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After what seemed like forever, the bell rang. “Thank God,” Elias thought, “I’m so sick and tired of chemistry.” He eagerly rushed out of the door, both anxious to leave chemistry and excited to get to his next class: literature. He honestly hated the subject, but loved the class because of the people he sat with. The desks were in groups of four, and three of his best friends sat with him: Stefan Shaw, Zachary Mallow, and Ruby Canis. Stefan was his best friend in the world, and had known each other their entire lives. He was slightly taller than Elias at 5’11”, and had smooth, sepia skin complimented by light blue eyes. Zachary was Elias’ second closest friend and was shorter than Elias, standing at 5’5”, was white with long, brown hair and green eyes. He was one of the more attractive guys in the school. Then there was Ruby.
Ruby was nothing like the other three. The most obvious difference being that she wasn’t human. She was an anthropomorphic wolf, standing at 6’7”, considerably taller than Elias’ 5’9” frame and towering over the 5’6” Zachary. She wasn’t the most popular girl by any means, but she was practically mythical in their friend group. Every member has caught feelings for her before, with Stefan dating her briefly years back, Zach currently having feelings for her, and Elias having a crush on her since they first met, nearly eleven years prior. Despite her closeness to the three, her feelings were always a mystery to them.
Elias walked into the room to see Zach at his desk, having arrived first as usual. “Hey man!” he called to Zach. “What’s new?”
“Oh, literally nothing,” he chuckled, “I haven’t seen Ms. Grey yet, though, think she’s ‘sick’ again?” Elias shrugged, sitting across from him.
“Probably. She misses more days than she doesn’t.” Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Ruby walk in, ducking under the door frame as always. “Ruby! What’s up?” Her ears perked up hearing him.
“Oh hey Elias!” She sat down between him and Zach, letting out a sigh, “Just the usual. Big basketball game tomorrow, so I’m watching what I eat. Saw one of the new kids staring at my tits though. Took a lot of self-control to not teach him a lesson and gobble him up!”
“Shame basketball has you on this ‘no humans diet’, huh?” Elias joked, “Little dude would probably be perfect protein!” They all laughed; the ‘no humans diet’ was an inside joke of theirs for years now. When they were younger, Zach was afraid Ruby wanted to eat him, just because he was short and she was a wolf. Elias doubted Ruby could even eat a whole person to begin with; the most he knew of was back in the 11th grade, when she got drunk and ate the neighbors’ golden retriever, but that’s a whole other story. For one, she was wasted and didn’t even remember eating it the next day, and the dog was less than half the size of the shortest people he knew. It does still creep Elias out a little, though, knowing somebody’s pet died in his friend’s gut, but he just tries not to think about it.
Stefan walked in seconds before the bell, earlier than usual, and took his spot at the table next to Elias and Zach. “You actually made it on time!” Ruby teased, “Gold star for you!”
“True, heaven forbid I miss Ms. Gray’s class,” Stefan retorted, “I would miss out on so much learning!” He rolled his eyes. “Is she even here today?” As if to answer his question, an unfamiliar, middle-aged man walked through the door and silence fell on the classroom. He slowly walked to the whiteboard, writing ‘Mr. Jones’ on the board. His handwriting was practically illegible.
“Ms. Grey isn’t feeling well, so I’m your substitute today,” he muttered, his voice dull and empty. “I have to pick my nephew up from practice, so I’ll be gone this class block.” He trudged right back out the door. “Ms. Grey says behave.” An awkward silence followed, and when the class realized they had no teacher today, most kids just got up and left. The ones that stayed all got on their phones and started talking.
“Well,” Ruby said, “That’s a new one.”
“That’s Ms. Grey for you,” Stefan chimed in. “Well, what do you guys want to do?”
“Well, I can’t leave early, so how about we play a game?” Zach asked.
“Ooh! How about truth or dare?” said Ruby.
“I mean why not?” Elias said, “I’ll go first; you ask me.”
“Okay, truth or dare?”
She thought for a moment. “Hmm. Tits or ass?”
“Oh easy, ass!” Stefan proudly stated. “No competition.”
“Uh, it was my question,” Elias laughed, “But thanks, I guess. I honestly like both, but I’m a bit more of a tits guy.”
“Good choice,” Ruby said, winking. She loved to flirt with the three. “I think Stefan should go next, since he’s so eager.”
“Shut up,” Elias chuckled. “Stefan, Truth or dare?”
“Hmm, dare.”
