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Churning Tides [Trade/Story in Description] By Fatedmeal -- Report

Author’s Note: This is an artwork done by  hamilton4 that I was allowed to post on my gallery. Along with the short story I crafted for it. Please do enjoy the image and give their gallery a look. This is their part of a trade where I completed the story Arezu’s Offering.
Word Count: 4127

Kamatayan dragged their tongue across their lips in euphoric bliss. The black lip gloss refracted the bright sun light from the salivary sheen. Much like the perspiration on that fit girl called Mary. A student at Vishaal South High School who only observed as her roommate was engulfed by their cock first thing in the morning. The roommate’s hijab tickled the gaping urethra of Kamatayan’s engorged phallus a few hours prior. The meaty instrument was excited to devour the migrant that seemed to excel in academics.

If only she knew to not mess with my family.

Kamatayan grinned to themselves as the warmth of her loins pervaded though their body. The burning and pleasurable ache was complimented by the cool coastal wind. Although, that was an aspect that neither of Kamatayan’s prey could appreciate as they struggled within the greater predator’s boiling testicles.

8 hours earlier


Kamatayan’s turgid penis slonked the unsuspecting honors student. Zehra’s legs flailed with a vigor that matched her willful background. The honor’s student having escaped a voracious revolution in her home country before migrating to Placating Archipelago. The middle eastern girl plummeting in socioeconomic status from the top to the bottom of the food chain. Mary had stared on unashamedly at the sight as Kamatayan’s length began to slurp up her friend in several hearty gulps. Zehra’s scream pleasurably tickled Kamatayan’s fleshy tube and caused the spongy walls to clamp further upon the flailing girl. Kamatayan was sympathetic to the migrant’s plight in life and impressed by her capability to climb the social and academic ladder at Vishaal Island. However, the hijab wearing girl should have thought twice before trying to swoon Kamatayan’s cousin, Saga, and have him wrapped around her fingers.


A moan was emitted at the entrance of the student’s residence as Kamatayan dragged the struggling passenger all the way up to her rear. Although, even Kamatayan was unsure if she was the one who emitted it as the sporty roommate, Mary, had buckled down onto her knees and her spats were soaked with sexual desire. Mary’s dark skin was coated in sweat as she teased her nipples through her athletic top. It became readily apparent to Kamatayan that the lithe and well marbled piece of meat was aroused at the sight of her friend being devoured.

“Hey! I don’t do this for your viewing pleasure. Don’t think that I’m not going to churn you along with her as my cock and ball fat as well.”

Kamatayan’s verbal insults only seemed to rile Mary up even further. Her short and curly brown hair bounced up and down as she stood up. Only to drop back down on her knees closer to the girth of Kamatayan’s obelisk.


Mary plucked off Zehra’s loafers before tossing them aside. She then grabbed hold of her roommate’s legs and began pushing her inside. The screaming face that sharply curved along Kamatayan’s phallus reached the base of their shaft by this point. Causing the island princess to scrunch her toes and clench her fist.

“Hah~ Please…Island Princess Kamatayan I want to be a part of your weighty nuts.” Kamatayan looked down at the nearly salivating girl as she fed her friend up to her calves.

God. Damn it! It’s another one of those creepers from my “fan club”. Or maybe just another prey slut. I can never tell the difference.

“Don’t blame me when you are reduced to nothing more than a steaming pile of testicle milkshake.” Mary laced her fingers around Zehra’s wriggling toes before pushing her soles in the warm maw of Kamatayan’s penis glans.

Zehra was introduced to a hellish perspective the moment she had stepped out of the door of her apartment. She had planned to ingratiate herself further with Saga by helping him with his language class assignment. Instead, Zehra found that she would have difficulty using her linguistic skills for much else but screaming for the rest of the day. The first step she took out of the door resulted in Zehra inexplicably tripping. Her meticulously arranged hijab fluttered in the wind as her head rushed straight towards the flaring head of a brown meaty mass.


The creamy strands of precum framed the entrance of the large vertical mouth that embraced Zehra’s face. Pushing her hijab to the side as the muscular walls took hold of Zehra’s neck. Her mind barely able to process the image of the figure that this rod belonged to. The cousin of the man that she was trying to court. Zehra had always heard that Kamatayan had been a little overprotective of Saga, but she never suspected that it was to this extent. Zehra’s thoughts were interrupted as the creamy cock juices splattered into her gaping mouth. The slimy lips of Kamatayan’s cock gripped roughly against Zehra’s neck as she tried to extricate herself out of the dark cylindrical path.


