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[Animation] Teleport out of This By MysticSummoner -- Report

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Where, here it is. Many many hours of work and 350+ individual frames for this Apex Legends animation.

Everything from the UI to healing to damage ticks on Wraiths prey were done, as well as the special background. I even had to take into account the shadows cast by Wraith's stomach which I (mostly) kept up on.

This is also my first(ish) time doing an internal view, even though it is very simplistic and short. It even has a shirt tear! That scarf holds up well, though...

Please feel free to tell me what you think about this animation because it was a very large project for me!

Okay, I'm adding this part like 3-4 days after uploading this. How the hell did I not notice I titled it "Teleport of out this?" Anyways, I've finally fixed it so... uhh yeah.

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Posted by Vesari 1 month ago Report

This is really good! I love the health bars and damage numbers. Wraith getting health back from absorbing her prey is a nice touch too.


Posted by paperairplaneclip 1 month ago Report

That's so good, honestly, the prey being juuust on the edge of beating the pred but then giving out is A tier


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

I like that the Evo shield counter kept going up and faster, along with the digestion damage ^^


Posted by GeneralUrist 1 month ago Report

Oof, looks like that was a close one! Letting someone expand back to full size in these seems a pretty risky move.


Posted by WillWolfy 1 month ago Report

There’s not enough Wraith vore, this is so good!