“I dare you to put your head in Ruby’s mouth for 15 seconds!” They all laughed.
“Oh come on, it’s his dare, not mine!” Ruby joked.
“Hey! I never back down,” Stefan replied. “Now open up, wolfie. And don’t you dare swallow!” Ruby rolled her eyes and opened her mouth wide. Stefan slowly inched his head into her maw until his hair was tickling her throat. “This is so gross.” Ruby closed her jaws lightly on his head, sealing around it from his mouth up. Elias started counting, and he could hear muffled complaints from inside. After what seemed like an eternity, he said 15, but she kept his head in her mouth. It wasn’t until he counted to 30 when she finally opened it up again, his hair and face now soaked in her drool. “There was no way that was 15 seconds! And were you tasting me?”
Ruby chuckled, licking her lips. “Mm, you tasted good! Don’t make me mess up my diet, now,” she said with a wink. Everyone laughed, except for Stefan.
“Aw man, that was nasty. Your breath smells like curry and pizza,” he muttered. “Not a good combination.”
“Hey! I’m a big girl, I need a big lunch, and there just happens to be a curry place right next to the pizza place by the campus. Can’t blame a girl for getting hungry.” As if on cue, her stomach growled.
“Anyways,” Stefan mumbled, a smirk crawling across his face, “I think it’s Zach’s turn now. Truth or dare?”
“Truth,” Zach confidently said.
“Who do you have a crush on?” Zach’s eyes widened.
“Fine, dare,” he stammered. Stefan’s grin grew.
“I dare you to let Ruby swallow your hands!”
“What?! Come on, that’s not fair!” Zach was visibly nervous.
“Hey man,” Ruby added, laughing, “You already turned down the truth. You gotta go with the dare.”
“I put my head in that creature, dude,” Stefan said, shooting Elias a look. “You’ll be fine! Just see how far your hands can get down her throat before she gags.”
“But- what if-” Zach stammered.
“Whaaat, you afraid I’m gonna eatcha?” Ruby teased, bearing her teeth at Zach, making everyone but him laugh. “No dude, but seriously. I honestly doubt I can even get your elbows in my mouth.”
“Fine, but you’re next, Elias!” Zach said. He was beginning to chill out but was still visibly nervous. “I’ll make her swallow your head!”
“Yeah yeah, just give me your hands, meat.” Zach reached out his hands to Ruby’s face. “Attaboy.” She grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands in, resting them on the back of her tongue. “Here goes nothing!” She mumbled around his hands, before swallowing, his fingers being pulled into his throat.
“Eww, this feels so weird! It’s so much rougher back there,” Zach said. She swallowed again, finally getting his hands completely in her throat. Her jaws were almost to his elbow, and her throat began to bulge out slightly. Inside the mouth, she began to taste all over Zach’s arms and it hit her: she tastes even better than Stefan did. Almost by instinct, she swallowed again, bringing his elbows into her mouth. “Whoa, she got the elbows! This isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s gross, but I doubt she can get much further, right?”
Ruby swallowed again, and suddenly most of his arms were in her mouth. Drool began to drip down the sides of her mouth and she closed her eyes in delight. “Dude Zach, do you really taste that good?” Elias teased.
“I mean I hope not…” he laughed. “Okay, my forearms are in your throat now, you can stop, Ruby.” His voice had regained its nervous quiver. “I mean my hands are probably near your stomach now, right?” She swallowed again, opening her jaws to take part of his head in. He felt his hands press up against a hard surface, the entrance to her stomach. “Oh shit, Ruby, you can stop now. I can feel your-”
His voice was cut off with another swallow, taking his entire head and shoulders into her mouth. Ruby mumbled something, but only Zach could understand it, and suddenly he began to squirm. His hands had slipped into her stomach, and her throat was now bulging greatly with Zach’s arms. “Uh, Ruby…” Elias muttered, he and Stefan both dumbfounded. She put her arms on Zach’s waste and swallowed hard, pushing him further into her with her hands. She took in practically half of his chest in a single swallow, his head began to bulge out her throat, and now Zach was really struggling.
“Is she really?” Stefan mumbled, his jaw dropped. His question was answered as she swallowed again, down to his hips, his entire upper body now inside of his friend’s. Ruby lifted her head high as if to show off her catch. Her eyes met with Elias’ and something sparked. Her eyes looked different. They looked ravished. He should have been terrified, but he only found his pants growing tighter. Elias looked around the class and nobody was the slightest bit aware that their classmate was being eaten alive. He looked back at Stefan and found he had his hands down his pants, his eyes glued on Ruby’s body.
