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The Accidental Snack [Feral, Endo] By Indighost -- Report

The Accidental Snack
Written by Indighost, 2022 [email protected]

* * *
Mirabel squinted as her belly emitted another long, angry groan—she could distinctly feel something squirming inside of her now—
“I accidentaly swallowed your brother and now he’s inside my tummy and he’s doing something inside
me and it really hurts and I’m sorry and please help me get him out—HURRRP—!”
* * *

There are so many wonderful idyllic stories and cartoons about curious goat characters who like to try tasting (and swallowing!) nearly anything they can fit in their mouth. This story, featuring a group of talking animals on a farm owned by humans, explores what it would be like to be friends with just such a goat!

♥ Much love and be well.

* This is a maximally obscene, fictional, filthy fetish fantasy story.
* Setting: Pastoral Farm with Talking Animals

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