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mom please By Patrycja -- Report

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"Should I be offended that every new friend that make (because the old ones just keep vanishing??) comments on my mom's weight?"

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Posted by jokerert1 3 months ago Report

guess the workout made her hungry again
great stuffs!


Posted by Dongers 3 months ago Report

I'm beginning to wonder, is no one reporting her for eating people? Is being digested not a big deal? Do they get reformed? She did eat a bunch of students once, so if she didn't get into trouble for that I'm assuming that they end up fine, though probably traumatized.


Posted by ScarKnight 3 months ago Report

I mean, do you want to be the one that has to try and stop her?


Posted by daeway 3 months ago Report

Imagine taking that call. The other person is shouting "Help! There is a monster eating everyone!" And the receiver asks where is the monster, and then once the caller tells them they immediately hang up, get to their car, and drive in the direction away from the giantess!


Posted by Lannibal 3 months ago Report

> And you know what he said you are? "Huge! Massive, even."

She was talking to Snagglepuss, wasn't she?


Posted by Joeycnab 3 months ago Report

I have a huge crush on this milf... Shes so good...


Posted by amerdism 3 months ago Report

Kinda wanna see one of these were another giantess tries to eat the daughter like her mom does with other people, and then mom comes to the rescue


Posted by daeway 3 months ago Report

Having the giantess mom same size vore an attacking giantess would be the most awesome thing ever


Posted by amerdism 3 months ago Report

I was more thinking the mom just saying no to the other giantess but that works too


Posted by daeway 3 months ago Report

Thanks for making more content with these two, although I do wish they had names.

A question... why does the mother have no speaking lines? Just asking cuz I'm curious, maybe just an artistic choice?


Posted by Patrycja 3 months ago Report

I think her actions speak for themselves.


Posted by daeway 3 months ago Report

I find that the decision to keep her reticent gives her this majestic side, if that makes any sense.


Posted by JeebyHeebies 3 months ago Report

I mean, it's not like there's an average weight to compare her to. Weighing several hundred tons makes it hard to say how close to ideal she is proportionally.


Posted by Tafillia 3 months ago Report

best mom <3


Posted by HMDVore 3 months ago Report

jesus christ. This big mom series idea is fucking incredible.