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“I sure hope this is everything you hyped it up to be… for your sake”

With all chyme from her previous excursion packed away as a pot belly and an ass the size of a curled-up person, Kea finished tying the knots of a rope harness fashioned to the specifications of a very eager canine. This contraption would allow them to safety enjoy Kea’s asspansion or so they promise. With a little maneuvering and help from her tail, the lupine’s legs quickly disappeared into the sea of white fur.

It gave way enough for their form to slide in, but no more. It wasn’t much effort for Kea. After such an enormous meal mere hours before, this seemed like small pickings. That was not the point of this intrusion however, pleasure was the name of the game and-

OOOhhhh” Kea moaned out as the lupine’s harnessed form entered her tailhole. Their slickened form easily sliding into her eager rear until the pleasure caused her tail to perk up pulling the canine back out slightly. She bit her lower lip as her face began to heat up. Relaxing her tail once more the entrapped “toy” sank up to their waist. But once again the pleasure became too much and her tail reflexively lifted. This was wonderful… if she was trying to tease herself, but she just wanted them ALL INSIDE.

Tucking her tail between her massive rear and providing a little cushion between her toy’s head and the ground, she eased back to take it like a more traditional plug. SHHLUUPPP Finally, with her tail pinned, she was able to take them all the way into her intestines and could feel their added weight to her bulging paunch.

“There. Now let’s get moving.”

The vixen could feel the rope holding as it held the canine from going too deep. Brushing against her folds of ass fat and penetrating deep into her intestines. The rather minor bulge did not seem like too much until she started moving. Her tail’s desire to raise and flaunt her bodacious ass had to be consistently countered by stiff clench and lustful pull to keep it into her greedy ass. Her prey’s squirming and her clit rubbing on the fat of her underbelly made this the beginning of quite the erotic journey.

Biting her lip, Kea was truly enjoying the ride. Each step edged her more and more closely to one of numerous climaxes. She laid down for a brief moment as her lustful sensations seemed to be coming on too strong. Her desire to make this fun last, and her will to stop it meant a brief moment of reprieve. This proved to be a little difficult because of her volunteer’s actions.

Her passenger’s squirms and wiggles stretched her innards. A paw print could occasionally be seen pushing out her abdomen if you looked closely enough. Time seemed to slow inside her for the canine. Seconds felt like minutes, minutes like hours, and the pleasure and tightness was immense. Finally, their head pushed out from between the squishy fat of Kea’s ass. Cool air and warm sun hit their as the vixen gave them a soft clench as they emerged panting.

“Coming out for a breather already? Don’t you know you have the whole day ahead of you?”

With a quick clench, her strong intestines pulled the smaller lupine back inside with an audible, SHLORP. Her ass fat rippled and the slowly disappeared deeper inside once more.

“Ngph… That’s it… Let’s get you back inside.

Kea rose once more. The shloshing and groaning of her empty belly growing louder and louder as her stomach grew tired of the constant teasing. It wanted the lupine. The weight, sway, and rocking of her mega hips was quite hypnotic any passersby. The squishy and fine curvature of her body could enamor even the hardest of hearts. Her massive rear wobbled and jiggled with every step. But that is what someone could expect if they had to carry the equivalent of two 250-pound bean bag chairs behind them. They acted just like bean bags as well. Any flop into them would cause an audible WHOP followed by the slow sinking into them.

Kea continued her journey throughout the forest. Time passed by and the number of honey glazed trails grew. The canine continued to be encapsulated in ass. Enjoy the heat, sights, and sounds of Kea’s intestinal tract. Stretching, curling, and pressing all the buttons they could find. Each time the correct spot was pressed, a moan or whimper of approval would escape her lips. Not to mention her increasing heartrate and the more powerful clenching and pulling from her ass. The lupine would continue pressing until the all too lustful quivering of Kea’s form shook them within.

Nothing could be safe when the right buttons were pushed. The heavy vixen could easily claim a phallic-shaped rock, smooth tree branch, or even an unsuspecting traveler as her next object to assist her domination. Squished between her dense ass and soft lupine bulge. She’d slowly grind away and press further down until the temporary satisfaction was reached.

And at the times where the pleasure seemed to be temporarily waning, a few quick tugs from her tail could have the lupine moving once more to provide the necessary movement needed. Rippling and folding her draft horse sized-ass. Its gargantuan and looming form countered only by its softness and plushness. Fur becoming more and more soaked with sweat, cum and the saliva from her very enthusiastic internal friend.

This continued for several hours until the lupine’s pleasuring capabilities began to wane. The night closed in and darkness began to fall on Kea’s shimmering beauty. The lupine still enjoying their encloser within her tight and confining body. They were lulled closer and closer to sleep as her pulsating heartbeat continued its slow and rhytmatic beat around them.

“All tired out hmm? I’ll walk you home. If you’d kept wiggling any longer, I’d have had to keep you all night!

So Kea headed towards the den of her faithful volunteer. The rope holding and pleasure having been had.


And another story, this time written-up by  bowhuskers! Thank you so, so much for doing it!!
Whoah, endo-friendo stuff, and a follow-up to the previous Kea picture. The vixen definitely enjoys making the most out of the gains she gets - like having fun with the villagers!

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Kea is mine
Her toy is just an anon character

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