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Creatures' Comfort By BunnyWrites -- Report

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An American TV star takes the opportunity to play out her childhood fantasy of staying in an old Victorian manor, and encounters a warm and humid welcome by the inanimate inhabitants.

This was a commission for  psychoboy07. My queue is currently open, but involves a lengthy wait. I don't charge anything for reserving a slot and it's no problem to cancel it, so if any readers think they might be interested then please get in touch here or on Discord (BunnyWrites#4146).

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Posted by Snapper314 2 months ago Report

Another awesome story about a poor sweet young lady finding out she is little more then a plaything.


Posted by BunnyWrites 2 months ago Report

Thanks <3 Hiram must be collecting quite a range of playthings at this point~


Posted by thetempmailman 1 month ago Report

Great stuff, as usual from you! Even though the spooky stuff was novel for you, you pulled it off in a really satisfying way! Any word on Katherine's (or the implied others that came before her) ultimate fate, if you don't mind me asking? Are they forever trapped within the mattress, or is it just a stepping stone to their final destination?


Posted by BunnyWrites 1 month ago Report

Thanks mailman, that's wonderful to hear! I was a bit worried the spooky side might kill the horny angle. I had so much fun writing the horror elements as it's a different vibe to my usual stories which tries to make everything sexy.

As for Katherine's fate, originally I was thinking perhaps she'd be trapped in the mattress with her serving as an aphrodisiac for Hiram, who'd then bring his dates to fuck them on that bed. But I think now it's more like a transport mechanism, it keeps the prey nice and cosy and in a heightened state of arousal as she's shipped back to Hiram's gallery, where he'd let her out for more fun and games~

I'll ask the commissioner PsychoBoy to chime in with their opinions too.


Posted by thetempmailman 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the reply! I hadn't even made the connection with the previous pale lady and gallery stories, embarrassingly, but these kinda shared universe's are loads of fun.


Posted by BunnyWrites 1 month ago Report

Oh yeah the connection is easy to miss, I don't expect folk to keep track of every character who turns up in my stories. But yeah it's meant to be the same universe as the Pale Lady stories, with the gallery owner from those (Hiram), being the guy who comes to pick up Katherine at the end. He has to keep his gallery's inhabitants content somehow~


Posted by psychoboy07 1 month ago Report

When the idea was percolating in my head, the idea was that the room Katherine found herself in was reserved for anyone who ran afoul of the irascible hotel owner.

The guest would simply be toyed with and then devoured by the headboard, but those who caught the fancy of the toys and/or put up a decent fight would be entombed inside the mattress to be used as a sex toy/plaything/pet for all eternity.

Hiram's involvement was Bunny's idea and its those additions that make working with them so much fun, as with its world-building potential

The mattress is now, as you said, a stepping stone to one of Hiram's galleries with one of his minions working with the toys to drag her out of the mattress and into a painting canvas, or simply collect the mattress and extract the prize within at one of Hiram's galleries.


Posted by thetempmailman 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the bonus info! You've got some solid concepts, always a pleasure to read the stuff you commission.