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Pledge, Swallow, Prestige By LivesInAStomach -- Report

It’s almost time for Rosemary and Amber’s esteemed magic show, when Amber accidentally breaks the props needed for the disappearing act! But Rosemary has a creative idea to make Amber “disappear”...~

This is a story based on  Flocas’s very cute and charming comics, which can be found here and here. I have always been a fan of their artwork, so I reached out to them seeking permission to write this story. It was a ton of fun! I hope you enjoy!

(Special thanks to  Amagi2 for proofreading this story as well as coming up with the title. If you’re curious, it’s a play on the three parts of a magic trick: the pledge, the turn, and the prestige.)

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Posted by UnknownEnforcer 10 days ago Report

Nice! I loved it~

Will you ever do a cow pred or horse pred that is Permanent Entrapment?

Because that can certainly have a lot of potential, especially if you like messy guts xP


Posted by LivesInAStomach 10 days ago Report



Posted by Flocas 8 days ago Report

Great job with this!


Posted by LivesInAStomach 8 days ago Report

Thank you!~ It was a pleasure working with you!


Posted by rotta287 8 days ago Report

You have returned!

Not much of a furry guy, but I like your writing still.

Though the shift from the prey wanting out to her staying in willingly felt a bit abrupt at the end for me.


Posted by LivesInAStomach 8 days ago Report

Your criticism is noted! I was thinking of the same thing.

Thank you for reading and enjoying the story.