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Churned Red Devil By Doku -- Report

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So, we return to Tyne with the RP Logs. I thought about compiling this as prose but ultimately found that to be impossible. This was a VERY public scene in the Cocksnack and there was, shall we say, a full peanut gallery of Tyne and Naomasa's respective watchers taunting her on her way down Tyne's shaft. And, while the banter isn't always witty, it was fun, and it turned Naomasa's player on to see that much attention. Besides, at least one of the audience got to fuck Naomasa so we couldn't leave them out.

So, what was this? Well, Tyne happened to see a social post from a character named Percival ( ), a Fate Fan Character. She noticed that one of her rivals, the Berserker Naomasa ( ) was taunting and trying to convince people to keep posting to her guestbook, which would keep her on a dare churned up for longer...

So Tyne teased her about whether or not she'd last longer than Lancer did. A week later, Naomasa took Tyne's challenge publicly, got fucked senseless and spit-roasted between the cock that had killed their rival ( )and Tyne's. She found out that, indeed, she was going to get to last longer than Lancer did. The Churned Red Devil would be on the taps at the 'snack. Permanently ( )

For the confused: This is a "Clone" scene with a Temporary status as Naomasa out of commission. The player actually went to the trouble of commissioning all their OC's art, and understandably that urge to cave in isn't always strong enough in those situations. So the main account is TempVored for at least a month right now... and a cloned version is now a permanent reserve at the Cocksnack

Beserker Naomasa, a.k.a. (c) her player
Kakouton Steele, a.k.a. (c) her player
Tyne, a.k.a. (c) Doku

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