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Here We Are Again By OptimisticDinner -- Report

The head priest and an adventurer meet in the back of the church. This has happened for a long time now, each time they do the same thing, She swallows them, and allows her body to try and digest them. And the adventure does their best to endure it.
The nun's mind changes though, releasing something that her body treats as food has twisted her.
This adventurer may have created something evil.
Hello, happy Thanksgiving! This isn't at all in theme or anything but it is in fact a story about consuming.

If you wanna commission me, feel free to DM me! I've got pricing and etc listed here.

This story just kind of... happened. Honestly. I really didn't know what was happening till it was finished. It was meant to be more ambiguous, but then my love of fatal crept in.
And then she turned evil.

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Posted by narutowolfie12 7 days ago Report

Man, what a trip. Really fun story to read through.


Posted by TableManners 7 days ago Report

Great work, and a unique story


Posted by ShinjiIkari 6 days ago Report

What a great story, and completely without prey perspective!


Posted by TrainerKatrine 6 days ago Report

That's certainly a writing style, and an interesting story! Makes you wish that you could see it all play out..~


Posted by OptimisticDinner 6 days ago Report

I was trying a different perspective here. I thoight about going more in detail, but i wanted it to feel like she was stuck in her own head.
Wasnt sure people would like it, but seems i was wrong.


Posted by TrainerKatrine 5 days ago Report

By playing it all out I also mean the thing that's hinted towards.. :3


Posted by Mrinfo 6 days ago Report

I would like to image one day, years until the future, she goes to trap someone inside her only to either find her spells ineffective on her would be prey or is tricked into poisoning herself. A very good story.


Posted by theonlymatt 5 days ago Report

This is a wonderful story. There's something holding it back from being quite top tier though, but I can't put my finger on it. The story is good and sensible, the Pred's motivations and actions are immersive and very hot. The descriptions are good, the elements are all there and well presented. I've been thinking about it all day and I can't decide what gave me that impression.

I dunno, I might be crazy. Definitely one of my favourites though.


Posted by OptimisticDinner 5 days ago Report

Honestly Im the same, so I can feel ya. I know there was something i should've done to it, but i couldnt think what.


Posted by spicysaucego 3 days ago Report

let me score this real quick
Intriguing: yes
Detailed: yes
Good in general: yes
amazing work on this, keep it up