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Ever Constance By Draconatedz -- Report

I recently played the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC, and replayed the game itself so I could use the four new units. Constance really stuck out to be because I'm a sucker for dual personalities, and her gimmick is perfect for a vore scenario. She has so many good prey options too, but I decided to go with the classic 'Edelgard gets digested by someone so much weaker and more irrelevant than her'.

Art is by Nomopolitainia from their server where they occasionally accept commissions. Colors are by  dark55321 who did them for free as a request. Thanks to both!

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Posted by boomerangfish 3 days ago Report

Oh man, I love this scenario, the dialogue is great


Posted by theunknownspy 3 days ago Report

The two types of predators


Posted by Simplespectator 3 days ago Report

First EmblemMan and now you..... why most you all bully my poor girl with Constance.... I can’t even like Constance in game because she keeps getting stat screwed to oblivion! Still, this is a fantastic piece and more fire emblem is for the best. Thank you kindly.


Posted by EmblemMan 3 days ago Report

Funny coincidence, eh? Constance works well in those scenarios, methinks.


Posted by Simplespectator 3 days ago Report

Oh, hi. And yes, the scenarios work incredibly well. Doesn’t stop my grumbling though.