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Milotic and the Zookeeper 2 By Shyguy9 -- Report

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Part 2 of a 4-part collaboration between myself and Artca9

Original sketch by me, inks and colors by Artca. Accompanying story by Artca.

Milotic pulled back, and slowly slithered off Honey. Subconsciously, Honey started to get to her feet, Milotic’s body curling around her and pulling, leading her into the shallows of the aquarium.

“Very good- Now take off your clothes. They don’t compliment your looks or taste at all~”

Honey obeyed without hesitation, pulling off her now soaked shoes and socks, working up to her pants, revealing her supple hips and tight little slit. Milotic licked his lips, salivating on the sight of his meaty hypnotized prey revealing herself to him. Honey pulled off her bra and shirt in the meanwhile, starting to pull it down over her arms. The eager Milotic couldn’t wait, his head rose up tall above her, mouth agape, and he sunk his lips over Honey’s head. His long tongue slid down smothering into her face. Sliding past between her arms, wrapping under her sweaty breasts and around her broadened hips. Drool bathing Honey in a bath of the thick, sticky, and warm saliva, the smooth squishy tongue tightened, squeezing Honey’s supple skin. Moisture huffed out ecstatically from Milotic’s maw, breath huffing out all around Honey’s plump body as she wiggled her shirt off, it dropping into the water.

Honey folded her arms down, looking longingly at the pink flesh maw overhead. The slimy and hot maw squished into her skin, kneading it’s wet texture into Honey’s skin as she slowly inched deeper inside the maw. The tongue and lips slid down, throat entrance gaping wide ready to accept Honey inside.

In a quick movement, Milotic pushed his head down, sliding his lips over Honey’s chest, belly, and hips in one quick gulp. A wealth of different textures and flavors burst into Milotic’s mouth, the sheer sweetness and warm salty taste of her skin was so scrumptious, he slurped and sucked on Honey’s body, kneading his tongue into her squishy juicy sweaty breasts, as he lightly chews on Honey’s plump butt, while his lips sucked tightly on her thighs, as Milotic lifted up his prey, preparing to deepen Honey’s descent.

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Posted by GloriatheDevourer 1 year ago Report

Can't wait to see the rest of this X3 awesome collaboration!!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 1 year ago Report

Damn such a sexy, slimy, sloppy maw~

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Posted by Shyguy9 1 year ago Report


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Posted by KhaoticHaze 1 year ago Report

Such a gorgeous willing meal

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Posted by Artca9 1 year ago Report

Honey normally would be well against this- but hypnosis is a powerful tool-

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