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Note: some of this may be inaccurate to the actual game and you may have different experiences in said game, so majority of this is outside of cannon, and like most games this is not an actual vore game.
Ok story time
The sun was setting as the group came back from the latest venture, which consisted of a princess, cleric, scientist,and popstar. Or in the terms of their names, makayla,neer, engi, and kichler. "I hope jan's ok now. I can't take fighting another running nose!" Makayla groaned. "Agreed. That double slash was amazing though!" Kichler said. As they talked about their adventure a pale skin imp whos entire color was black past by with a bucket. Her name was Simply known as !?. She was a seemly shy person, her hair even covering her eyes, and she made no moves on Trying to talk to the gang, that was until neer noticed her. "Hey !?!" "God her name is hard to say." !? Turned her head to the gang and did a small wave, and walked into one of the 5 rooms the inn had. "See. She's a shy gal 24/7!" Makayla said. "Yeah.. Im going to check on jan and then head back to me and needles room. Night!" Neer said, and just like that the group split apart for the night.
!? Closed the door to the room to what the group would consider the cat of the group sharpening her claw gloves, sci. !? was originally jan's roommate but since he got sick !? Needed a new room incase he was infectiousness. And sci was willing to have her as a roommate. It was weird to say the least but hopefully jan would be better by tomorrow. "Oh hey, your done feeding honey !??" !? Could tell sci had trouble with her name. Who didn't? It was legit exclamation point question mark. "Ok out of randomness do you have any other names you go by?" Sci's question caught !? Off guard. "Uh.. No not really-" "how about Melissa, ya seem like a melissa!" "Um" "i mean i guess?" "Great! So your new name is melissa!" "Hey i don't mean to be rude but since zoey and makayla are forced together until they make up i gotta sleep with the horse. So if you please move out of the door melissa." Both of them were caught of guard by the warrior, or matthew, standing right beside Melissa. "Ah sorry." She moved out of the way and Matthew walked right on out. "Welp now you have a new name to all in the morning." Sci said, pulling out a grey blanket and laying down on a bed. "Gnight!" Before melissa could even respond to her she heard snoring. "That.was way to quick." She muttered. Before sighing and doing the same thing sci did.
Later on in the night was when melissa heard a sudden growl and felt a pain, she sat up and looked around only seeing the semi dark room and sci. She was about to go back to bed when she heard it again and felt the same pain, which she could only describe as her stomach tighting, she flinched in pain as she got up, and looked at sci. It was meant to check if she was sleeping but for some reason she looked, in simple terms, tasty. She quickly shook her head. "No. What am i thinking? The others would kill me if i.." Her thoughts trailed off as she looked at sci more. Every second was just making sci look more and more appetizing. "..i mean it's just one wont become a habit." Melissa got up and walked over to sci's bed, only talking off her cat gloves and then throwing those to the side as she quickly went to sci's feet. She hesitated for a moment before grabbing them and quickly shoving them in. She didn't waste time as she quickly swallowed, only stopping at the slightest movement or sound sci made. She flinched herself as she felt her stomach expand as sci's legs entered. She was soon up to sci's neck when she heard a groan, amd felt sci's head lift up. "What..the?" Melissa had a sudden panic and quickly shoved sci's head in. A muffled scream and a swallow later and sci was now fully inside Melissa's stomach. If the kicking and the bulges didn't tell that enough then the enlarged stomach definitely did. "O-ow." Melissa muttered, standing up and placing her arm over her stomach. "L-look im sorry! You was just there and i was hungry and-" she was cut off by a stronger kick, which only proved that she wasn't making this any easier on the moral side of it. Melissa sighed and leaned on the wall. Sci's screams were muffled just enough to where melissa couldn't understand her, but could still hear them. "H-hey stop moving and yelling sci." Melissa said, "your just unbearable for the both of us." She stifled a yawn as she heard sci's screams. "God i hope no one can hear this.." She muttered. Before making her way to her bed and covering herself with the blanket, and soon falling asleep.
"!?!-er, Melissa! Sci! Are either of you awake? We're about to leave!" Melissa woke up, the bright light of the morning lit up the room. She sat up and turned to get onto sci for not waking up either, only to remember last nights events. She looked down and saw her stomach was reduced to a pot belly size, which only confirmed that the night wasn't a dream. She sighed and got up and opened the door to be met with makayla. "Uh how-" "Matthew told me ya choose a new name. Bout time. Hey wheres sci?" "Oh.. Maybe she left earlier then the rest of us?" Makayla looked at Melissa for abit and obviously saw her stomach, Dispite the blank expression on her face Melissa heard a slight chuckle before makayla turned around. "Right then cmon, we'll probably catch up with her then." She said as she walked away. "Huh..w-what did she mean by that."
"So she just up and dissappered?" Jan muttered, the group was now back on the trail of their little mission, and it had became obvious that sci was just gone. "That's what im getting. Although makayla was laughing abit when she said that.." Matthew muttered. "Ya think she killed-" "i wouldn't put it above her! She was a thief once! *bonk* ow."
Melissa stayed as far behind from the others as she could, with the only one insisting to stay with her was kichler. "So uh why the name change?" "I didn't get a word in." "Ah makes..sense.. Uh not to be rude but weren't you abit, eh flatter around the stomach yesterday?." "Uh- i always been this shape?"
Kichler was worriedly staring at Melissa stomach, probably piecing two by two as he stepped a few spaced away.
"She was also a imo too ya know!-" "needle i swear to the spirits imma go a feed ya to the dragon!" "you'll lose your only mage then!"
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Been on a block recently and also been playing some miitopia for the switch, so why not put my charaters into vore senenios, this was abit rushed tbh so yeah
(I thought of Melissa's name half way through and just slapped the whole new name part together

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