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Stone Cold Rude By Ryujin -- Report

A story in which a neckbeard learns that he shouldn't be a gneiss guy and that he should not take other people's indulgences for granite.

If the stone puns aren't rocking your world: a story in which a neckbeard gets nommed.

A huge thank you to the Eldritch Editor Extraordinaire: VaguenessIncoming for his editing assistance.

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Posted by ShinjiIkari 1 month ago Report

Wow I just love your awful Charles. You portrayed him perfectly. I feel like he's the Internet. Thanks for sharing this story.
I also like how the teenage boy got told he's right by Meadow.

And then he knows all the good anime too. And Meadow too? How is she this successful...

Ooh Sailor Mars. She's my favourite. And how the story goes on was actually unexpected and with background and all, wow! Ending with a proper match, too. Good work.


Posted by Ryujin 1 month ago Report

Thank you for the high praise! I really enjoyed writing the story. I'm worked really hard to make Charles both awful and believable. I wanted to write a character where people could go "yep, I know I guy like that!" or "I've seen somebody act like that."

I'm super happy the story surprised you and you had fun reading it! I know I had fun writing it. :)