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Wrong stomach!
(soft vore, masturbation, graphic digestion, disposal, breeding)
“Will you do it?” asked Oan, the anthro orca clinging to his massive feral podmate’s left flipper, wondering if he should demonstratively rub the warm bulge in his robes along the fin to make his excitement for the matter known or not. He ended up opting to just trail the start of it along the edges of Shout’s flipper.
“What makes you think my answer will be different the fifth time?” the feral sighed, but Oan could feel the resolve in his voice slowly eroding the more he pestered the huge predator. The anthro’s arousal was unrelenting, driven by wild fantasies of how great it would feel to be swallowed whole and alive by his podmate.
“Because my request is pretty reasonable. I have seen you swallow things far larger than me and I have seen how much you enjoy it.”
He was pretty sure he could see a faint blush on Shout’s face or at least he imagined one and the long pause before the feral’s reply definitely was a good sign.
“But it is just warm and fleshy in there. You have hidden in Twist’s folds just last week, was that not enough.
“Well, being inside the digestive rather than the reproductive tract is part of the fun. Besides in your belly there would be no way an oblivious podmate’s humongous two and a half meter cock suddenly joins and nearly crushes me. So in a way it will be safer.”
“Well, if you put it that way…”
“Also speaking of Twist, I might get vorny enough to just ask her to do it, though I am sure there is a fifty-fifty chance she would just digest me.”
“Yeah, better don’t do that. I..”
“Pretty please.”
“Alright fine, I will eat you. But keep talking and as soon as any of us feels like it's getting dangerous, I will spit you out.”
Shout was struggling to hide his own excitement, his enormous genital slit already bulging out, five meters away from where Oan was currently dangling from his body. The idea to have someone he genuinely loved slide down his throat and feel something other than frantically kicking prey inside his forestomach was an idea that the feral orca too did dream about. He even thought about things like this occasionally when his excessively greedy podmate returned from a successful hunt to claim her reward sex from him.
Luckily for Shout, Oan was way too excited and aroused to notice how contagious his state of mind was to his much larger podmate and designated predator.
Oan swam in front of Shout’s head with a big blushy grin on his face, sliding part of his robes aside to let out his nearly twenty centimeters of very excited cock from under the garment.
“Cute” commented Shout with a sly smirk, because the anthro’s member looked like a miniature of his own, a bit like the key chain versions of large monuments some landwalkers carry around.
“I am not trying to show it off. I just want to feel your throat on it directly when you devour me like some random dolphin.”
That shut Shout up pretty good. Not just because he kind of liked the idea of licking over his small podmate’s excitement, but also because swallowing live dolphins was a bit of a guilty pleasure to him. Unlike his mate who seemed physically incapable of feeling guilt, Shout was a bit concerned about how smart and similar to himself dolphins were. But as usual for a bus sized feral predator, hunger and the pleasure of tasting his natural prey and feeling their frantic struggles throughout his belly after he consumed them won out against any moral concerns.
The result was that Shout opened his maw and presented it to his podmate. The two jaws might as well have been barn doors and the tongue of the orca was quite functional as a red carpet too. He chuckled when he could taste Oan’s cock leaking pre in his maw before he felt the anthro making contact with his tongue, hugging it tightly as he pulled himself into his huge maw and placed his head just in front of the softly closed abyss of Shout’s throat.
Oan made himself comfortable, meaning he was gently grinding his erection all over his podmate’s tastebuds, shuddering occasionally and forcing himself to keep his orgasm at bay until he was down in Shout’s belly. Another thought that popped up in his mind nearly made him blow his load though and he had to bite his own tongue rather hard to not explode.
“You did finish digesting those sharks right?”
With his only possible spectator stuck in his maw and rubbing his leaking erection on his tongue, Shout could finally stop simulating modesty. The feral let out a little moan which he hurriedly morphed into a little sigh so Oan did not immediately realise that the feral’s gargantuan mating tool was right now spilling from his pink flushed genital slit. The mention of his breakfast made the orca a lot more excited immediately as his mind drifted to the former predators sloshing through his various stomach chambers and guts by now.
