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You’re a tiny, and your main goal is simply surviving day to day in a dangerous world. But you’re also a hopeless pervert. One day you come across a not-so-tiny woman who’s more concerned about her next meal than your wellbeing. You're so distracted by her body, which is thicc in all the right places, that she’s able to scoop you up and slip you in her pocket with little effort at all. You just stand there staring while she does it. She’s not paying you too much attention after the fact, so you could slip out of her pocket with ease, but you enjoy feeling her plump hips bumping against you so much that you stay put. Long enough for her to get you home. Once inside, she tosses her pants aside, pulls out her phone, and immediately sets to work plunging her fingers into her hairy snatch, totally ignoring you. You have every opportunity to run while she’s taking her time with herself, but once you catch sight of her going at it, you're rooted to the spot, dick standing at attention.
You stay there until she’s done, and it takes you a bit to remember that you're trying not to get eaten. You hide when she walks past to use the bathroom and, and once the door closes you're basically home free. But on the way past the bathroom, you're stopped by the smell coming from under the door. You're pulled in by what you find out to be the stink of her taking a monster shit, likely other prey that fell victim to her wiles. Once more you're rooted to the spot. Your cock is throbbing as she groans and pushes out log after steaming fat log. The spell is only broken once she flushes the toilet. Again you try to sneak out, and you almost make it, but then you happen upon her discarded socks and shoes. You're drunk on the stank. You wring the sweat out of her sock and drink it like nectar. You can't help but jerk off in her smelly shoe, surrounded by her foot stink. You cum so hard that you're out cold shortly after.
When she’s finally ready for her snack, she can't find you anywhere. She gives up the search pretty quickly and gets ready to go out and find food elsewhere, not even bothering to put on socks. You're awoken when the surprised, slobish pred tries to put on her shoe, only to feel your tiny self inside. Your shock is almost immediately replaced by excitement and arousal. She takes a few test steps to make sure that she’s really feeling something in there, and you're in absolute bliss smooshed against her bare sole. Finally she pulls out her foot to find none other than the tiny morsel she’d picked up hours ago fapping away in her shoe.
She lifts you up and considers you closely, covered in her sweat and stink as you are. You're starting to remember your need to escape while she’s debating whether or not she’s enough of a bum to eat something that was in her shoe. Finally she decides it's too much trouble to go back out, and pops you in her mouth. You don't taste great to her, but the tongue bath you're getting has you wondering if getting eaten is really so bad. Fear only begins to take over as she starts to swallow. You panic and struggle aaaaall the way down her throat and even more inside her stomach. But just as quickly as before, she’s already forgotten about you. She lets out a satisfied burp and pulls out her phone for another round of schlicking, while you’re left to come to terms with your grim, moist, and dark situation. After your initial wave of panic dies down, you somehow start to find being inside her to be more than a bit of a turn on. That thought lasts right up until you feel yourself start to digest~
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You're not exactly playing hard to get...

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