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New Donk City's New Delicious Cuisine By ZeldaNoVorsu -- Report

Zelda’s Diary — Trip Day 3 Entry 1

Peach, Tiara, Cloaky, and I arrived at New Donk City in the Metro Kingdom. It was quite the amazing place, a true metropolitan area that surpasses even Hyrule Castle Town before the Great Calamity. Our first order of business upon arriving was to get me some new pants after my misadventure in Lost Kingdom. On our way to the store, we ran into the famous Mayor Pauline. She is taller than I realized, and she really is quite nice. Her singing voice is amazing.

I think she and Peach may have had some… digestive disputes over Mario back in the day, but they seem to be over it now. Pauline took us to the original Crazy Cap store where I found a few new outfits to wear. There is this really cute one with a green windbreaker and light brown skirt that I decided to wear for the rest of our city adventures. Peach and I jumped roped, raced RC cars, and went to a movie where the strange moving pictures from Fossil Fossils and Tostarena were featured. Mario’s brother Luigi was the one running the show.

After the movies, Pauline gave us a tour of the city’s Power Moon power plant. It was quite fascinating how they could drain power from the moons and retain an empty shell after. This led to a discussion about certain events from this morning that I will not be bringing up again. New Donk City generates tons of power, and they will use the excess at times to host their traditional city festivals. Peach and I were fortunate enough to attend, and it was spectacular! Pauline really shined on the stage when she sang Jump Up, Superstar.

It was after the festival where things took an interesting turn… Poor Cloaky was exhausted from the day’s events, so Tiara took her back to the Odyssey to rest. Pauline took Peach and I to a sketchy club built into the back of one of the skyscrapers but not on the ground level. It’s called the 1-Up Gurgle. The receptionist seemed to know Pauline, and she gave us strange tags marking us as “Preds”. We soon came across a group of people excited to see Pauline, all of whom were wearing “Prey” tags. Then, much to Peach and my surprise, Pauline grabbed one of these citizens and swallowed her whole!


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Posted by derpsquid42 6 days ago Report

I know we agreed on the "Pauline is tall" jokes, but Zelda's line may have given me random thoughts...

"Mayor Pauline! I expected someone of your reputation to be a bit... older."
"Princess Zelda. You're shorter than I expected."
confused toots

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Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 6 days ago Report

Originally Zelda's line was "She is taller than I expected", but it made less sense.

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