“Is my prey concerned about finding icky stuff in my belly all of a sudden?” he teased giddily and pushed Oan against his palette, making him slowly drift towards the entrance of his throat. The anthro’s rostrum already slipped past the thin fleshy veil which prevented water from flooding Shout’s gullet.
“No it is just that I don’t want to get a bunch of meat rubbed into my robes.”
“Ohh you should have just stripped like good food then.” chuckled Shout and pushed onwards, paying obvious attention to Oan’s arousal as he worked his “prey” deeper.
“You are mean.” giggled Oan, making it just barely sound honest enough to make his podmate clear things up.
“I ate them like four hours ago. Unless you go on a suicide mission to find the back exit to my stomach, you won’t meet more than a few loose teeth I would think. These small ones break down easily.
“I was just pulling your fluke, silly. Now gulp me you big hungry predatory beast.” Oan cheered, wiggling his tail that was now sliding over Shout’s tongue as well. This experience was incredible. Sure it had been fun feeling Twist’s convulsing slimy walls caress his whole body as she moaned constantly, but to Oan the sensation of a friend’s tongue treating him like prey, pushing him down a throat which has terminally consumed thousands of aquatic creatures before him was simply unmatched. For the first time in his life, he actually felt so in awe of the hot thing he did that his body kind of failed to realise how hard this should push him over the edge. Soon his dorsal fin was folded down and the hungry throat clenched on him, pulling on his upper half like he was some food. It seemed the deeper he entered Shout, the more his body acted on instinct rather than decisions. He shuddered thinking how the forestomach would react to his arrival.
“You are delicious.” came Shout’s voice from seemingly all directions at once. And it was a very aroused voice too.
“Less talking, more eating.” Oan huffed back. He could feel his fluke entering the throat now, his entire body being engulfed in how slimy muscle meant to transport prey to their doom.
After a little while the fleshy chute before him made a turn downwards. This was it, he was about to arrive in his podmate’s belly. He could not believe he had managed to talk him into this. The soft slimy flesh before him parted and he spilled arms first into the voluminous chamber which had been occupied by Shout’s elasmobranch breakfast just hours ago. He extended his arms so his suddenly accelerating descent would not end up in a crash, letting him feel the abrasive creatinised forestomach walls literally first hand. It was more painful than expected when the hungry orca’s digestive tract literally dumped him in there, but he managed to roll around once his tail slipped in, getting into a kneeling position with a bit of headroom. He was lucky he did not have to ask Twist for this, the smaller female’s forestomach would have been incredibly cramped for sure. But Shout fit him just fine.
“How does it feel?” he shouted at the feral he was inside, rubbing the rough walls with his soft fingers, trying to find if there was a direction in which the surface would not cut his rubbery skin, like on sharks. There was none.
“Incredible. I think I like it almost as much as you.” came Shout’s voice. He nearly said more, but he decided against describing the murky trail following the pointy tip of his black spotted mammoth of a cock. His voice conveyed all the information Oan needed to imagine his state though.
“No wonder those sharks did not hold up to this. Your forestomach walls are brutally rough and hard. Feels like coral in a way.” described Oan while shifting around and pulling a handful of bluntened shark teeth and some scraps that could have been pieces of jaws from under his butt. Unlike the previous owners of these body parts, Oan loved it in here.
“G… Good. Just make sure you tell me in advance when you need to get back out. These walls… have to squeeze you very hard to push you back up.” said Shout, his voice a shivering mess due to the arousal he felt. He had done it. He had eaten a podmate whole and alive, pushed him all the way into his digestive tract and now his ravenously aroused two and a half meter orca cock was trailing murky pre in the ocean as Oan’s gentle pushes made him nearly go wild with excitement. But this also caused his stomachs to work a bit quicker seeing how active Shout was getting.
