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Gina's Internal Therapy Service [Safe Vore] By Indighost -- Report

Gina's Internal Therapy Service
Written by Indighost, 2022 [email protected]

* * *
"Heh....well....with all the tough stuff outside in...well, life and the world....It sure sounded nice, when I
read about it…And my friend Dahlia..."
"Oh yes, Dahlia is a wonderful customer! In fact, most of my customers are cold-blooded reptiles like
you! They always rave about how warm I am inside. In fact, I once had this sweet snake girl client...she
just didn't want to leave, haha!"
* * *

I often think about how soft, warm and comforting it could be to spend some time safe inside the belly of another creature. This story is about a small business that provides just such an experience to customers, and what it's like!

♥ Much love and be well.

* This is a maximally obscene, fictional, filthy fetish fantasy story.
* Setting: Modern-style Furry Anthro with Size Difference

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Posted by hernextmeal 3 months ago Report

The first half was good but the second half - super hot! I would have a hard time being able to help myself around those gals too, even if it meant becoming one of their next bowel movements.


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thanks yeah! Huge fan of that stuff too! I like the idea that by renting space in the belly you become very intimately familiar with a persons body and private life :)


Posted by Scratch 3 months ago Report

Oh wow, love this! Manages to capture that wonderful feeling of the desire to be food without losing the main character. Can't tell you how long I've wanted to see something done with lizard tails as well : )


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thanks! I really thought it would be similar to other things people do that feel addictively good but are dangerous and best enjoyed in small doses.