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We're raising money for our game, Objects of Desire, on Kickstarter! ( Thank you all for your support! To thank you for supporting me--& give you content I KNOW you'll love--for every 5% raised, I'll write more of a vore drabble for you all. You're welcome! :3
Next part at 85%! We just need $16.50 more to write more!
Aqua smiled and gulped down Diesel, patting her belly as it distended above her hardening cock. “Goodness, so tasty!” she purred. “But he was such a small snack. And I want more. . .”
The Pokemon licked her lips and turned to Riley. "You'll do nicely," she says, licking her lips. "Let's send you down to my gut. . ."
"No, please!" Riley begged, backing up a few steps. "I don't want to be eaten!"
"Too bad," Aqua teased her prey, grabbing his shoulders. "Let's get you in my gut."
She shoved her head into her mouth, licking and sucking as she tasted her meat. But her belly growled insistently--it wanted her in her gut, /now/. And so, she complied, sucking in the human with a series of gulps. Soon, he was in her belly.
"Still hungry," the Sylveon-Leafeon teased, smirking. "I'll get some more food in there, just wait. . ."
She looked around the room at her captive meat, and smirked when she saw Franklin. "You'll do," Aqua purred, grabbing the pink dragon's shoulders.
"Y-You sure you can't reconsider this?" he stammered, looking for a way to escape.
"Yep," the Sylveon-Leafeon replied. "It's dinner time."
She put his head in her open maw and began swallowing him down. Gulping down her tasty prey, she sent more and more of him into her belly, until all of him was inside.
Aqua patted her huge gut with a smirk. "Delicious," she purred. "So yummy. But I'm not done yet. . ."
The Sylveon-Leafeon turned to Cherry. "You'll do," she said to the human. "You'll fit nicely into my stomach. . ."
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Who Will Aqua Eat Next? (Ongoing Drabble) By TastyAce -- Report

Following IanaroTheCorgi's lead: for every 5% the Objects Of Desire Kickstarter makes, I'll write more of a vore drabble for y'all. :3c

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