Oan was frantically rubbing the miniature of Shout’s cock that was pushing out from under his robes ever since he had slipped onto the big orca’s tongue. However it was hard to enjoy his fap session inside his huge podmate for one simple reason: The forestomach he loved and tried to massage was now running on default settings, after Shout gave in to his arousal. And that meant that the organ which had turned entire sixgill sharks or whole seal families into unrecognisable meaty stew in the past was now working over him. His rubbery skin was covered in deep scrapes now and only his blubber was keeping him actually safe but it felt as if this place was aiming for his cock. Or as if something protruding from a prey item was simply particularly easy to get hit by the churning walls.
“Shout! I think it is time I come back out now. I think I mayyyy have started bleeding already.”
The orca who encompassed him did hear it all immediately but it took a little for his brain to switch from trying to slap his achingly needy erection against his semi filled belly to realising he had to save his podmate from being killed by his forestomach. By him. He had to stop killing Oan.
“Sure, errr how does this work? Can you try moving to the top? I think if you push your hands up it will go easier.”
In any case the suspicion of him having done severe damage to Oan already was countering his arousal as if the water temperature had just dropped another five degrees. Shout still huffed from the sensation of a living creature crawling around in his belly but knowing who it was, he did his best to make his stomachs behave.
“Ready!” came Oan’s reply.
“Alright, I will start pushing now.”
Oan had his hands on a firmly shut valve at the top of the forestomach. The rough walls were tearing at the skin on his legs, he did not even want to know what they were doing to his fluke and the gymnastics he had to do to control the exposure of his cock was strenuous.
“Please hurry. I may have underestimated your belly a bit.” he shouted.
Then the walls seemed to lurch upwards. He heard a long drawn retching noise as if Shout had eaten something bad and needed it to go back up. That was oddly reassuring and humiliating at the same time. He was about to literally be his podmate’s vomit. Better that than dead, Oan thought. Then his body was actually lifted upwards. A smile spread over his scrape mark covered face as he felt his arms slipping into a soft tunnel with slimy walls. Nothing in there tried to grind him into orca mulch and he greatly encouraged that.
“Keep pushing, I am going somewhere soft, I think this is the right way.” he said, eager to finally have his badly beaten up limbs and especially his still raging erection enter the soft smoothness of that valve. He felt the tight flesh slipping over his head next, warm slimy flesh engulfing him, replacing the deadly grinding of the forestomach with a firm but pleasant massage. It felt so very soothing. Since Shout was horizontal in the water it was only expected that Oan’s arms were bending down a bit again after being pushed vertically upwards. Everything was fine, but why were his fingers plunging into a lumpy fluid that burned on his scraped up knuckles? An uneasy sensation gripped the anthro orca’s mind and he started feeling around. From the grunts and groans around him he could tell that this was both difficult and pleasurable for Shout. The forestomach clenched on him harder, each convulsion leading to a suppressed moan from Shout and a surge of pain for Oan as the sharp walls of that efficient meatgrinder ground over his exposed fins. He knew he needed to get out of there and with a few wiggles the anthro tried to both help in the process and keep his cock away from the forestomach walls. He had some success and once his chest was through that tight valve, things went a lot faster too. Then it happened.
His torso was plunged into the suspiciously wide spade beyond the tight seal. It did not feel like Shout’s throat at all but his worst fears were confirmed in spectacular fashion when Oan’s head was plunged into a thick hot liquid that filled the chamber he was entering. As he descended into the pool, the feeling of hot tingling and burning sensations that marked every single scrape in his skin were not the only hint to where he was. A string of entrails or some very nearly digested meat pushed over his face and Oan could feel the semi melted piece of food leaving a trail of its softened tissue on his face almost like paint. He struggled to reach the surface, bumping into soft slimy walls and softened mushy former sharks. He joined Shout’s breakfast in his main stomach and he knew that things going in here always came out the back. His head pushed through the surface of the semi viscous pool and he inhaled sharply. Only after the acrid fumes bit his lungs and some of those juices actually drooled into his respiratory tract did he notice his mistake. So he was running out of time, racing against digestion and asphyxiation, trapped two stomachs and one huge throat away from freedom. He tried to scream but all his body could do was cough.
