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Expect to see several "New" fictions in the relatively near future Posted 4 months ago
So. As many of you have already noticed, Pastebin has finally updated policies to include NSFW Filtation and policy updates that specify that they don't want any smut on their site. Off hand, I do not know when the policies themselves updated (as I never had an actual account and posted as Guest), but they have finally started to implement measures to enforce, which is their right.

This means, however, that RP logs I stored on Pastebin will no longer be available through Pastebin, so I'm cleaning them as prose and reposting them here. Keep in mind that this means that there will be two writing styles (so Tense is likely to shift between paragraphs. I write almost universally in 3rd person historical narrative tenses, and a lot of people write in present tense in RP), and...
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Clarification - No. I am not retiring here. Posted 1 year ago
Right, so there's some confusion here. I understand why (It's because at one point several years ago I said Abrienda would only retire if I did.), however I'll clear this up so there's no further confusion.

I am not retiring from Eka's. My character Abrienda, who is not myself, is being retired on Eka's (although if you are on F-List or Second Life, I still use her on occasion there.). My primary alt, though not my most visible alt for many people and several years is Samantha Grey, not Abrienda. When, in the past, I said Abrienda would not retire unless I did, it had a lot to do with a backlash over the mere hint that I might retire the character. Several years later, I have increasingly divorced my personal identity from the character and am comfortable with her passing...
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The Hell Happened Here? Posted 1 year ago
Yeah, I'm reasonably certain there was a little confusion. This took about 48 hours to settle.

Alright, here is what has occurred here:
1) I have separated all NSFW content from SFW content among art accounts, and changed my name on this account to reflect this change. My former account name is inextricably linked to my SFW content, and so is being retained, unchanged. My new account name is Doku. Anyone familiar with my art will probably recognize the most popular commission piece I ever ordered (jointly with another user), which has been up for years now. So, you kiddies are clever. You know who this is.
2) I won't be referring to my old art account name at all, and would prefer any reference to it be removed. I may do so in private messages if there's...
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Reflection #17 - On Why Nobody Owes You a Conversation Posted 5 years ago
Pre-Rant Caveat: Eka would clearly state this and has brought this up in the past, but if you have told someone "do not contact me" and they refuse to follow through with this, once you have issued the 'do not contact' notification, you are within your rights to report someone who does not honor your wishes to moderation. And, in fact, I suggest strongly that you do so. Do not allow other players to try to force themselves on you conversationally if it makes you uncomfortable. The mods are there to help.

The following rant pre-supposes that I am fully capable of informing the mods when necessary and have done so in the past.


So, here I thought that I had reached what was effectively the end of my...
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Reflection #16 - Fiction v Drawing, which is more valuable Posted 5 years ago
Hey, what do you know? We managed to find something that ticked me off, yet again. Well, that's not particularly surprising. I'm an irascible creature by nature, and prone to slathering my overblown opinions all over the web when the mood strikes me. A recent conversation over the value of commissions that are fictional as opposed to "Artistic" (Digitally or traditionally drawn images) led to a comment which spawned a very old argument.

If you don't want to read this schpiel, here's the cliff notes: No, Written art is no less art than Drawn art or music. Get over it. If you believe otherwise, you are an idiot, and your art teacher would weep.


Let's start this with a simple reality: I am a tepid to tame...
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Reflection #15 - Syntax Posted 5 years ago
And, it seems I have found myself something "New" to rant about. Now, admittedly there's nothing new about this topic. It's been brought up almost constantly for years now. Long before I ever came to Eka's, this was an issue. It's been an issue almost as long as Endosomaphilia has been a 'thing' for some people in the first place. The issue centers around one simple, single-syllable word:


Vore, technically, isn't even a full word in common parlance. It is an abbreviation of the noun Carnivore, which is a technical term for a creature that requires more than 30% of its diet to be meat or animal byproduct, with secondary subsets of Hypocarnivore, Mesocarnivore and Hypercarnivore (with some creatures in Hypo categories being referred to at times...
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Reflection #14 - The Disparity between Storyline and PSL in Chat Posted 6 years ago
This will be a less ... aggressive reflection than most of mine have been, and though some of you that have read my previous discussions may manage to figure out 'why' this came into being I would prefer that it not be addressed here.

In my observation of the last three years, I have noticed a slight incompatibility that exists between three generally disparate and different attitudes in terms of the preferred ways in which characters interact, specifically within the Chat format. These relate to the topic of world, setting, backstory, relationships and ongoing story. The perspectives are easily pinned down to three general attitudes with a few singular exceptions, and while some people are willing to shift between them to suit individual scenes, the disparity between...
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Reflection #13 - Bah Humbug Posted 6 years ago
*ahem* I recognize that this may be an unpopular opinion, and I appreciate several people have put some effort into quite a bit of lovely art today. I'm also aware that I'm being petty and dickish in feeling this way. However, I confess that I am the "Ebeneezer Scrooge" of Vore Day, though this is a far broader issue than simply "Vore Day." I am not a fan of silly holidays period. If you check the web, today is all of these things (amongst others I'm sure):

International Vore Day (Eka's)
Happiness Happens
Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbors' Porch Night
Tisha B'Av (Jewish - begins at sundown)
Farmers Day (Tanzania)

Of the above, here are the "Real" holidays to me:
-Tisha B'av if you're Jewish. ...
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Reflection #12 – On the Subject of Permavore Posted 7 years ago
And, after a long hiatus from such commentary, I've decided to address the topic of "Permavore" after the death of my long-standing character Trialgatha. Seems a fitting little final funeral.

“What is Permavore?” - To be clear here, Permavore refers to the idea of a created character being eaten and killed within the span of a scene with the clear statement or implication that the character is devoured, will not reform and by the choice of the predator and prey's players, that character will never be played again by the victim.

“Is this a new thing?” - No. A long standing tradition of the Eka's chat has been the fact that characters have on occasion died permanently. The earliest example of this within my own personal experience was back in 2007,...
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Reflection #11 - Willingness and Me Posted 9 years ago
You may all blame Deviantart for this particular discussion. Ever since appearing over there, I have re-encountered the "Broader Vore Community" beyond what is merely here at Eka's (not that this locale doesn't contain a massive chunk of that, mind you, but moving on...), which has caused me to encounter one of those curious quirks in the midst of discussions about "What do you like in Vore?" After a few narrow escapes from engaging in shouting matches with a few people over the legitimacy of calling X variety of vore "Stupid" (Those familiar with me know I'm not a particular fan of insulting other people's preferences within the kink, even if I don't share them.), I noticed that I was recalling something about my own preferences, which led to this...
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