Zehra gasped as she felt her body sucked in further. Beyond the simmering and cloying depths was a velvety wall of plush yet firm lining. That confirmed around Zehra’s figure and violated the privacy that her attire had created. A figure that she hid from the stray eyes of any lecherous fool was now being invaded by the seepage of insidious fluids that lined the spongy walls. Crevices and curves that Zehra scarcely touched were smothered with the creamy residue. A concoction that resulted in a burning itch that her hand’s couldn’t reach. Zehra’s palms pushed futilely against the firm and shiny head before they were too slurped up by the yawning maw. The honors student was able to feel the gooey ooze trail along get fine digits. The jewelry she had along her arms were pushed along her arms painfully. However, the scratching of those bands would soon provide the shaft’s inner walls with a pleasurable sensation.

Why isn’t Mary doing anything!

Zehra tried to yell the name of her friend and roommate, but the highly educated student didn’t think her plan through. A film of cum layered onto Zehra’s exposed tongue as the springy walls bulged into her mouth. The firm musculature, and blood pumping through the walls, became ever more familiar to the squirming girl. Whose legs seemed to vacillate in the air with no purpose but to entertain her predator. As Zehra had only seemed to sink further down into the hot member. It was impossible to ignore the violent frothing of cum from the gated chambers down below. Even with the blood pooling in Zehra’s head as gravity assisted with the peristaltic motion of the fleshy tube that she found herself trapped within. Suddenly, the cylinder she was in rumbled with a great reverberation. One that was distinct from the predator’s natural heartbeat. Zehra was resigned with fright. Silently praying that Mary would swoop in and save her. The girl regretting the fact that she tried to leverage her social status by becoming acquainted with the son of an influential family in Placating Archipelago. The honors student could do nothing as she slowly slid down the cloying tube which had begun to burn against her skin. Her tears streamed down her visage with a lukewarm temperature that cooled her face. It was at that point that Zehra felt something moving against her feet. Her loafers removed, and then she screamed in agonizing horror. Zehra’s body was roughly moved down the sexual organ’s throat and closer to the churning chamber. She noticed that her rear bulged against the taut lips of Kamatayan’s cock before a pressure was squeezed around them. The wet thin lips bit into Zehra’s flutes like they were malleable pieces of dough. Her chunky cake of a rear fondled in ways that the religiously devout girl had never touched before.


And those pieces of cake would be caressed with greater intimacy than ever in Zehra’s life as they were roughly slonked into the urethra that desecrated her chastity. However, that was the last thing on the honors student’s mind as she was reeling from the torment that intensified. Zehra was forced to breath in scant pockets of stale air for comfort. Even though such an action allowed for a stream of hot and gooey cum to drip languidly down her throat. As the sudden movement of Zehra’s body was as if she was being grated against a metal contraption. It felt as if there were a thousand burning needles running along her body. Thus, when Zehra experienced a change in environment she almost welcomed it. Until she realized how blistering hot it was. It felt as if her skin was already melting from being in the space. Zehra’s rapid respirations suffused her constrained lungs with the tangible miasma that was the internal space of Kamatayan’s right testicle. The ovoid structure, a large size unfilled, begin to distend upon the added weight of the girl. Zehra’s breaths of uninterrupted stale air was short lived as her head was doused into the growing pool of cum. She felt fin structures lace between her toes before she was pushed into the hot white magma. It was almost as if the viscous liquid was sucking her down like quicksand despite its shallowness. The dense liquid pulling Zehra down with its own gravitational pull.

When, in reality, it was the assistance of her friend who pushed her shapely form down the front side of Kamatayan’s girth. The tumescent organ displaying the last traces of Zehra’s form with a fine attention to her curvature, while obfuscating the details of her body. Resulting in a nondescript sensual shape vanishing under the shaft’s brown skin.


Kamatayan traced their hand over the frenulum of their twitching dick. The sun’s radiance warmed their body up. Including the personal saunas of the two girls that she had consumed.

Heh…my nuts are probably much hotter than any sauna anyone has been in now.

Aside from the sun’s natural radiance warming up the brew that the girls were boiling in. The hot beach sand that their testicles rested on through the towel would most defined serve as a hot plate. Acting in a similar manner to a bunch of small hot coals.

Heck. Their skin is probably melting off their muscles in painful drips and forming more dollops of cum.

Kamatayan’s grin widened upon the image of the scalding bath growing from the remains that sloughed off Zehra’s and Mary’s still living bodies. A vicious cycle that wouldn’t end until it was far too late for either of the girls. The predator basked in the soothing heat as they felt the solid forms began to ooze over her legs.