“Whatever you are doing in me, it feels so good.” chirped Shout, oblivious to the danger his podmate was in. “You were right, this is the hottest stuff ever. I wish Twist was here, I bet she would love a thorough breeding while feeling you in my belly.”
The soft pressure of a big living creature squirming around in his belly was driving Shout close to a hands free orgasm. He had never taken anything into that gut before grinding it into at least big chunks in his forestomach first. He had no idea that Oan was on his way to his intestine, not his maw. Then he heard Oan’s voice again and it felt like he was swimming through ice cubes.
“Help! Shout you are digesting me. Wrong hole!”
Suddenly Shout’s happiness collapsed. He was expecting his lust to do the same but to his great shame his body reacted on its own, his heavy cock undulating softly and spewing another murky cloud of pre into the ocean now that he had confirmation that his guts were still killing his podmate whilst they were talking. His heart and mind had different ideas though.
“What? How?! But I was pushing you upwards.”
“Yes, in your main stomach. I am standing in melted shark paste.”
That caused another groan from Shout and he had to bite his tongue to avoid just moaning. Good thing Oan could not see how much he was leaking now.
“Can you get back out?”
“Back into the forestomach? Not sure I can survive more than a few seconds in there now”
“It is the only way you can get out of me solidly.”
Oan cursed, Shout shuddered from an overpowering mix of fear, shame and out of place comfort and strong arousal fueled by the odd mix of these emotions.
“Please spit me back up. There has to be a way to vomit me back out.” pleaded oan, no longer feeling any indignation from the prospect of being orca puke. He desired it now, more than anything. He too had a weird boner to admit, but unlike Shout, he was utterly overwhelmed with panic and no shortage of pain. Several of his mechanical digestion wounds were bleeding and Shout’s stomach acids treated him no better than any other food item. There it was. Oan felt himself throb this time, when he thought of himself as food for his podmate. A hidden part of him liked the notion, but it was still buried under his desperate hope for survival.
He wanted to scream again but in that moment the stomach convulsed hard, clenching down on its contents and shifting them around. Oan could feel thick melted flesh flowing along his body and he was forced to curl up. As if to taunt him, the stomach pushed his rostrum right at the valve he had entered through, letting him feel some of the acids and even a few bits and teeth from Shout’s breakfast flow through, back into the forestomach.
“It hurts.” groaned Shout. “It's burning in my belly somehow. But does it work? Can you come up now?”
Oan shuddered. He was already feeling the acids working on his unprotected forestomach walls and Oan imagined clenching around solid prey was not comfy for an organ that had never seen anything like that before.
“No, I am still here, still melting.”
He was close to tears, his heart racing and his mind starting to settle with the certainty of his death. However this had an oddly freeing effect on him. They tried, they failed. He was going to die in here and he was going to become mere fuel for a wonderful orca he honestly loved. He was not sure if it was the end of the gnawing uncertainty of his fate or the acids destroying his nerves that made his position so much more bearable all of a sudden. Oan felt freed, even though he was trapped in a very deadly digestive organ. Then he heard SHout grunting again. More melted prey, maybe some of himself too now, was flushed past his head and contributed to the worst acid reflux Shout had ever experienced.
“It’s not working!” came the feral’s panicking voice.
Before he realised what he was saying and what it meant, Oan gave a calm reply.
“It’s alright. I am not getting out of this alive. Just try to enjoy me. I am doing the same.”
There was an odd silence and even the previously heaving organs seemed to fall silent around Oan, allowing Shout to maybe even hear his faint moan as he relished in the warm numbness the acids now spread all over his body. He felt for his cock, finding it still engrossed and needy, however its surface was roughened up, flaky almost thanks to the forestomach’s care. As he slid his fingers up and down he felt that weird sensation of flesh turned paste being scraped off. He did not know if it was his member or his fingers that were melting and sloughing off, probably both. The only thing he cared for was that it was kind of hot.
“Are you sure? I… I don’t want to kill you, Oan.”
“You should feel my skin now. If you push me back up one chamber I will be mulched like some squid.”
