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Stats and Census. By Winny -- Report

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So, from my last story people starting talking about population and the real risk of depopulation.

So I bring you! Statistics and Census. This little short story is about a small little office scene with a girl getting all the information needed for life in this alternate America.

(A lot of information here, is based on uptending trends depending on certain population size and birthrates. if certain actions had not happened in our past.)

This content is really for the hardcore fans that really wondered what the death tolls are, and some information not found in my stories for TGODG, some of which might surprise people.

As always I love you all! <3

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Posted by Salasabim 4 months ago Report

These numbers smelled funny to me, since an anthro population of 20,000 eating only 1 million humans a year seems incredibly conservative when your previous works include busy nightclubs getting emptied in less than an hour and a classroom of freshmen becoming manure in thirty minutes or less. So I did some math.

At exactly 20,000 anthro animals eating 3 square meals of 1 Human per day, 7 days a week, 420,000 humans would disappear per week. This is what I consider the "Bare Subsistence" scenario and a human population of 1 million would vanish by breakfast on day 17. In an approximated year of 52 weeks, 21,840,000 humans would wind up as cooling brown piles.

We can get gurglier.

In my original, 3am too-tired-to-sleep guesstimate, I'd guess that anthros would enjoy a bit more sustenance on fridays, 5 humans each to be precise. Just to account for purely-fun vorings like cock vore or boredom snacking. 23,920,000 a year, an extra 2.1 million alone for the extra Friday Night Chunkin'.

For those curious about what 5-a-day, 7-days-a-week looks like, the body count is 36.4 million exactly.

For something much closer to "21 turds in half an hour", 10 humans a day 7 days a week rounds up to 72.8 million dead humans in a calendar year. I still feel like anthros could eat more humans faster than this if supplied with a steady stream of willing gurglesluts, but my insanity can only go so far.

In short, your math is incredibly wrong and even my most conservative estimate would obliterate all but the two most populous US states in a year tops. No wonder the housing market and employment numbers are so whack in this universe, humanity is on a downward spiral into oblivion and anthros are the one flushing.


Posted by Winny 4 months ago Report

Anthro's can also eat normal food, and not all of them even eat a human every day. While there are cases where some get to eat A LOT, there are times when an anthro also goes days without eating a person. The numbers are based off of 20,000 anthros on a diet of one human per day. With a population of around 400 million. with increased birthrates and high immigration.

(The number is actually closer to 18700 anthros when I made the calculations, based on 356 days, which amounts to 6657200 deaths. But essentially a good way to look at this figure is that some anthros get to eat a lot more humans while some anthros can and do go for days and weeks without even eating one.

The other notion is that only the third generation can even digest humans fast enough to even get three humans down in a single day while the first generation still has a fairly normal digestive rate.)

But in finishing this entire topic on casual disregard of life in universes with this is done with a rather large helping of salt without going down the whole. "Reformation" route with the occasional malfunctioning piece of robotics to get those gurgled for good. Or some type of cloning technology.

This piece was just to add some structure to the reason why the U.S. isn't just a large steaming pile of crap. ^^


Posted by Ozzymandias 4 months ago Report

I'm a little sad, i really used to like this series, it was more that you had to be foolish or really unlucky to get ate. But then it turned into like a "screwfly solution" kinda thing and the anthros are even mean about it.


Posted by Winny 4 months ago Report

While I could see some similarity with "Screwfly Solution" that would be incorrect.

For one thing, Aliens have nothing to do with this. (Lol)
Second both males and females are being eaten, this isn't some genocide against one sex or the other, all humans are viewed as food.

Third, the Disregard of Life tag has always been a part of this series, the main thing for this is that Humans in this have a very low or sometimes zero regard of their own lives, nor do the anthros have regard for them either. It's hard to have "Casual Vore" without something like that as humans in real life kind of have the whole live at all costs built into our genetics.

Fourth, while there is "Mean spirited" anthro's there is just as many kind and caring and a lot of apathetic anthros as well. It's just the attitude they mostly take is to treat humans like food/sex because well thats what they are most of the time. But it's not like they don't form relationships, its just when both sides get off on the idea of being ingested or ingesting it's hard to go about long term relationships. My story "Three ways are the best ways." Is a prime example of this.

As for why it feels like it's a systemic genocide, it's because I write stories that focus on what the actual population would focus on. The latest academy series is literally porn infused reality internet show for porn subscribers.

And finally, I've dropped tidbits here and there in my stories, and the reason it feels like vore is so abundant and shoved into everyone's lives is because its profitable, ads/billboards/product placement. All the stuff we see in today's world are just as big in this world it's just corporations and the rich figured out they could make money on the digestive ends of boys and girls.

(I've done little bit of research in advertisement and the effects on people growing up, and I've based some of this on that. If people are shown ads that are meant to "Buy this to be happy." when they grow up, they generally have this ingrained into their brains. I did the same thing, just with "If you get eaten and digested you will be happy.")

In conclusion, I'm sorry you no longer like this series. And I hope that some of my other works will be more to your liking, and maybe some of this information I've given may help alleviate the problems you have with my story.


Posted by Kaesoran 2 months ago Report

2 months and still no update ????????


Posted by Kaesoran 2 months ago Report

aryion doesn’t do emojis apparently rip