Kamatayan wiggled her toes as it was probably too late at this point. Even if they ejaculated the two of the girls out at this moment, it was unlikely that their bodies be able to endure the experience. Kamatayan shifted their knees up to each of the testicles. The warmth the scrotum brimmed with caused the predator’s toes to fan out. A plush texture greeted the sharp edge of Kamatayan’s knees. The efforts and potential of these girls had already added to their scrotum. As a dense layer of ball fat. The firm and springy sensation of Kamatayan’s boiling balls were further augmented by this digestive experience.

“I’m sorry for confessing to Saga. Please let me out!”

Whew. Still able to articulate your thoughts. Guess that my balls were taking their time to convert you into fatty dollops of cum. Although, I’m a bit surprised that you haven’t said anything on route from your room and the beach. Guess like my nuts you had a lot to digest about the situation.


Even after the digestive onslaught that Zehra endured she still held out in hope of escaping an effervescent demise. The walls of the testicles hugged her form tightly. The white hijab she wore was lost to the deluge of stringy white. Her body was bundled up and flexed in a manner that no human should be. Her legs were contracted upon themselves and close to her waist. The bulbous rear steadily became a hearty and bubbly butter ball. The sperm working slowly to convert the adipose and muscle into dense heap of cum. In contrast, aside from Zehra’s left arm, her limbs had already been fractured and penetrated by the invasive sperm. The caustic nature of the bubbling white bath treated the aspiring academic like a boiling piece of meat. Bubbles tauntingly popped in the ears of the eviscerated woman. Her skin having melted off a while ago and followed by the muscles which frayed and sloughed off. The spherical globules of cum bubbles burst with a pressure and noise that reminded Zehra of the volley of artillery when her family and her were absconding from the revolution in her home country. The little girl who had hidden in the dark recesses of a cargo ship viscerally re-emerged in Zehra’s head. Her face and still solid left hand pushed out against the testicular walls. The nondescript imprint of Zehra’s face appeared on the lateral side of the scrotum. The schoolgirl threw her weight in the direction opposite from the center of Kamatayan’s body. The predator’s congested ball sloshed languidly from the motion and pulled the other prey-filled ball to the center of Kamatayan’s body. Mary’s smiling countenance, the only discernible feature from Zehra’s face imprint, pulled the scrotum’s skin taut.

GAWD YES! Churn us down into your thick and hot white batter!” Kamatayan’s lips curled into an open-mouthed grin as they basked in the electrical waves that traveled along the skin of their scrotum. The waves bifurcating along the path of Kamatayan’s body. The euphoria spread up along Kamatayan’s shaft and caused it to jerk up and down. While the other pleasurable tingle crawled along their spine and aroused the pleasure center of Kamatayan’s cranium. The predator’s chest heaved up and down as they breathed out of their nose. Under the gentle and unrelenting radiance of the sun and the crescendo of pleasure resulted in Kamatayan’s gray matter to lightly melt in euphoria. Kamatayan’s hands didn’t even need to move as the thought of destroying such promising youth was a sadistically pleasurable deed. At this point, whether they desired to take advantage of Saga didn’t matter.

“Mary what the fuck?!” Even if an acquaintance passed by at this moment, they would not have recognized the featureless faces protruding from Kamatayan’s churning cum tanks. The early evening sun framed a soft halo of light around the predator’s scrotum. Kamatayan imbibed the sight of the two contrasting faces morph and soften.

“UGH. AHHH! AHHHH!! IT BURNS” Zehra’s screeched. Kamatayan noted how the Muslim girl’s voice lost the alluring cadence that the skank probably tried to beguile Saga with. In contrast, the imprint of Mary’s mouth widened before it began to deflate.

Huh. I guess that must have been the ball feed’s temporomandibular joint dissolving.

Kamatayan thought as they suspected Mary’s lower jaw must have dissolved at this point. The predator recalled how Mary dived into the lubricated maw of their cock. The phallus bobbed up and down as Zehra’s struggling form pushed against the firm testicular walls. Zehra’s vigorous floundering was subdued by Mary’s eager behaviors. She had placed her knees onto the jostling but as leverage. Before the ebony-skinned athlete kissed above the drooling vertical slit of her predator’s flared head. A wet and squeaky swallow hid the curly brown hair and aroused visage of the athlete. Kamatayan would have sworn that it looked like her prey’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. They shivered as the prey licked the inner walls of the shaft. Mary guzzled down the leftover cock cream glued to the walls as if it were gelato.

Hmm~ Maybe I should get some.

Kamatayan’s legs crossed during their reminiscence.


