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[Scat/WS] Merre's Morning Movement By MadameMaeve -- Report

The giant feline had just finished her breakfast, which this morning was just tiny woodland animals – barely filling her up, when she felt nature calling. Finding a nice comfortable and safe seeming clearing, she crouched and relaxed. As her body did it's thing, she pondered about a few things while being oblivious about the remains of over a dozen bunny girls coming out of her, now in the form of a substantial bowel movement.

She wondered where either of her little red haired friends had gotten to lately as her bladder opened up, creating a small pond of urine between her feet. When she finished, she got up, leaving a sizeable swirl of digested rabbit women next to a pool of their fluids, that rapidly sank into the soil. She didn't even really look as she stepped forward and idly kicked dirt back onto the pile.

Finally, she remembered the grove of seemingly endless food - the never ending bunny girls, and how annoying it was to hunt there. But, she also remembered how full she felt afterwards– and headed in that direction, leaving her steaming waste behind. Unless those rabbits were smart, more of them will be here tomorrow too after meeting the same fate!

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Posted by Winny 3 months ago Report

Oooooh~ What a lovely little dozen of bunny girls! Absolutely adorable, all mixed together and forming such a cute little swirl. What a delightful end to a batch of cuties!

Lovely work Maeve~ Always a treat to see the delightful characters you create.

And the characters that end up slowly squeezed from their massive giant cheeks~ <3

Thank you for this lovely little adventure!


Posted by MadameMaeve 3 months ago Report

<3 thank you, im glad you like it


Posted by Wastelander 3 months ago Report

YES, been wanting to see neko disposal from your characters for awhile and this did not disappoint, its amazing.


Posted by MadameMaeve 3 months ago Report

It took me a while to decide on the pose. i was tempted to make it sorta kitty crouchy but she might also accidentally pee on her hands? thank you for your patience :3


Posted by Pickupppp3 3 months ago Report

FINALLY, i was scared u will stop doing disposal arts. U make my day


Posted by MadameMaeve 3 months ago Report

Never stop, just slow. Constipated, perhaps.


Posted by ShinjiIkari 3 months ago Report

Lmao I just love this.


Posted by atak 3 months ago Report

A very wonderful and alluring sight indeed! Such a fine and very handsome, lovely pile of waste she turned those bunny girls into. Certainly doesn't seem like she cares about them or their remains as she passes what she's done using up.
Can only guess how she'd feel if there was a small bunny person or mouse person there watching her and admiring her as she's doing her business; getting a preview of what their own fate is if she likely has them to eat after.
Bet that pile will be quite the sight for some other little people to come across later~


Posted by blogonmarut 3 months ago Report

What a perfect end for all these cute bunnys!

Thank you for these great pictures and cool Story!