The moan he heard from all around him told Oan that Shout was not really minding the mental image.
“I would have filled some stomach eventually anyway. It comes with being part of the ocean. I am glad it is yours.”
With a few more firm pumps, Oan managed to reach a surprisingly fulfilling orgasm. His very last one. His fingers literally sank into his cock’s dissolving flesh, getting a direct feeling for the loads of seed he was pumping out, right into the mix of almost digested sharks, digestive juices and melted him. Oan sighed deeply.
“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy.” and then fell silent forever.
Oan’s ability to speak faded away soon after. His body was drifting around, feeling how the other preys were melted down entirely and flushed into the pyloric stomach. He kind of liked the slurping sound, knowing this was going to happen to him too. Reduced to some liquid, just fuel, a nutrient smoothie travelling his podmate’s guts, slowly being reduced to mere waste as he fuels Shout. It seemed that Shout was thinking him dead already because he could now hear the orca talking to himself.
“I.. I ate him. Digested him, killed him. Oh, why is this so damn hot? I need to… Hey Twist! I need your help. Good you are back.”

“Yes I ate something really hot and need some relief y…. You too?”
Oan could only hear Shout’s part of the short conversation but he surely recognized the sound of a two and a half meter long cock sliding into a very eager slit large enough to take it. The inevitable shaking and jolting that helped Shout’s stomach to break him apart even faster was merely a confirmation. Oan would be smiling if he still had a recognisable face left at this point.
Shout was in bliss, feeling his entire member suddenly going from the cool ocean water into the soft warm embrace of his mate’s body. The only thing keeping him from just spilling his load into her immediately was her sudden question.
“So, what did you eat to get this hard, hmm?” she asked in a deep moan, clearly enjoying how Shout spread her folds.
His enthusiasm slowed down a little and the blood pressure in his massive breeding tool sunk just a bit as he started stammering.
“I errr… its a surprise.” he mumbled.
Twist knew him well and knew better than to prod right now. But she was going to ping his belly with her sonar as soon as they were done introducing more salt to the ocean.
“Mysterious, I like it. I just had three or four seals. Wanna feel them?” she asked and already pushed her belly to his, starting to turn him over so she was on top. It did not matter much technically with them being suspended in the water, but it was a matter of principle to her. Her flippers pushed onto his flanks and tried to hold on as they both undulated their tails, emitting pleased moany sounds while a lot of Shout slid in and out of Twist in long, deliberate strokes.
“I think I can feel them. Is one still moving?” asked Shout, his lower belly blushing pink and his cock filling up to full hardness again as Twist chose not to ask what exactly was so pleasantly sloshing through his pyloric stomach right now.
“You had a big head start though. My seals are still alive-ish and I can hear your prey flooding your guts.”
“Just a liquid now.” moaned Shout, genuinely drawing more arousal from the sensation of liquid Oan flowing into his intestines, filling them out and making them swell with melted flesh that used to be a podmate. He lingered on this thought a second to long, allowing the mix of Twist’s thirsty sex clenching on his rod and his belly processing Oan to push him over the edge. Orcas, like other dolphins, did not do regret. Also Oan told him to enjoy it and he sure did. ‘This is for you’ he thought, as his member throbbed firmly, shifting around more than two meters deep inside Twist’s body as it spewed long jets of hot semen into her.
“So warm. So much!” she moaned around him, her folds undulating more quickly now. Shout was not sure what was going on but he felt like she was cumming too. His mind was a haze and all he could certainly say is that his entire body seized up, clenching, squirting seed into his mate and formerly sentient chyme into his lower digestive tract at the same time.
“That was wild.” Twist said, nudging his belly after they had taken a well needed breather at the surface. She clicked her sonar, trying to figure out what was going on inside her mate while his excess seed still drooled from her very happy, well used slit.
“I loved how you milked me.” Shout replied and swam around to snuggle with her.
“So what did you eat to become so worked up? I only found paste and some old teeth or something in your guts.”
