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The Softest Stomach By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

I swear I didn't go looking for this. I just happened to be scrolling through normie Twitter and found out that today was National Comfy Day as well as National Cherry Pie and Muffin Days. I tried to resist... but the idea of comfy Zelda tummy was too strong, so I ended up writing this short story between Breath of the Wild Zelda and Link in less than an hour, so at least it's short and sweet and didn't take up too much of my time, but it seems there's no way for me to avoid these random holidays that inspire me...

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Posted by ABrinson27 9 days ago Report

Aaaaaah nothing like a rest in a belly to relax the troubles away~

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 9 days ago Report

Especially in a nice belly like Zelda's.

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Posted by ReiREND 9 days ago Report

Feels like you already did ir '-'

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