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[Comm][Text] Gamer Girl Guts By LordVIP3R -- Report


It was another afternoon in the world and our devious succubus Seraphaena was already at work luring her newest piece of meat. The tall and sultry succubus had found the much shorter and shy as anything gamer guy at a local cafe. In only mere moments she had her claws into his heart, wiggling her hips, batting her eyelids, the supple bounce of her large breasts as she towered over the man like a dommy mommy.

"Oh but I don't know how to p-play video games... m-maybe you could... show me..?" she stuttered, doe eyed and blushing.

It was only an hour or so later that they were at the guy's house, his nerded out room and gaming PC in a dark secluded cave, perfect for our demonic daughter.

It wasn't long before Seraphaena grew bored of the failed attempts at games as the guy fumbled his way through levels, repeatedly losing over and over as he showed her how to play. With a quick whisp of her hands he skin tight leggings flew off and she stood over him. Her hands on his shoulders she spun around his chair and stood in her panties, half naked.

"So mmmmmhmm.... Big Boy... Seeing you play is such a turn on... Ever been in a girl before?... I bet you get so many girls in here... hahahehmmm..." Seraphaena flirted and grinned, through the thinnest veil of lusty eyes and smirking fangs.

Before long, she had emptied an entire bottle of lube onto her ass cheeks and glistened up her rear. The bright red and shivering guy was sitting there, stunned at the towering voluptuous figure before him, with a sudden PLONK and a loud slap... Seraphaena had dropped all of her weight onto the chair in which the guy sat, her massive cheeks completely engulfed him as he was shoved waist deep into her rear like a massive dildo. With a few more bounces she stood up, his legs dangling out, her gut quivering and shaking with his thrashing form.

With a hard push she squeezed him out of her hole and dropped his lube soaked body onto the floor like a lump of shit. Seraphaena slapped her ass and it jiggled in the soft light of the hallway. With a monstrous grasp she grabbed the guy's legs and rammed them up her puckered anus. He screamed and shouted but in mere moments he was sucked into her depths like a noodle. Seraphaena straddled the chair and began to taunt and cackle... It would be long before her new buttplug was completely sucked inside her, trapped away from the light and air of day forever, to worm through her intestines and be crushed in her stomach, to fatten up her perfect rear.


Heyo nerdlings,

This commission was paid for by none other than  Mark45

A fun commission of his blonde haired male character getting coaxed into being a human dildo and eventual butt snack for our favourite demoness Seraphaena!

I hope you all enjoy the little story I threw together in 5minutes, and of course enjoy the artwork.

Stay tuned for more, as theres a bunch more commissions paid for by others on the way! :D


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Posted by redsquallff8 1 month ago Report

Looks good

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Posted by LordVIP3R 1 month ago Report

thx bby

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Posted by Itstheone 1 month ago Report


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Posted by LordVIP3R 1 month ago Report


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Posted by Raiza 1 month ago Report

Get Good or Get Ate.

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Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 1 month ago Report

Love the pic, but just wanted to point out you drew him going in feet first and wrote the story head first.

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Posted by LordVIP3R 1 month ago Report

Re-read the story, he was used as a dildo head first, then shoved on the floor and reinserted feet first.

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