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Kobold Cafe [CV Version, F/M] By JohnnySniper -- Report

A large, brazen wolf decides to enter a cafe past closing time and start trouble with the adorably short and voluptuous Tila, a Kobold with a passion for coffee and nice customers.

Unfortunately, this was one cutey Kobold he absolutely should not have messed with.

Turns out the not-so-smart-tough guys/asshole customers get shoved somewhere ravenous and devoured mercilessly/accidentally, right?


I will eventually make a UB version of this, just to show off all her talents.

But alas, this was a fun one. I love this character, I've had a little infatuation with Kobolds for a while, so I thought, why not make my own?

Tila will definitely feature in a few other stories and bits of artwork, as soon as I make her exist! Excuse the lack of detail on her character, as I don't want to write myself into the corner before I have her visualised ;)

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Posted by Sauvegarde 2 months ago Report

It flowed from her slit like melting wax, except he was the lit candle.

Great line :3


Posted by JohnnySniper 2 months ago Report

If you keep commenting nice things on my story like this I might have to buy a fan to stop my blush from being so pronounced <3


Posted by ThatOneVoraphile 2 months ago Report

This is a great piece! Looking forward to the UB version as well.


Posted by JohnnySniper 2 months ago Report

Glad you think so! I had fun writing her, I have no doubts she'll get just as lost in excitement in the UB version ;)


Posted by Enosh 2 months ago Report

This is beautifully written. So good that the kobold gal decided to churn him for good <3