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Jack's New (delicious) Friend! (C) By ezkerbkun -- Report

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That was the last conscious thought Kama had before breaking apart. Her body swirled into something unrecognizable, while her earrings, the ornate golden plates and other outfit accessories, and the singed purple cloth were all mixed in the mush, as it started to funnel deeper down into Jack's intestines for further processing. All the while, Jack was snoozing on the couch. After the ascension ordeal, it took every bit of energy to scrounge up enough mana to perform a Noble Phantasm, leaving Jack to literally pass out on the cushions. She cradled her stomach with her arms and legs, like a mommy hushing an unruly child. The stomach shook with activity as it rumbled and shrunk through Jack's sudden nap. Eventually, only a sloshy potbelly remained, as the last solid bit of Kama broke apart and fit further down her pipes.

Her hunger finally sated, the young girl smiled as she slept through the night, her dreams filled with tea parties and adventures with her true close, dear friends.

I was commissioned by  Cactaur98 to make a drawing for a story by  Draconatedz

I really liked this idea of Kama shining inside Jack belly, so I wanted to make shining Kama mush being pushed by Jack insides.

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Posted by InfernaAbyss 2 months ago Report

Jack's belly is very erotic, especially when it involves vore and her gaining those Assassin “assets”.


Posted by Azoon 2 months ago Report

You’re really going off today dude!


Posted by Mordecai777 2 months ago Report

We definitely need more of her


Posted by ShaboJohnson 2 months ago Report

Jack proving why she is the Grand Assassin


Posted by noisekeeper 2 months ago Report

Holy cow, both images are so damn hot. Jacks intestinal tract being highlighted in that huge dome of a gut shes hugging and that total pear shape she has in the second.


Posted by VoreWin 2 months ago Report

Oh wow you can actually see her intestines! :O


Posted by panolito 2 months ago Report

Aww yeah 5 pics of my favourite artist in a single day
Also that dentation on Kiara's leg


Posted by SpontaneousFlame 2 months ago Report

Absolutely perfect, I'm glad the Fate lolis are getting the pred art they deserve. Great job as always!