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Bzzt! By Jobix -- Report

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Look, I just like the concept.
Plunger go bzzt. Identity go bye bye. Instantly. (。々°)

There is no uncensored version, use your imagination.

Art by @uotora2020orca via Skeb

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Posted by Nyabulon 10 months ago Report

I'm not 100% sure what's going on, but this is very lewd and I like it. :P


Posted by Minos 10 months ago Report

The Undertale sequel got it's second chapter released a month or two ago. This is inspired by one of the enemy types "werewire". In the game, some cutsey electrical socket-like beings are subjugated by an AI that uses electrical plugs that snake down from i guess anywhere and plug into the socket peoples' faces. They then transform into the "werewire" with the color scheme from the second panel. They're actually totally chill tho. you fight them at first, but plenty of werewires like the transformation and are still in control of their faculties.

On that note, Jobix, great stuff! Never considered how lewd the whole personality shift aspect of the werewire situation was, but it's definitely something! I wouldn't mind more of the same if the inspiraction strikes ya!


Posted by Jobix 10 months ago Report

If you're looking for more of this stuff @CaptainKirb has done a few Werewire pieces recently.


Posted by buttermanht 10 months ago Report

Is that on twitter, or on here?


Posted by Jobix 10 months ago Report



Posted by Rhysion 10 months ago Report

Cum goes in -- cum goes back out!


Posted by hypnolatex 10 months ago Report

Man we had the same thought when we saw these then? Lol, this is the quality content I watch for ;3


Posted by reliuskaiser 10 months ago Report

This is appropriate.


Posted by Belloc 10 months ago Report

Brain erased.