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There exists an ogress in a far off land. She is nomadic and doesn’t really care about much going on around her. She just wanders into a town and settles down, only leaving when there’s no food left. She’s not exactly violent, and she does speak English, but she doesn’t care about the well-being of humans, either. Too weak for her to try and communicate with. They die too easily. Sometimes people claim that she’s not a threat because she didn’t eat them on sight and they keep feeding her livestock to keep her full, but eventually she’ll grow bored of them. In front of the whole town, the ogress will snatch up the hapless man or woman and stuff them in her snatch. While the townsfolk watch in horror, she’ll get off with them, the sound of their bones breaking audible even through her meaty lips. In one of the many kingdoms she’s visited, they powers that were decided to take action.
The queen was sent as a diplomat with a small army to convince her to leave. Unfortunately for them, they showed up before breakfast. The army barely held her until lunch time. One scout was able to recover her crown from one of the ogress’ toilets (vacant houses). The knight was sent to wipe her out, but he soon met with the same fate as the queen. He’d interrupted her snacking and stood a little too close to her food. It’s not like he looked any different to her. The king then showed up in person to confront her.
He was ready to give her a piece of his mind and a taste of his blade, despite how fruitless an effort it would be, when laid eyes on her for the first time. He was immediately struck by her beauty. The way she sat with her legs spread, a jungle of a bush clearly visible under a piece of cloth across her waist. Her massive, uncovered breasts and nipples the size of his head. Her muscular figure, fit from head to delectable toe. The way she stretched her strong arms to reveal even more hair in her armpits. And lastly, her massive ass that seemed to go on for days. Instead of attacking her, or even speaking to her, the king went to one of her odorous feet, knelt, and kissed her big toe (bigger than his head). Unbeknownst to everyone save the late queen, the king was a helpless degenerate and massive pervert.
The ogress was initially confused, but interested by this strange little man, so she sat patiently as the king went from toe to toe, licking them completely clean. Once he was finished, he knelt before her again and said “I serve you, my mighty ogress.” The ogress looked at him, then at her newly cleaned feet, and for the first time in years spoke to the human: “I’m hungry.” Without another word, the king went into the village to find her next meal.
The king found a small group of people hiding in one building and convinced them that the ogress had agreed to hear them out. This coming from their ruler was enough for them, and a willing group of 7 walked confidently into the hands of the ogress. The king watched in awe as she swallowed them one by one, without the slightest bit of difficulty. Despite their numbers, he couldn’t see or hear any sign of the people he’d lured to her through her toned stomach. Slowly he approached until he was pressed against her belly, and then he heard their screams, cries and the gurgling of the gut that had taken his wife and best knight. But, within minutes, the screams died down until all that was left was the satisfied rumble of the ogress’ stomach. Not too long after, she went to a seemingly abandoned home, squatted so that her ass caved in the roof, and pushed out a long, coiling pile of shit. The heat alone was enough to make the king sweat from 10 feet away.
While he stood and marveled at what used to be his subjects, the ogress turned and aimed her ass at him. He prepared himself to run, but was caught off guard when the one he’d pledged to serve uttered one word: “Clean.” Now the king enjoyed strong, womanly smells and fancied an unkempt one at that, but even he was completely repulsed by what she was proposing. Still her hairy anus covered in fecal matter winked at him, expelling an impossibly pungent stink. Both fearing for his life and swearing to keep his oath, the king obediently, if hesitantly, planted his face in her shit hole and set to work licking it clean. As he went about basically eating the ogress’ fecal matter, the king heard a wet, *schluck schluck* coming from just in front of him. He took a peak and found that the ogress was getting off to him burying his face in her shitter.
He’d only stopped for a moment, but the ogress was in the zone. Using her free hand, she forced his face back against her rectum, almost pushing his head completely inside. Now understanding why she wanted him to “clean” her, the king tongued her ass even deeper, as deep as he could without crawling inside. When she finally came, he was rewarded with an even more rancid fart at point blank range. While the king was busy coughing and fanning away the rank air, the ogress stood and relieved herself on him. A powerful stream of steaming piss pinned the man to the ground and nearly drowned him where he lay. Once she flow tapered off, the ogress nodded and said, “Clean.”
The final test came the next morning. The king had slept in the same abandoned building as the ogress, snuggled close to her armpits so as to breathe in her aroma as he slumbered. Upon her waking, however, the ogress found that the events of the past day and the filthy things the king had done for her left her still aroused. So when the king awoke, it was not to a bush of armpit hair, but to her pubic jungle. She stared expectantly at him, and spread her musty pleasure canyon before him. Now the king had heard of her fatal fap sessions, but also knew that he remained alive because he was useful to her. So, undressing, he prepared himself to plunge right in. And plunge he did. To her credit, the ogress refrained from pushing him in, allowing him to enter her slit without harm. Once inside, he began feeling around, massaging her sensitive walls, sucking and kissing all around the dank, moist cave he’d entered. Meanwhile, the ogress was in bliss. She’d never been pleasured by a willing subject before, and had to refrain from grinding him up with her fingers. Instead she rubbed at her clit and pulled at her nipples as the king worked his way deeper into her.
He was relieved to see that he wouldn’t be ended by her violent masturbation methods, but but grew worried at the speed with which her pussy was filling up with liquid. And, as he worked, the walls around him also hugged him closer and made it more difficult to move. Panic set in and the king rushed to the exit before he drowned or was crushed to death, but the ogress hasn’t finished yet. Taking care not to kill him, she fingered him back into her cunt, where her walls held him tightly in place. There he closed his eyes and braced himself for what was to come. When she did orgasm, it was almost enough to end him. The pressure of his fleshy prison was too intense, and the king passed out. Once the ogress had relaxed and spread her legs, he slid out on a wave of vaginal discharge. At first she worried that she’d killed this human anyway, but was relieved to see that he was still breathing. When he woke up, sticky and smelling of fish, she sent him out to fetch more food. From that day on, the king served the ogress diligently, and the ogress did not kill him, not even when she got hungry. They traveled from village to village, kingdom to kingdom, sleeping where they lie, unbothered by laws or war. Soon enough the king had gained a bit of a reputation himself. They called him the Reeking King.
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In a kingdom far, far away, a big bitch was fuckin hungry.

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