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Love vs. Hunger By KentaKoukuji -- Report

Copy Sora's devoured the rest of the Digidestined and their Digimon! Without her partner, Sora's gotta take matters into her own hands.

Fueled by her friends' love, Sora's swells with power in more ways than one to take down her distended doppelganger once and for all!

...This is what happen when Digimon girl brainrot meets unapologetic shounen cheese. Also why am I so damn attached to a Sora clone that barely existed?

Art by  Natsumemetalsonic, characters belong to their respective owners.

...What you can't see is the Crest of Love glowing over Sora's navel area, so just use your imagination.

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Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 1 month ago Report

"Also why am I so damn attached to a Sora clone that barely existed?"
Because clones can produce interesting stories if done right?
Also I love Sora's logic here, "This clone is eating my friends to power up, so I'll eat the rest of my friends first!" Such a smart girl.


Posted by KentaKoukuji 1 month ago Report

Actually the idea was that Sora's just bloated with some kinda "Love energy" but what the heck, multiple interpretations aren't a bad thing!

And you're not wrong, clones are fascinating story potential. Just hard to resist getting carried away with a clone of a character you crushed on hard as a young'un

Coora Ithirid

Posted by Coora Ithirid 1 month ago Report

I can see why you would have she is best human girl of season 1.


Posted by Dragonjaj 1 month ago Report

Mimi best Bitch season 1 when she snaps and catches a attack and throws it back was pure gold


Posted by Zagine 1 month ago Report

Sora Clone Saga


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 month ago Report



Posted by kat624 1 month ago Report

Certainly going better for Sora then the last time the clone showed up in your gallery XD


Posted by french31 4 days ago Report

Looks like the clone Sora has already digested some digisaviors and their Digimon!


Posted by french31 3 days ago Report

uh which side is the cloned Sora ? and which side is the real Sora ?


Posted by KentaKoukuji 3 days ago Report

Real Sora on the left, Copy on the right