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Feral Kea By Asaneman -- Report

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A mountain of white fox belly wobbles and sloshes, walls shifting with the shapes of an enormous meal packed below that feral pelt. Large pawed feet several times the size of Kea's own vulpine paws press out at those walls, sliding helplessly for some closure of grip, as the meal inside contests the reality. And so, another dragoness' great legacy sunk into the realms of foxguts, claimed by her voracious rump and sentenced to the hot, slimy, kneading walls.

"Mmrrf," the voracious vixen chimes, perching her russet figure over that massive waterbed of her own gut at least ten times her own size. Shiny, latex leggings as socks on her fore and hinds, accentuated with the drool of sweat and quietly squeaking against the folds of her engorged body. The fox's tail flickers, her eyes closed tight and hips raised as she felt the last of that weight sink down and settle inside her. The last glimpses of the long dragoness's haunches, bulging and slathered with drool and slime, forms a bulge between the kitsune's thighs, one that finally slithers down past her colon with a fluid, clenching gwwlllk of her loins. The fox licks her lips with a soft smile and a blushing groan, and on that gesture, a gentle reminder of what might have been likened to key lime pie. It was a flavour that fondly accompanied the sensation of the dragon's fluff-tipped tail vanishing wetly into her puckered tailstar. Even though she'd not taste a meal disappearing between her cheeks, there had been plenty of time to savour such a bounty with her tongue on a dazzled, vulnerable meal moments prior. After all, a little drool certainly helped squeeze things back there, and she wasn't about to pass up feeling it all go so smoothly.

A loud, rumbling groan accentuates the size of the meal she'd have claimed. There was no going back now, after all. Her body contained not just the head of a dragoness as she had teased, but the whole scaled lady in all her fine glory, slurped up by Kea's greedy ass like a big, wet noodle.

"Mwhh-whmmf, t-this wasn't part of the plan, y-you, you...!" The dragoness quips, sheepishly, from deep within those bowels. With those pulsing walls conforming tightly, practically squishing Marcy within a well smaller fox, she'd be whimpering in a blush so heavy she wouldn't dare deny her enjoyment. Soaked in fluid and drool, the dragoness was long enough that near every foot of those needy, greedy intestines was occupied by her body. One could only imagine the internal mass within the feral's gut as those intestines swelled out and stretched around its meal, leaving nothing to the imagination of exactly who was being funneled into that one-way labyrinth. It was indeed those squelching, deeply slurping passages that would draw Marcy's voice to a muffled, incomprehensible murmur. Though, Kea still smiled from outside as if acknowledging those words. The fox knew full well what the dragoness was protesting about, but there was nothing she could do now but let her own vulpine digestion work.

"Macy, Marcy, was it? Such a feisty, but elegant indulgence. Maybe you shouldn't have stared so much at my ass, I told you it had a mind of its own~" Kea hums, kneading her paws gently against a meal of a size beyond her imagining. Suffice to say, what was just recently a glory and elegance that her meal could represent was soon to become something more. Now, the dragoness was nothing but food. Several hundreds of pounds worth of a meal, eliciting eager groans and gwurbles from a starved fox's gut. "This isn't normally my gig, but... I'm allowed to have a little fun every now and then, right?"

BwoUUUuuurp! Kea shudders as the sound of her belch bounds off the trees, birds scattering from the canopy and all else falling to silence for moments after. She'd hum the mute atmosphere away from there, feeling the warmth and pulse of her body already desiring to work. Soft bubbling already echoing within her internals. That last clench felt so recent, yet it had been a while since her last meal, and no one could blame her inner workings for their eagerness. A few hours, perhaps? In fox years, that may have well been a century of patience. And such a meeting, of vixen and dragoness, was one of curious circumstances. Certainly, it wasn't often that a latex-legging-clad vixen could have boasted to attract such a sizeable admirer. Those deep yellow eyes of a lime-scented noodle dragon seemed, unashamedly, keen to observe those haunches of Kea's own. Either way, feeling her body tame a meal all to wobbling foxflab felt truly heavenly. And with the day turning dusk, and hunger setting in, who was she to deny such a generous onlooker with such good taste?

