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Lotherakon By Iddeh -- Report

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 Estina's Lotherakon (Loth for short) has some pretty big responsibilities, being the Queen of All Hells. She started at the bottom as a regular lowly Hellhound, scourge to mortals and the damned but beneath the interest of her superiors or the divines. After a chance encounter with some wayward deities that wandered into her territory however, she found she had the unique talent to absorb and nullify deific energy, making them easy prey and enabling her to become far, far stronger than she was ever intended to be.

Her superiors now pad out her chest and ass, and she makes sure everyone remembers that. As for all the other deities and infernal challengers across every reality, she takes time out of her busy schedule to help them understand where they fall in the pecking order, which is "Food" or "Servant waiting to be Food." Thankfully, she has a pretty spacious place to put anyone who disagrees, and it makes persuading what's left a lot easier!

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Posted by Estina 3 months ago Report

To be fair to those gods, ending up totally digested into fat on those curves, or as a load in those nuts, is far more meaningful and important work than... whatever it is gods do!


Posted by Iddeh 3 months ago Report

I'm gonna argue the gods are gonna disagree with that.... umm... for as long as they might have.... Oo;
T-true or not...


Posted by Renael 3 months ago Report

Nice to see more of your characters- always really liked them!


Posted by Iddeh 3 months ago Report

Est doess have really good chars!


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 3 months ago Report

Mmmph, gotta love that cock vore...


Posted by Iddeh 3 months ago Report



Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 3 months ago Report

How lucky they are to get melted down in the nuts of such a beauty~ Churned completely into nothing but hot, creamy cum <3


Posted by Iddeh 3 months ago Report

I mean... That is a slight upside... Though, I thiink the downsidess are a biiiiit more noticeable...


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

shes so greedy


Posted by Estina 3 months ago Report

She knows what she wants (every god and every soul to burn in her guts and nuts), has the means to make it happen, and as far as she can see, no one can do much to stop her.

Maybe if she had some negative feedback she'd stop being so greedy, but as far as she can tell she's just being rewarded for being an existential black hole |3


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

a random mortal should yell at her and tell her shes doing too much , that might help lmao or the mortal might die