of the sofa. "You ever fantasize about... trying it out? I mean being eaten for real." You're almost too flustered to speak, but you manage, "I-I mean, something like that isn't even possible, unless you're gonna cut me up, cook me and-" She interrupts you, "No one's cutting anyone up, and it is possible... if you want~" You're tenting like crazing and your gaze is fixated on her lusciously plump lips. She's crawled all the way on your side and is basically on top of you. You stammer out, "B-but you're his girlfriend, I can't just-" She stops you with a finger on your lips and breathes in your ear, "It's not like we're fucking, cutie. Just a little snacking. And I promise we'll be done by the time he's out of the shower. In and out." Fear and arousal are waring in your head when you respond feebly, "...promise?" The devilish grin that splits her face only amplifies those emotions. "Promise~"
Suddenly, she's tearing off your clothes, almost as if she actually were trying to fuck you. "Clothes can get stuck in my throat," she explains while she works. As she roughly strips you, you notice something strange: she appears to be growing larger right before your eyes. As does the rest of the room. It happens fast, but soon you're naked and barely up to her boobs while you're both sitting. About the size of an baby, at least in relation to her. You start have seconds thoughts about all this, but before you can voice them, her hands wrap around you and thrust your head and shoulders into her salivating maw. Your arms are pinned to your sides, so you kick your legs with all your might. Your efforts are in vain, as you feel her tilt her head back and watch in horror as you slip over her slimy tongue towards the back of her throat. Soon your head is lodged in her esophagus, and you think there's no way you'll fit, but then her throat opens up around you before constricting and pulling you deeper. She's swallowing. Before long you feel your legs and feet enter her mouth and your wet, claustrophobic world goes dark. It's too cramped for you to move, so you're totally powerless to resist as she swallows once, twice, and then three times. The third gulp is enough to pull you all the way through...
Her stomach is much worse than her throat. It's still cramped, but now you're forced into fetal position by it's shape. The walls press in, flexing and squeezing you from all sides, and her esophagus has closed off above you, locking out any light, and any fresh air. The smell is horrendous. If you'd had a weaker stomach, you'd have lost your lunch immediately. The stench of her potent stomach acids, already reaching up to your chest, mixed with partially digested past meals assaults your nostrils. And the food is floating all around you, bits and pieces of it in various stages of digestion all stuck in there with you. But, as the initial shock fades, you find that you're incredibly turned on. Never before have you done anything this intense and nasty! It was probably smart that she gulped you down as fast as she did, you start to think. That way you have enough time to enjoy it and get out before your roommate's done showering! Conscious of the time constraints, you fumble around until you find your rock hard cock and start jerking it like mad.
It doesn't take long for you to cum, and when you do, it shakes you to your core and nearly knocks you out cold. Weak and totally fulfilled, you slap her stomach lining to signal your completion and then wait patiently. You're musing over whether or not you'll ever be able to do this again when you feel your skin start to tingle and itch. You start to call out to her, but then you notice that you're moving. Her stomach, with you still in it, is sloshing and jostling around in time with her footsteps. Now that you're quiet, outside of her gut's constant gurgles, you can make out the sounds of your microwave opening. Did she use it while you where fapping? After some more jostling, you feel what must be her sitting back on the sofa and hear what definitely sounds like the tv turning on. You call out to her and start moving around to get her attention, but the tv volume increases and she shows no signs of noticing you. Just as you're about to try again, you feel a warm mush plop on your head. You mistakenly look up and get a face full of... chewed up pizza. "She's eating?" you realize with horror.
While that would have been hot as shit earlier, your skin is really starting to burn and while you weren't paying attention her acids had risen up to your neck. As more of your leftover pizza and now beer poor down on your head, the walls of her stomach start to contract further around you and your earlier panic returns with a vengeance. She's ignoring you completely, lounging on your couch and eating more! It's like... it's like you're nothing more than a... snack to her. Despair sets in as you come to terms with your utterly hopeless situation, when you here a ray of hope: your roommate, fresh out of the shower! You can no longer move and the rancid smelling air is thin, but you manage to call out to him with what's left of your strength. "You hear something?" you hear him ask his twisted gf. She pats her stomach, hurting your steadily dissolving flesh, and lets out a monstrous belch. "Must have been something I ate," she responds innocently~
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It's not cheating, even though you entered her~

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