"You're welcome to help contribute more! I can stretch~" she smiles, her belly rocking as Marcy squirms and mutters within, slickly filling out the vixen's intestines with bulging mass. Kea referred to her own haunches, of course. In response, the dragoness' voice was only even more ambiguous, shrouded and muffled under layers of fox fur as she was pumped deeper. Slowly, but surely, becoming drowned out by the raucous groans of the vixen's digestive tract. The fox grins. "Speak up, delicious. Or I'll just have to assume you want to fill out that very ass I caught you staring at. Gwurble burble? So you agree then? Wonderful."

From there, Kea lets out a long sigh, resting her head forward and closing her eyes as she lets her digestion take over. Noisy, undulating blorps and gurgles sounding out among the forestscape as her belly squeezes and kneads tightly, working overtime. With the heat of a happy, working belly, it was hard not to doze off. Kea felt the bulges under her body and paws gradually smooth over time, while she perched oh so dominantly and confidently atop that waterbed of a gut. Her form slowly rises and falls with each breath, shuddering at times with the noisiest and most efficient of churns. In time, it all slowly starts to compress, the walls practically rippling with hot ex-dragoness soup. The vixen drools in her momentary sleep, her memory of devouring Marcy whole leaving a fond influence on her dreams. The tease and squeeze of those smothering thighs, along with the squeak of those glossy socks, was more than enough to captivate even a dragoness. Not to mention the lapping of hot, warm licks over the neck, a soft rumble of a gut that sung of how much it needed a hefty, cozy meal like herself. And then the inevitable, mouthwatering ambience of slurping down that whole aquatic dragoness from head to tail right up her plush ass. All it took was a first clench on the slobbered dragoness, and Marcy was as good as gone. Those thoughts came among a slumber that had even Kea shuffling her thighs against the bulge of her prey, the sound of that hefty digestion would soon start to rumble among the nightsong of the forest., glurrrllch!
Glup, grlllorp...!

A chorus that seemed everlasting, but even such a large meal would turn to dough eventually. The shapes and mounds of food softening, shrinking, as its bulk turns straight to feral vixen assfat.

"Nnmmh, that was fun," Kea finally stirs, long after dusk, the heat of the day giving way to the chill of night. Yet, her body was anything but cold, courtesy of the heat of digesting such a sizable meal. An intense, cozy heat surrounded her as she arose from slumber, an aura of comfort that would linger for a while longer. She'd wiggle her legs, letting latex socks squeak against her gut, grinning as she already feels the heft of her swollen rear threatening to topple her backwards. She was still sporting just enough potbelly to keep all four paws from touching the ground, but fortunately it only took a few firm flexes and soft humps of her gut to pulverize and absorb that soup, adding the final touches of mass to her enormous haunches. With now only a smaller potbelly worth of bubbling chyme to sport, one that diminished entirely in a matter of moments, she'd finally allow her paws to settle on familiar grass once more. From there, the feral vixen basks in the early night, stretching out and yawning deeply. In the process she can't help but lift her rear to the sky, wobbling her hips to feel the new weight, even before laying eyes on it. And those haunches wobbled in return, with an immeasurable, borderline impossible heft, yet as soft as marshmallow and memory foam, threatening to swallow anything that dared bump into it. It all elicited a murl from the vixen, as she felt the bulk of a mighty dragoness sway with her, of a meal beyond her usual pleasures. Suffice to say, she was more than impressed. "Ridiculous," she barks with a vulpine tone, almost scoffing at the reality of her newly found weight. Her tail swishes alone enough to tease her enormous tush into motion. And in the end, an elegance of a dragoness had never truly faded, but rather...redistributed onto a perky vixen's own posterior, one that was highly worthy of praise. "May as well enjoy this fat while it lasts...take care, assfat. I promise you look far, far better this way."


Awesome story written-up by  vanillazelle! Thank you so, so much for doing it!!
First time drawing feral Kea, had a lot of fun with this - think she did too! This is intended to explain how she gets so massive for the follow-up picture!

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Kea is mine

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That's one really soft fox

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heck yeah

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