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Lilly's Feast [Stuffing, Vore, Scat] By Indighost -- Report

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Lilly's Feast
Written by Indighost, 2021 [email protected]
All characters © Indighost, 2021

* * *
“Is that the sound of your terrible tummy-ache talking to me, hmm?”
Lilly felt hot all over. Her dog-nipples ached, and throbbed. She squirmed and gyrated her painfully distended, rumbling stomach against Sasha’s gently full, round, warm one, feeling her wrinkly little nipples rub tantalizingly against the human’s smooth, full belly, her short fur grate against it.
“Sounds like somebody was a bad doggy and couldn’t help herself from tasting Aunt Sasha’s socks…”
* * *

There are so many wonderful books, cartoons, and other stories about intelligent, talking dogs that play, make friends and take up adventures among a world of mostly humans. And I couldn't help but dream, what if one particular very cute character of this type - a completely innocent awakened dog named Lilly - were to stick her nose where it doesn't quite belong? This story is the record of that dream :)

♥ Much love and be well.

* This is a maximally obscene, fictional, furry fetish fantasy story.
* Setting: Cartoonish Modern Human Suburbia.

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Posted by Purrloin 13 days ago Report

Nice little story you've got here! For future reference though, vodka and whiskey can't grow moldy because the alcohol content is too high.


Posted by Indighost 12 days ago Report

Thank you so much for reading! And yes I will note that XD Writing about things and also game-mastering will force a lot of research like this, but that's one thing I didn't know! So is it true that if you left vodka in a barrel or vat for some 200 years it would still be "clean" and without bacteria/mold ?


Posted by Purrloin 11 days ago Report

Yes. Assuming it didn't evaporate over that time or eat through the wood and escape, there's zero chance of it going bad. Vodka burns because of its high alcohol content. Bacteria can't grow or colonize in it unless the alcohol level drops. Almost any bacteria introduced into a 40% alcohol solution dies immediately and those that don't just take a minute.


Posted by Unidentified17 13 days ago Report

Love your work was wondering if you had any updates in the next game your working on?


Posted by Indighost 12 days ago Report

Thank you so much for reading! I am just casually adding to things when I have time and inspiration :)


Posted by unicorn 12 days ago Report

God, this is one of the hottest things i've ever read... So many button-pushers.
Garbage eating is really too uncommon... and as usual the way you recklessly fetishize stomach stuff, and in this case the arousing shame that you pushed along with it, is unbelievable <3
All that on top of the protagonist being a dog too, it's just lovely!


Posted by Indighost 12 days ago Report

Thanks! It's great to hear that ♥️♥️♥️ I wanted to do more feral focused stories for a long time but it was a challenge to put the kinks in a good story context. I'd love to do something like this with goats, horses or other creatures!


Posted by Becquerl 12 days ago Report

The finish with the future corruption of another innocent youth was the piece den resistance


Posted by Indighost 11 days ago Report

That will certainly fun to dream about!