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For starters, the mother isn't evil, cruel, or abusive. She's just... a mess. A mess who can shrink people; specifically her daughter. Her daughter knows she's a mess, and though she loves her, she's very much done with her shit. But she can't exactly do much about it when she's usually 2 cm tall.
One day the mom (let's call her Karen) is running late for work, while her daughter is late for school because Karen is her only ride. In her hurry, she figures it'll somehow be easier to manage if her daughter were small enough to sneak into school without being noticed. Her daughter thinks that's a batshit idea, but she's shrunken before she can properly argue her point. Or finish breakfast. As she waits, she witnesses her mother rush out the door, closing it behind her, leaving her standing on the dusty floor, alone and very annoyed.
A minute later she runs back in, mumbling her apologies, so scatterbrained that her daughter has to dodge out of the way to avoid being stepped on. Once spotted, Karen plucks her up and stuffs her in her skirt pocket. Due to her ample hips and ass, it's a very snug fit for her daughter. She's in too much of a hurry to notice this. Or to notice when she speeds past her daughter's school and heads straight to work without dropping her off.
Only once she's arrived to work and is seated at her desk does she remember that there was something she had to do... It takes a moment, but she eventually remembers her kid, currently stashed in her pocket, and not at school. She takes her daughter out and whispers apologies quietly enough that her coworkers can't hear her, but her daughter just sits on her hand, arms folded, and scowls at her. Before she can attempt to make amends, someone comes around to talk to her, so she jams her daughter back in her pocket swiftly enough to avoid suspicion.
To her credit, Karen does feed her daughter bits of crackers and lets her out to drink some water throughout the day. She actually puts more than enough food for her in her pocket, so when the crackers eventually stop coming, her daughter thinks nothing of it. In truth, she became so engrossed in work that she forgot her daughter was in there.
While the girl is munching away and reclining on an improvised lint-bed, she hears a man start talking to her mom, voice low, seductive, and very clearly invading her personal space. She's initially disgusted, and genuinely feels bad for her mom, having to deal with perverts hitting on her in the workplace. But then she feels her mother stand up from her chair. Sure enough she's followed him to a supply closet. Her disappointment is immeasurable and her day was really about to be ruined. She's thinking about the ear full she's going to give her mom when they get home, if she talks to her at all, when she finds herself and the skirt she's housed in plummeting to the floor. Thankfully the cloth cushions her fall.
When she finally struggles out of the pocket she spent most of her day in, she immediately regrets ever being born. She's greeted by the sight of her mother, one leg wrapped around this strange man's waist, getting absolutely slammed. She was too dazed from the fall to properly register the sound, but now it's all she hears. It's a wonder the whole office hasn't noticed the obscenely wet smacking sounds coming from the closet. That clear, telltale sign of her mother's arousal, coupled with the impossibly up close view of her jiggling ass and dripping wet cunt has the girl retching in her mouth. Even the air here smells of sex. Her mother's sex. She thinks she is going to throw up, and is preparing to scream her lungs out to get them to stop, for the love of all that is holy, when it happens.
The daughter takes a deep breath, squeezes her eyes closed to block out the cursed image before her, and is about to yell, when a particularly juicy smacking of hips occurs. Her mother's deep, sultry moan sends a shudder up her spine and forces her to open her eyes just in time to see the glob of pussy juice streaking towards her. The drop hits like a punch to the face, entering her mouth, drenching her hair, and soaking into her clothes instantly. The shriek that leaves her isn't of anger, but of the horror of a daughter who'd just accidentally swallowed her mother's cum.
Her screams fall on deaf ears, as Karen and her male lover are too busy tongue wrestling and clam slamming to hear the tiny girl. Sobbing and very near vomiting, the girl scrambles back to the discarded skirt and wipes herself off as best as she can. Still, the reek of her mother's juices hangs heavy on her and will likely remain until she could get to a shower. Crying from the most traumatic experience of her life, she crawls into the nearest pocket to her, curls into a ball, and tries to think of anything but her mom's ass cheeks being groped and spread wide enough to stare into her asshole, anything but the grip her meaty lips had on the mans shaft, and certainly anything but the sound her mom makes when she's cumming her brains out, as she was doing at this very moment.
Eventually the sex comes to a climactic end (the daughter shudders), and Karen collects her clothes. As she squeezes back into her skirt, her daughter slowly becomes aware of two rather alarming facts: she hadn't returned to the same pocket she'd been in, and the pocket she now finds herself in has a hole in it. Shaken as she is, she reacts a bit too slowly to her predicament. As soon as her mom starts the walk of (no) shame back to her desk, the girl is jostled to the edge of the hole and is soon dangling from it by a thread. Clinging to it for her life, she gets a second of dread as she looks down at a fall that would surely kill her, before her mother's leg swings into view. And slams into her.
She immediately loses her grip on the thread, but fortunately finds better purchase on the top of her mother's stocking. She's able to pull herself up onto it and, with some effort, sort of strap herself in. Her head and arms are free of the fabric, while the rest of her is held snugly against her mother's plush thigh by the thin cloth. And though it sickens her to admit it, due to her earlier endeavors, Karen's thighs are somewhat... sticky with her own discharge. It at the very least allows her daughter to feel some stability in her current position. Unfortunately for her, the other half of her mother's day is spent running around the office, and working up a sweat.
