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Speluking By Karbo -- Report

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A page I did a while ago, while we're waiting for the Elorie comic :3 ( it's absolutely going to be for this month ).

At first it was only going to be a quick funny sketch but I don't know, little by little the page kind of just inked itself and here we go XD
I'm honestly not sure if there is going to be a following to this, although I have some ideas if I do, with Chalyss forcing that guy to describe how it was inside her with much teasing , and then "proposing" him to take another look further, this time in her stomach hehe X3
Bad Chalyss !

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Posted by Altimos 3 months ago Report

All I can say is... freaking lucky, some prey just have ALL the luck <3 <3 <3


Posted by TheNamesJackson 3 months ago Report

(Vriska please add details)


Posted by Williamso17 3 months ago Report

I agree Altimos some are very lucky and this is awesome I wish there was more like it :D


Posted by Karbo 3 months ago Report

hehe XP


Posted by DespairOfV 3 months ago Report

It was absolutely wonderful.


Posted by Karbo 3 months ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by Tsavo 3 months ago Report

Prey on a string is one of my favorite concepts. Well done as always.


Posted by Karbo 3 months ago Report

Hehe thank you ! ;D It's one of my favorite too and for Chalyss as well XD


Posted by TanookiBoy12 3 months ago Report

What a fun spelunking trip!


Posted by Lilladybug 3 months ago Report

If I were in this position, I'd say, "It was nice, but what I REALLY loved was your uvula! Can I hug it without the rope this time?"


Posted by Kasra 3 months ago Report

It's for science! People need to know!


Posted by Realmwars 3 months ago Report

I'd tell Chalyss had a hot throat, a super cute uvula, and I want to be eaten by her. And hopefully she'd eat me.


Posted by Karbo 3 months ago Report



Posted by dablueguy 3 months ago Report

can she do that with her backside :P


Posted by kibroman 3 months ago Report

what a funny sense of humor
predators have found a fun way to play with their prey.
I really liked it and it made me laugh karbo


Posted by Karbo 3 months ago Report

Thank you :)


Posted by SherlokKiril 3 months ago Report

I am happy to know that this new comic coming out this month ! I can only imagine what will happen there.
She is such a mean, teasing girl. I just love this thread idea and her asking "How it was?", I really hope there will be more


Posted by Bossa 3 months ago Report

makes me so excited for a new comic from you!! :D


Posted by Marmoran 3 months ago Report

You can't fool us Karbo, we ALL know damn well what's gonna happen next! XD Knowing Chalyss, this must be another of those naughty and cruel games she likes to play with her prey :D

Also, I'm really glad to hear the Elorie comic will be completed soon. We've been waiting for that one for months now :)


Posted by Sinikka 3 months ago Report

A reason to get into bungee jumping.


Posted by plaguetyranno 3 months ago Report

The third panel is yummy >:3c

What a cruel girl!!


Posted by FallenBlade04 2 months ago Report

Héhéhé , J'adore Chalyss ! :-) . Son air innocente en ferait fondre plus d'un , c'est certains . Comment c'étais ? Houlà ! Trop bien pour que je puisse le décrire en une seule fois , c'est possible un second passage ( voir une dizaine ou une centaine pour votre plaisir propre s'il vous plaît )? On avait l'impression " d'être au septième ciel ", alors avec votre sourire Chalyss , c'est le comble du bonheur . * A des étoiles pleins les yeux * . Ton travail est MAGIQUE Karbo . ;-)