“It is a secret?” replied Shout, growing more unsure and evaded her glance a bit shameful. Maybe he was the one orca who felt a little regret? After all he was supposed to be the calm, collected and sensible of the two.
“Come on now, whatever you ate probably ended up getting me pregnant, so just tell me.”
“Try who.”
“Who did I eat” he clarified and tried to hide his face in his flippers.
“You didn’t!”
“He asked me to! Begged me and we both agreed you would probably digest him for fun.”
“And look how that turned out.”
“... I tried to get him out but he somehow ended up sliding in my gastric stomach instead. And when I tried throwing him up it just would not work, all I got was burning my forestomach with chyme and…”
“Hang on. Oan is dead now, no need to worry too much about gurgled landwalkers. But you are telling me you can push something as long and wide as him into your main stomach, whole and alive and successfully digest it?”
“Well, I… in two hours or so you could see how successfully I digested him.”
“You want me to watch you shit him out?”
“No… not like that but. Like… How else can you say goodbye to him?”
She sighed. “You are right. But, you don’t mind if I get a little horny from the view, right? I mean you breeding me while passing Oan through your guts just now was so hot. In a way, some of him might already be in me.” she added, looping around to show off her blushed, leaking folds.
A few hours later, both orcas had entirely empty stomachs. Twist had already demanded that they go on a hunt once Oan got his improvised sea burial.
“Do you have to be so close?” Shout asked, feeling Twist clicking her sonar at his lower belly.
“Just saying bye to a dear podmate who got eaten by a ravenous predator, is all.” she teased. “Now poop already. I am hungry again and I bet you need some protein too after what you did to my pussy.”
Shout submitted to her will and closed his eyes. He focussed on how excited Oan was inside of him. How he fucked his tongue, how he ended up enjoying his own demise deep inside his belly. These thoughts lead to his cocktip coming out before his long digested podmate did, but luckily Twist could hold back her laughter. Then he felt his lower slit parting and the warm rush of well and truly digested prey left his body. He felt space freeing up inside him, pressure lowering and it was suspiciously normal. Oan left no unusual sensation on his way out, until Shout felt an odd tickle and some obstruction, refusing to leave his tailhole.
“I knew you two were close, but this is ridiculous. Let go of the robes.” giggled Twist, unable to hold back her laughter now.
“What is going on?” asked Shout, twisting and turning but unable to look back under his lower tail.
“Your ass is holding onto a souvenir that is going on.”
“Can you pull it out?”
“Yes. But I won’t.”
“Because I already said bye to Oan, because I am hungry and because the thought of having you fuck me again with fresh prey in your main stomach and Oan stuck in your butt is amusing me.”
“Why are you like this?” asked Shout as his erection grew slightly.
“Well, I always wanted to be the one turning Oan into a cloud eventually, this is my revenge.”
“So, up for more sharks?”
“Oh no, we are going after mammals, whatever can fit into your main gut and can hold its breath for long. I want to watch things squirm as they melt in you.” huffed Twist, just about able to tame her lust to lead the hunt instead of claiming her refill already.
“Come on now big guy. I surely did not eat every last seal yet.”
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Wrong stomach! (orca vore and lewds) By Fischie -- Report

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This is a story written as part of a trade for my friend Ghostofyourdad on FA.
In short, his orca pod has two ferals and one anthro. For now. In a lewd experiment the anthro wants to explore one of the feral's belly and it just so happens that something goes wrong. As it turns out, orca's hardly feel regret and having something squirm in your belly feels nice.
Details inside, have fun with the story.

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Posted by JettCabino 2 weeks ago Report

Gotta say, being too close to a friend in this regard is attractive. Of course, the fact that it is an orca with very powerful twin stomachs is absolutely orgasmic. Definitely is a place I would be a fool to not admire and fantasize about experiencing~


Posted by Fischie 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the kind words. Playing with a bunch of stomachs sure is fun.


Posted by JettCabino 2 weeks ago Report

Birds, Cetaceans, ruminants, and more are just fantastic with multiple stomachs.