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Deleted scene(read description) By Angeltsunakappa -- Report

Yes I work for toei animations now as my main job. One of the interesting things I have with the director and oda (creator of one piece himself) is that I showed them a piece of a vore art animation, not animation but basically piece of art show casing a funny tv special or filler episode of nami and vivi swallowing their prey whole in a funny situation, this was during the time before film red was announced to the world but sadly this idea never came into the director or oda appeal including my supervisor from toei animation but maybe someday I will bring the idea back to the screen. I still have this in my desk in toei animation

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Posted by Hot_Plate 1 month ago Report

If only, lol

Still a great pic though!


Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

I am being for real. I drew that whole thing well half of it and someother people help me to draw it and i still haven’t have the approval yet but I think i like my idea.


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 month ago Report

Bruh if true this would be so fucking wild to see actually happen. A thing where Nami just eats people would be rad.


Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

I mean it was supposed to happen but I think toei didn’t see the appeal of it. So yeah I just decided to save it for sometime like as a short, or filler episode for sometime later.


Posted by 0nl1ce 1 month ago Report

I miss those wild shorts they did like chopperman or the monster one. Cool story and great pic.


Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

Well to be honest with you I am actually not making this story up. It’s actually was very true. Originally this scene was almost made it to a filler episode like robin thought but we decided to scrap the idea.


Posted by 0nl1ce 1 month ago Report

Oh when I said cool story I meant I believe you. I bet some people go a little nuts behind the scene. Have you heard the Fairy Tail Dub bloopers?


Posted by Dhman 1 month ago Report

This is awesome!we need more One puece voee!Pls so a lot of Nico Robin and Nami Vore!


Posted by Deathbat99 1 month ago Report

this must be made canon


Posted by Souls6 1 month ago Report

There is no way you showed them something like this and you still have that job.


Posted by Angeltsunakappa 1 month ago Report

Well toei doesn’t know vore plus oda (creator of one piece) has drawn big bellies before so I told them it’s for a funny gag scene but looks like it never made it


Posted by Schrodinger123 1 month ago Report

If you can get a selfie with the mangaka then we will believe you but as is well no pic no proof


Posted by Megachu2465 1 month ago Report

Riiiiight, sure you do


Posted by Luxio512 1 month ago Report

There's already vore in One Piece, when Kaido swallowed Luffy.


Posted by kibroman 1 month ago Report

I like much


Posted by AnonymousBellyFicGuy 1 month ago Report

On the chance you are who you say you are, I hope one day, they let this happen. Even as a gag, thay is all I ask.