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Hungry Hungry Honoka By Yush -- Report

Long time no see... I saw a 3d model on twitter from Japanese vore artists and kinda wanted to use it as a base model for this. I'd love to link it but can't find it anymore - if someone has the link please let me know as I would like to credit the artist. Also used one of her UR Cards as a reference, might have used it too much...

Anyhow - here's some Honoka vore that someone requested a long time ago and that I wholeheartedly agreed to draw ;3 I'll never say no to some good Honoka Vore. I am pretty sure she can eat way more.

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Posted by WarGames 7 months ago Report

Good to see more honoka vore and i agreed with you she probably can eat much more


Posted by Yush 7 months ago Report

I'll never say no to Honk ;3


Posted by carlj 7 months ago Report

Lovely ^^


Posted by tumlive 7 months ago Report

OH MY GOD.... HONOKA. THANK GOD. SHE IS MY FAVORITE I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS BLESSING..... you drew her so well.. her outfit works so well with vore, and the tummy, coloring, facial expression, burp.... god i love this THANK YOU MY LORD.


Posted by Yush 7 months ago Report

That's such a sweet comment thanks ;,o; Honoka vore is amazing and much needed


Posted by BStone 7 months ago Report

Ah, love me some Honoka vores... She's so cute! I love her facial expression and that handkerchief on her head is too damn pretty...
Thank you so much!!!


Posted by Yush 7 months ago Report

Well thank you for the sweet comment ;3


Posted by algog8 7 months ago Report

Could you define "way more?"


Posted by Yush 7 months ago Report

I'll leave it to your imagination - and double it ;3


Posted by TheAnonymous24 7 months ago Report

I love Honoka. And there's no Eli-chan


Posted by TheAnonymous24 5 months ago Report

Nice, I love Honoka, she's looks like Chika


Posted by Turbotowns 5 months ago Report

God, so cute!