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KrystalDinoEat By Tyamet2000 -- Report

Uploaded: 12 years ago

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A lone Sharpclaw soldier decides to welcome Krystal back to Saria in his own special way. Least to say, Krystal is no doubt speechless.

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Posted by leeeroy_jenkins 12 years ago Report

ppl are just down voting this because most dont like hard vore. I think its hot.


Posted by 2ndVoice 12 years ago Report

Year anaon... I think that's right xD I love hard vore and the characters are good drawn with the right expressions in there face.


Posted by kura1204 12 years ago Report

i really like it might you be able to do one about when she gets tackled and do some more this would be a really cool comic i like how you can see his dick going soft and dripping cum telling what he did before he began to eat i also love the expression in her eyes of suprize and terror but i also think it is a bit of shock after she was "raped" by the sharpclaw


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 12 years ago Report

u should do a copy of this so it isnt hard vore just a more than friendly greeting


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 12 years ago Report

i hate hard vore so i did a touch up but it wouldn't go on the page so i just am going to say it looked good so i think u should try it in a non hard vore version


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 12 years ago Report

sry ppls thats my roommate and i left my compuer logged on and he hates hard vore so do i but he always tries touchups that look awful but it actually does look better than most of his touchups so plz dont listen to him if u dont want to c ya


Posted by Tyamet2000 12 years ago Report

I didn't think people would get offended by this. o.o;; I mean, it's not as detailed as some of the hard vore pics I've seen. And, honestly, I don't draw stuff like this all the time. I only drew it cause, well...the Sharpclaw ARE dinosaurs. Sorry if I offended.


Posted by Omega 12 years ago Report

Interesting pic. Im not usually into rip-n-chew. But this is pretty light stuff and well presented. No need to appologize. Draw what you like as no matter what you do, some git somewhere will go ballistic over it sooner or later. The people that like it will comment if they so do. Ignore the rest as needed.


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago Report

great pic, I hope you will do more of Krystal getting eaten like that. Do you think if you make another hard vore pic of Krystal, put her in her loincloth outfit from SF adventures


Posted by Anonymous 12 years ago Report

Hah! Kill that pretty foxy. They taste so much better on the inside. Very nice indeed.


Posted by Psycho 12 years ago Report

This is verrah awsome voreness YAY! keep upt he good work


Posted by Eidolon 12 years ago Report

I have to say, I like this picture. It's not my 'thing', doesn't strike me as... attractive in -that- way, but it's nicely drawn and in a genre that doesn't seem to get much airing around here. Nice work. :3


Posted by Humbug 12 years ago Report

Gee...the Sharpclaw were pushovers last time I saw them...maybe this one's an exception?


Posted by Ruki 12 years ago Report

It's so sexy! I love it. Do more hard vore, more rape... both?


Posted by 2ndVoice 12 years ago Report

There are places, where such pics are really welcome... For my part I really like it and other would too! And even in nature... there's not much soft vore, is there? For example I know nobody who can eat a other person once. So hard vore is more natural for me... just for that setting. (There both like same size!)