While the poor girl tries to think about something, anything but the mind numbing musk of her mother's sex that hangs heavily around her perch, she starts to notice her back getting slightly damp. The moment she lifts her arms to check, a fat drop of sweat comes rolling down Karen's thigh. Like the bodily fluid that struck the girl before it, the sweat splashes down in her head, drenching her in more of her mother's musk and, more concerning, pushing her now lubricated body down past the elastic band. Sputtering and blinking her mother's sweat from her eyes (while trying not to ingest even more of her bodily fluids), Karen's daughter finds herself trapped inside her mother's stocking. Her mom's natural BO hangs thickly in the air here as it's been soaking up and trapping sweat all day (and she can't remember seeing her mom wash these recently...). To make matters worse, the girl notices that she can't find anywhere to grip. The cloth is too fine and silky, and even if she could manage to turn around in the tight fabric, Karen's legs are perfectly smooth shaven. Dread rises within her as with every one of her mother's steps, the girl slides further and further down her leg. But worse still, her path doesn't just take her downward, but to the back of her mother's leg as well. At one point she thinks she's somewhat safe resting behind her knee, where the stocking isn't completely pressed against her, but then her mother squats down to pick up some papers and the resulting pressure from her sweaty thighs nearly pops her on the spot. She grimly accepts that she's going to end up in her mother's shoe before the day is done.
Her panic ramps up, however, when she notices her final destination. Memories come to her of Karen returning from work, kicking off her heels, and whining about how sore her heels were. More than one shrunken close call with that heavily calloused part of her mother's foot told her she hadn't been lying. Karen's daughter comes to the realization that she's going to be crushed under her mother's heel.
In her panic, she flails and struggles to climb back up or at least stop her descent, but this only speeds her journey to her smelly end. And this near to her mother's heels, the smell was beginning to get to her. She finds it even overpowers the sex musk that still clings to her clothes. She starts to gag again, and fears that all that'll be left of her is a stain of blood and vomit on her mother's rough heel.
Just when all hope is seemingly lost, Karen sits down heavily, finally returning to her desk. What's more, she picks up the foot that her daughter is rapidly approaching and crosses her legs, resting her sore heel by, well, dangling her heels. As the daughter reaches her mother's rough, cracked heel, she's so overwhelmed with relief that she almost turns around and kisses it. The foot odor is a sufficient enough deterrent for her, though. She's so at ease now, that she fails to call out to her mother to rescue her before she slips on her work headphones and starts on paperwork. Unbeknownst to Karen, her daughter is trapped at the heel of her foot, almost in tears from frustration at her.
The girl knows that this is only a temporary break, and that her mother will be back on her feet soon and stomping off to handle more business. Gritting her teeth, she resolves herself to survive her predicament at any cost. With the shoe more or less off and the stockings being looser around her mom's feet, she figures that her one chance of survival lies further in. She silently curses her mother, and using the small bit of freedom she has, crawls grimly towards her mother's toes.
The journey is short but rough. Her mom's bouncing foot coupled with the slick stocking material mean that she's constantly backsliding, but she pushes onward until she reaches the toe ring that she'd disapproved of her mother getting. She uses it to climb into and hold her position until it finally happens.
Karen gets the call that she's needed elsewhere, fixes her shoe back on her foot, and heads off to take care of business
Meanwhile her daughter is down between her toes cursing her, her luck, and her life. The sweat, smell and grime built up throughout the day are hell for her, but after all she's been through, the poor girl can't be arsed to even so much as gag. She just holds on grimly, wincing and groaning when she's inevitably squeezed by her mother's toes or when her mom's movements cause her to roll under her big toe before she steps down (thankfully it's soft enough to not kill her). More than once she’s had to squeeze her mouth shut to avoid getting a taste of Karen’s toejam.
The drive home is rough, having to feel her mom's sweat slicked toes slide past her every time she pushed on the gas pedal, but eventually Karen does what she does at the end of every day of work: comes home, kicks off her heels, complains, and then passes out on her bed fully clothed.
Now that her mom is fully stationary, the girl takes her chance to escape her humiliating, disgusting, and horrifying predicament. She's tired, sad, shaken, and pissed. But she's too damn tired to be pissed. She she drags herself up Karen's sleeping form, wisely choosing to go around her gently snoring mouth, and perches herself atop her mother's nose. Just as she gathers her breath to wake her mother up, so she can at least return to normal size and take a shower, Karen snores particularly loudly, shifting and knocking her daughter from her perch. Her daughter watches, almost in slow motion, as she falls backwards into the mouth of her own mother, which she'd so skillfully avoided before. Still sound asleep, Karen's snores are interrupted briefly by her coughing on something at the back of her throat, before she swallows it and returns to blissful sleep.
In the morning she'll scramble out of bed, late for work again. As she's walking out the door, she'll eventually remember that she has a daughter that should be taken to school. By this time said daughter will be completely digested and absorbed by her mother, nothing left but a memory slipping through her colon. A shit that she'll pass at work after a little fun time with her man friend.
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I think the longest one I've made. I have a soft spot for accidental preds lol.
For any who don't vibe with the current ending, I present a non-fatal option:

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Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 9 days ago Report

Poor daughter, after all that trouble she still gets digested


Posted by ReminaSui 8 days ago Report

It's the struggle to survive that makes the eventual failure that much sweeter~


Posted by Belly97 8 days ago Report

More like this, please.
Also if you could make a non-fatal alternate ending that would be awesome.


Posted by ReminaSui 8 days ago Report

Lol I had one in mind


Posted by ReminaSui 7 days ago Report

Non-fatal version posted. Hope you enjoy