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Maid to Clean 3 (Image) By Nalzindar -- Report

What you all have been waiting for is finally here, Sanaabearbear's third chapter of the Maid to Clean series!
This is the image illustration I made for the story, and you can read the story here:

In this chapter, Rachel is attending her university classes, taken there by Niko who easily can carry her mistress around to wherever she wants. But what is going on, is Niko eating someone she shouldn't? Will the hungry giantess stop recognizing Rachel, and why does Rachel has such an expression on her face. read and find out!

I'm afraid I was in a bit of a hurry to finish this since so much else is going on, so I couldn't make the background as detailed as in my previous picture.

Please leave us a review and tell us what you think : )

Comment on Maid to Clean 3 (Image)


Posted by DrakentheBlack 3 months ago Report

Really nice art on this picture! Sorry Rachel, looks like you were too late to save your 'girl'friend, but at the very least Sophie will be ass fat for you to play with!

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Posted by Nalzindar 3 months ago Report

Thanks, much of it was done in a hurry, so I'm glad to hear the outcome is acceptable :)
Yes, Rachel was just a tad to late to save her best friend, but as you said, she will still be able to play with her, at least as a part of her huge, hungry maid!

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Posted by OblivionFlame 3 months ago Report

This gives me Attack on Titan vibes.

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Posted by Nalzindar 2 months ago Report

I hope that means good vibes^^

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