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Alice By Nalzindar -- Report

The third installment of my Disney heroine series, this time out is Alice. Alice being Alice, is too young for this site so I made her a bit older which you probably can see, and since she appears in Wonderland where strange things happens, I figured out that she could be the pred in this version. So here you go. I also changed the style a bit along with making Alice more mature, but next time I will be back to the usual Disney art again.

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«Cats and Whiskers! » Alice, mumbled, cursing in her own way as she wobbled off the chessboard. “If the Mad Hatter sees me now, he is going to drown in his own tea while laughing. For once he would be right about my size being wrong.”

*Groan… gurgle*

“Oh shooo! Keep still in there, it is hard enough to walk as it is, and you are certainly not doing it easier for me!” Alice said in her Oxford English and pushed the squirming bulge back with her hands, trying to look at least a little dignified. But walking in a straight line was as easy as riding a drunk Butter-Fly with a hive of B’s in pursuit. A matter of fact she knew from experience.

The Queen of Hearts had in one of her endless schemes to get rid of Alice, sent a dashing handsome young man to try to capture her on one of her visits to Wonderland. While growing up, Alice often went to visit her crazy friends in this enchanted world in secret, and the only irregularities people noticed about this back home was that Alice sometimes disappeared, and appeared at random places to random times, without explanation.

Another *dunk* in her stomach forced Alice to let out another belch, much to her irritation as it was far from ladylike. The reason for why she had this handsome guy tightly tucked away in her stomach, was because of this:

While walking through a familiar field on her way to the White Queen with a present from the Mad hatter and the March hare (a leftover cake from one of their numerous parties), the gentleman in told had suddenly come across and asked if she was interested in chess and would care for a game.
Alice who had taken an interest in the game several years ago, not only because of the intellectual challenge, but also to keep herself alive, had said yes. In retrospective however, Alice should have realized something was off. Not only was he too much interested in her, flirting and wooing her like a normal guy would do back home and asked endless questions about her cake, the chess rules were conspicuously normal for a Wonderland game, but the winner would get whatever he wanted from the other. His endless chatter and compliments had obviously fooled her, because Alice thought it was the cake he really was after, that is until an army of red cards appeared. Armed with spears and a grim look, they hadn’t made themselves visible before the game had started, and by Wonderland rules, what they had started, had to be concluded in one way or another.

The game went on, pawns, knights and towers were beaten out of the game and Alice had a close call several times, he was worringly good. Then in the second half of the game, he suddenly switched to random rules, saying that they had played with Wonderland rules from the very start, excusing himself by quoting a rule she never had heard about.

But two could, and did indeed, play this game, and when Alice saw her queen was next to be knocked out, she grabbed a piece of cake and switched place with her.
The knight which was about to take Alice out marched towards her, never minding that she wasn’t the queen, but Alice quickly devoured the cake in her hand, and grew! How she still managed to stand on square F6 when she turned into a giantess, was of less concern, but the knight that tried to attack her, were swiftly picked up and showed into her mouth.

Alice swallowed and grinned when she saw the guy’s terrified face below. The game however, continued, and each time a chessman was ordered against her, Alice simply reached down and devoured it, claiming it wasn’t against the rules since she herself obviously now was the most powerful chessman in the game.

The game came to and end when her opponent saw his king travel as a bulge down her neck and disappear below her collarbone.

“Alright, seems like I won, and since there are not enough chessmen longer for a rematch, I believe myself to be the winner!” Alice grinned wickedly, reached down and grabbed the guy before he could flee. “And as the winner, I think I won the right to get whatever I want from you! Too bad the Red Queen’s plan failed again. Let us see if you are just as handsome without your clothes as it appears…”

With a lot of pleas and girlish squirms from the young man, Alice stripped him eagerly and held him triumphant in her palm. In the Victorian England, a girl wasn’t supposed to know anything about men, sex or the naked body in general, but with the White Queen as her personal and often intimate friend, Alice knew far more about bodily pleasures than even her now married big sister Mathilda. And the little guy would have been quite a company if he wasn’t working for the Red Queen. “Hehe, checkmate!” Alice giggled and dropped him into her mouth.

"Mmmmph! Mmmgmh!" His naked body squished face-down onto her sticky tongue, and Alice sucked him inside, legs first, her delicate giant forefinger, pushed down firmly on his head and the guy was engulfed in slimy, sweltering darkness. Her tongue licked his powerful chest, tasting his body-proportions before venturing further down, squeezed in between his thighs and grinded against his cock on one side and his buttocks on the other side. She listened to his moans and squirms as she continued to stimulate and ravage his body in a very naught way. Occasionally, a foot or arm, pressed out from her lips, but Alice slurped them in each time while her merciless exploration of his body continued. The tongue slithered forth again to caress and slaver over his chest and face in slow, lewd licks. The difference this time however, was that she let him slide deeper into her mouth by the second, warm and slippery saliva lubricated his hips and gushed between his legs. Across his buttocks and waist, until Alice tilted her head backwards and swallowed.

She swallowed hard several times, feeling how first his legs, then hips, stomach, chest head and arms vanished through her throat and down her neck. Alice held up two fingers against the bulge and forced it downwards until it was gone and the Red Queen’s conspirator, ended up in her stomach along with the chessmen.

Licking her fingers and satisfied with his taste, Alice addressed the cards which had become visible nervous. “Well, I guess the Red Queen lost this round too. Go back to her, say hi from me . Or is anyone of you up for a game of cards perhaps?”

Alice hummed happily for herself while she carefully pried lose another piece of cake and swallowed it. The shrinking effect started immediately and Alice felt her body lose its impressive size as she shrank below the height of trees and branches, and she was about to walk out of there when she lost balance and fell over. Surprisingly, she hardly reached the chessboard with her hands, but the reason became clear soon enough. Her entire belly was out of proportion! Alice managed to get back on her feet and realized that although the chessmen she had swallowed, must had shrunken with her, the guy she ate, hadn’t! Bathing in slime, cake and chessmen, he was filling her stomach to the brim and beyond, struggling to escape with no success.

“Cats and Whiskers!” Alice cursed. “I really hope the White Queen has a portion of *Drink Me* or else she will have to postpone my anatomy lessons…” she sighed and wobbled past the unmoving cards, not the slightest worried that they would try to stop her.

Comment on Alice


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Great job!
Alice does look really mature in this one.
I also think it's cool how crazy and inconsistent the background environment looks.
It's interesting, with how wide Alice's dress is, it doesn't look like she has a person inside of her, were it not for some folds on the front.

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Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Thanks, I could have added even more strange things to the background, but though it would take the attention away from Alice herself.
Yeah, Alice's dress was hard enough to draw, and since I wanted to give it a minimum of realism, I didn't want to give her a simple ballooning belly.The prize was that no matter how much I folded and pulled her dress, it was nearly impossible to make it look like a proper bulge.

[ Reply ]


Posted by MelancholyClownD 11 months ago Report

Wonderful story & art! Adult Alice sure is a beauty especially with a stuffed belly!

[ Reply ]


Posted by Nalzindar 11 months ago Report

Thanks a lot, I am glad you like her^^

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