With only Zach’s ass, crotch, and legs dangling out of Ruby’s mouth, she began to toy with him. She unbuckled his pants and slid her tongue down his crotch, licking his cock all over. Elias saw this and noticed a tent growing in Zach’s pants. He was almost jealous of Zach. She gave his cute ass a playful squeeze before swallowing again, bringing him in to his knees. Her belly had begun to bulge out, surely being filled now with Zach’s upper body. Ruby gave another swallow, leaving only his shoes outside of her body. She quickly pulled them off, leaving his bare feet dangling out of her mouth, wriggling desperately as a last attempt to find purchase on something. In reality, it was more like they were just waving goodbye. She licked all over his feet, savoring the last bit of her friend’s flavor before swallowing one more time, and bringing his feet inside her mouth.
Zach was now entirely inside of Ruby. Elias’ and Stefan’s best friend was now inside their other best friend. She was one swallow away from sending his entire body down to her stomach. If this was still a dare, she would have to spit him out now. Elias was nearly breathless. “Are you… are you actually going to… you know…” he stammered. “Eat him?”
Her eyes met with his and he felt their souls connect. She didn’t need to say anything; he knew the answer. “Oh my fucking God,” he heard Stefan whisper. Ruby opened her maw wide, Zach’s bare feet wiggling on her tongue still. Before long, she closed it again, looked up, and gave one last, massive swallow. Elias watched as the bulge that is Zach slowly disappeared down her throat before being deposited in her massive, rounded stomach. She did it, he thought. She actually fucking ate someone.
“I need to go to the bathroom,” Stefan quickly said before running out of the classroom, his hand still down his pants. Ruby stood up and stretched, showing off her now gigantic, squirming belly full of human meat. Elias could distinctly hear Zach’s muffled cries mixed in with loud gurgles coming from his crush’s gut. She sat back down, looking Elias in the eye and grinning.
“All gone.” She smiled and began to move in for a kiss. Elias was so dumbfounded by this whole situation. His childhood crush just ate his childhood friend, and now she’s suddenly into him? He was equal parts terrified and turned on. He went to kiss her back, but was instead greeted by a massive belch, directly in his face.
Elias’ face was covered in her saliva, her breath reeking of, sure enough, pizza, curry, and Zachary Mallow. For whatever reason, this only turned him on more. “Mmm… sorry about that… Zach was just delicious. Now, what do you say we go back to my place and work this meal off?” Elias couldn’t have said yes faster. The two ran out of the school, Ruby’s belly sloshing with every step she took. The class was none the wiser.
“Ruby, what are you doing?” Zach said, the wolf girl’s tongue slathering his face as he spoke. He didn’t think she would get this far and now he was legitimately worried. Ruby continued to taste his head before eventually pausing to mutter out.
“Mmm… I’m having an early dinner…” she mumbled into him. Oh fuck, he thought. He began to squirm with all his might but with his arms down her throat, the most he could do was just wriggle and hope she was joking.
“Ruby, no! Think about this! We’ve known each other forever, all four of us have! The others won’t let you do this!” He was answered with only swallows, and he felt his hands push into her small stomach. “Ruby!! There’s no way I’ll fit in there! Let me out!” She just swallowed again. He eventually needed to curl his arms up to fit inside her gut. “This isn’t right! Stop it! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”
He kept pleading but the only answer he got were loud gulps, bringing him closer to the gastric sac at the end of his trip. He could feel the slimy remnants of her lunch pressing against his arms, coating them in food goo. Eventually, he found his head pushing into the stomach and he could see nothing. He could at least breathe better than in the throat, but the air was acrid and reeked of half-digested food. “Ruby!!” No response. He could hear the wind rushing through her lungs and her heartbeat thumping throughout her body. It was oddly calming.
“Please tell me you’re joking, Ruby…” Zach began to tear up. “This isn’t funny anym-ohhh my God.” He felt her tongue slide down his pants, covering his cock in the same saliva coating the rest of his small frame. “R-ruby… fuck…” He did his best to struggle but her tongue felt amazing on his dick, completely shrouding his judgement. She swallowed and he felt his cock slide down the back of her throat, the peristalsis giving him euphoria. He was utterly terrified but that only added to his arousal as he grew harder. With each swallow she brought him closer to orgasm before, finally, he came all down her throat, moaning in the hot confines of her gut. As the glow of his climax wore off, he suddenly became keenly aware of the fact that his feet were warmer than before. She had closed her jaws around his toes, sealing him inside. He didn’t even notice, but his upper body was slowly being curled up in the stomach, and it was tight. His pleasure was quickly replaced with fear and he squirmed the best he could in one last effort to preserve himself, but it was no use. He heard the swallow that sent the last of him down, forcing him to curl into the fetal position in her gut. His body was completely coated in half-digested food goo, saliva, and what felt like stomach acid. It only tingled slightly, but he knew what it was.
