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Bunch of sketches! (April-September) By TheAya -- Report

Heeya!!! Well, this is a bunch of sketches that i wanted to show a long ago, but yeee, They were hyper fun to do (Except some of them, that i stressed a lot doing them or i didn't enjoyed them so i scrapped them XD)

And well, there are a bunch of vore (And two smols lol) In this beg collection, this only i uppload because i like to show a bit the process of how i draw, because... we need to remember that i'm just a pussy begginer XD


And well, some funny histories:

FN XV: Well, the Suwie and Yukino one were super cursed to do XD, but yeee, always i wanted to do Yukino Memories vore sometime XD

FN XVI: About the Suwie one, that was just a test for something that i have done for something special, spoiler alert: It's going wrong XD

FN XVII: The Ryoka one that has a "dream about she eating meat" was the first idea of a "simple design" for a new style, and that's how they become the smols XD

FN XVIII: I already done the Ribbon sketch due i'm interested in making mini preds and huge preys XD

FN XIX: I'm having the crazy idea of making Sylvie from dorei to no seikatsu because she needs it XD

FN XX: It was funny and weird translate "Weeb" to Stupid Foreign XDDDDDD


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Posted by MysticSummoner 1 month ago Report

Your art is amazing as always!


Posted by TheAya 1 month ago Report

Thanks a lotta pally! <3


Posted by Coolwoman 1 month ago Report

Some amazing work! I always look forward to the days you post


Posted by TheAya 1 month ago Report

Thanks pally!!! <3


Posted by ggg74 1 month ago Report

Would love to download the separate images


Posted by TheAya 1 month ago Report

Maybe in a future i will put a download url for download all the images separated


Posted by VoreChing 1 month ago Report

This is hot~OwO


Posted by ZHunterX 1 month ago Report

Lots of wonderful vore art here! I’d honestly love some more mass vore from you, the one in here isn’t too bad. :)


Posted by WarGames 1 month ago Report

i'm still dying with the ip thing


Posted by AgentAlaska9000 1 month ago Report

Very nice artwork! You forgot the F/F and lesbo tags tho


Posted by Eutims 3 weeks ago Report

They look good