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The fair
It was that time of year again at VU, time for the yearly funding fair. The event was held every year as a way for the school to earn a little extra cash, as well as a way for the public to get involved. This year was going to be a certain little laquines first fair, she was thrilled to have been chosen to run a booth even. Though she had no idea what that job was... and she was about to find out as the teacher working with her rounded the corner.
Standing nearly eight f

With a soft yawn the glowing rabbit slowly awakens from her sleep. She sits up as her silken sheets shower down from her body to land on her lap. Glowing nipples shining enough to light the darkness of her bedroom. Next to her, her mate shifts some in the glow of the rabbit. Slowly she to sits up yawning and nuzzles against her bunny mate "Good morning glow butt" she teases some as she flops back onto their bed. With a stretch the bunny gives her mate's rump a slap for the comment &quo

Several hours of stewing in miss Flora's orbs later Talia starts to come around, fidgeting, tossing, and turning in her sleep before quickly sitting up gasping for air only to get her own cock tip stuffed into her mouth. She blushes deeply giving herself a instinctive suckle before leting go and looking around, all she could see was the insides of a curtened off room and the bed she was laying in. Outside she could hear a chair crecking before a silowet come into view before the curtens were pul

The first day of her first year had finaly come, she was so eager to enter the only collage that was willing to take the young herm Laquine. She hummed happily to herself in the shower as the warm waters rushed over her. "Todays the day, I can't wait to see what kind of collage VU is." she tilts her head some thinking what the school could be for. Considering she had the lowest grades in her highschool days it must be an odd collage, but truely odd she wouldnt know till she arived.

Cookie meets Maka
it was almost noon as the sun rose high in the sky and the heat beat down on everyone outside that day. The growing heat was quickly running off most people from a garage sale going on in the town of Stoffing. The owner of the sale was growing anoyed as he was quickly loseing customers and chances of riding himself of a old jar that had plagued him since he aquired it from a garage sale years ago. The jar was quite pretty and a surprise it was still there, inline

Over the hills and through the woods? chapter 2 The one way trip
After several minutes of travel and no interuptions from hungry predators Nora started to wonder just how they were being kept at bay. As if on que a slimey slug like creature fell out of a tree and landed on the head of a slave girl near the front of the small convoey. The small fox muffledly yelling for help and flailing around for a momment before she was quickly engulfed and was gone from sight. Just as quickly has the

Tribe of the darkpaws, Chapter 1, A new meaning to spelunking.
It was a early morning and the group was just waking up to set off towards the rumored ruins laying just withen the borders of a canibal tribe... everyone was very unsettled by that and hoped they could get in and out without being noticed. They all knew what would happen to them if the tribe found them digging around those ruins and a few found that idea more then abit interesting.
After everyone had woken up

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