Zach began to squirm wildly but it was no use, the walls crushed him on all sides, massaging more acid onto him and compacting him to an easily handled lump of meat. “Please let me out! I don’t wan-” Before he could finished his sentence, he was squeezed incredibly hard, the air being forced out of his lungs and up Ruby’s throat in a belch that rattled the walls of his flesh prison. It was now significantly harder to breathe, the smell growing worse by the minute and the air increasingly stale. “Ruby, no… I don’t want to die…” he struggled less to preserve his energy. After all, he wasn’t sure if she could even hear him. For now, all he could do was just hope this is all some cruel joke she was playing on him.
Eventually, Zach passed out inside Ruby’s gut, falling into a deep sleep. He thought this was the end, and if only it was. He was rudely awoken hours later, by a sudden, intense strike on his back. He had forgotten where he was and it took him a minute to realize. As he slowly regained consciousness, he felt another intense strike. He quickly realized his entire body burned, his skin stinging all over. Another strike. As the walls pushed in on him, he quickly remembered his situation. He began to struggle and kick but realized his hands and feet were numb. Another strike. What the fuck is going on? His hearing slowly came back and Zach’s ears were filled with a deafening new sound: Ruby’s moans. It quickly dawned on him what was happening. That bitch is fucking Elias!! “Let me out!!!” He screamed, as loud as he could. As he inhaled to scream again, he found there was no more air. He had used the last of it in his wailing. As he slowly suffocated inside his friend’s gut, the last thing he heard was his captor’s moans of pleasure. The strikes became faster and harder, but it didn’t hurt anymore. His whole body was numb. He felt his hair begin to fall out as his mind slowly drifted off into a final, deep sleep.
The couple’s intense love-making had worked Ruby’s gut into a frenzy and completely exhausted both, or rather, all three of them. As Elias and Ruby lay in bed, arms around each other and still in the afterglow of their passion, they noticed Ruby’s gut had settled down, now only loudly gurgling and popping. “So,” Elias said. “You’re really gonna digest him, huh?” He rubbed her belly with his free hand, feeling his friend-turned-meal inside.
“Nothing else left to do,” she muttered. “I debated letting him out, but he was just so… good.” She let out a small belch. “Zach was by far the biggest thing I’ve ever eaten anyways. All that protein will go to good use at the game tomorrow.” The two laid in silence, listening as her gut mercilessly broke down the meat that was once their best friend. “I didn’t mean to eat him, honestly. He just tasted so amazing, better than anything I’ve ever had. I lost control…” She looked away, feeling guilty.
Elias smiled softly, looking his lover in the eyes. “Hey, it’s okay. I don’t blame you. Plus, I’ll like him better as fat on your tits, anyways,” he said, playfully squeezing her breast. She blushed and held Elias tighter to her, pushing him against her round belly, and the two drifted off to sleep.
Ruby was awoken by a sharp pain in her gut. She knew what that meant- it was time for Zach to come out. Her belly was nearly back to its normal size but her tits, ass, and thighs had grown massively. She didn’t have time to ogle, however, and ran to the bathroom. After nearly ten minutes on the toilet, she managed to push the last of what used to be her friend out of her body. On the top of the pile was Zach’s skull, filled completely with Ruby’s shit. “Aw, don’t give me that look,” she said, staring at the pile filling her toilet to the brim. “You look way better on me, anyways.”
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Truth or Dare By Hurbivore -- Report

A group of old friends have time to kill in school, so they decide to play truth or dare. However, things get weird with the wolf girl and things quickly go south. What could possibly go wrong?
Figured I ought to finally upload something after being on this website for so many years, so I cranked this out in a few hours. I didn't proofread it so I apologize for any typos/weird grammar lol. Hope you guys enjoy :)

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Posted by kailan 4 weeks ago Report

I really loved your story. are you going to do a sequel?


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Super hot~


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i hope to see more as this was a brilliant read.


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Good well written vore, i hope to see more of ya writting!