Oh…oh ah

Mary’s frame was completely mulched by such an action. Earlier her dark skin melted off and her red muscles were colored white by the thick and condensed milk. The soggy muscle fibers opened gashes throughout Mary’s body and the sperm slithered through and gradually converted the preyslut’s internal structure into threads of cum. Mary’s muscular tissue soon morphed into a patchwork of threads of cum. The preyslut’s internal cavity shifted from housing her organs to forming a growing pool of heaps of cum. Different shades of hues paints growing in piles in what was once the body of a nation level athlete. Mary basked in agonizing pleasure as the frothing fluid colored green by bile mixed with the cum that mixed with blood. The mixture of liquids reached the athletes honed skeletal structure and jellied the stalwart structures. While Zehra made futile efforts to avoid the bubbling mixture Mary fully embraced it. It was for that reason that the athlete who had built her body and life to a singular goal of physical excellence was reduced to a frothing pile of cum. The broiled meat and fractured bone flavored the creamy white broth that shook violently in effervescent adulation.

Mary’s cries for mercy were unanswered as far as Kamatayan could tell. The predator’s left ball receded into itself as it plumped up with dense ball fat. Kamatayan felt the blood pump with greater intensity through the bulging vasculature of their engorged length. The dense obelisk was brimming with the dissipated warmth of Mary’s expired remains. The basted and lean meat melted like fatty butter. Kamatayan could have sworn that with each pump of blood through their cock and churn of the creamy paste, that was once Mary, their cock would grow in vitality and stature.

I wonder if her fatty flab or proteinaceous muscle is added to my cock’s girth

“Please…I don’t want to die…huck …” Zehra was on her last legs. A phrase that was not fitting for the situation as her lower limbs had fizzled away in a violent manner. The anguish as the meat and bone, that composed the Muslim schoolgirl’s fragile body, was dissolved into a hearty and dense butter. The solid-like liquid looked around and invaded the gashes that formed from the unrelenting approach of the acrosome ended sides of the acrid sperm. The corrosive nature of the semen too much for Zehra as even her one good arm had disappeared into the white muck. If it were still attached to her body, then the honors student couldn’t feel it. Much less move it to protect the open wound over her abdomen. The cum around the cavity-colored red and green as the semen invaded into her core. Zehra’s heart, lungs, and brains were the remaining essential organs eft unscathed. Tears would be streaming down her face if the ducts hadn’t been eviscerated by aerosolized sperm. The hair concealed in public by Zehra’s hijab had fallen off her head in its entirety.

Kamatayan’s hair flopped as the warm coastal air blew passed her. The predator got on their haunches and lifted themselves up from the towel. Their thighs lightly squeezed the burgeoning ovoids that concealed the shear bodysuit that covered their muscular calves and thick thighs.

“Oooh. You two squish nicely. I’m sure that you two would have had bright futures but padding my balls and cock should be a cozy and warm consolation prize. Heck, if you are somehow able to talk after splatter your remains then let me know how it feels. Although, I haven’t met anyone whose been able to talk as a steaming pile of jizz.” Kamatayan walked towards the coast. The setting and coast cooled their warming body. Zehra’s body was mired under strangling ropes of scalding cum. The waves of the white pool threatened to drown the anguished honors student. Before she would expire from the burning sperm that was digesting her.


Kamatayan supported the heavy rod and balls with their arms. The predator’s biceps flexed as they stepped carefully on the graining floor. They flexed their black-nail polished toes as the tide encroached on their feet. The salty brine tickling their feet.

Huh. I guess I could do that.



And with that Kamatayan stretched their arms above their head and stretched. Narrowing their stance and compressing the firm yet malleable scrotum. They let out an uncharacteristic giggle in the safety of their privacy. At the tickling sensation they felt at the denouement of this high school field trip they chaperoned. Zehra’s form finally caved in on itself. The hot jizz swarming the insides of her torso and cranium. Her essential organs spilled out as the cum swelled within her remains. Bones dissolved as the pile of muscle tissue fed into the effervescent frothing.

Kamatayan’s balls slackened as the other girl had finally expired. Then those moist ovoids began to condense as the walls molded the dense cream into a frothing batter. A burning passion crashed in waves through the predator’s body in sync with the crashing tide of the coast. Kamatayan firmly stroked their erect cock to a crescendo. The predator’s strokes became erratic as the bubbling heat rose like a fountain. A geyser of thick white cream shot out and splattered in pearly bubbles along the briny coast. With each tide of water that dragged the dense liquid further in to the ocean Kamatayan released another hearty helping of salty fluid. The overprotective cousin casually used their fattened cock and clenched pudgy balls to eject the remains of an all too willing gut slut of an athlete and an honors student who didn’t watch here she was heading. The white frothy bubbles of the salty sea nearly indiscernible from the healthy protein that was composed of two young adolescents absolved of their dreams and hopes. The strong jerks of Kamatayan’s cock lessened with each expulsion of long stringy virile ropes. Until their cock bobbed up and down slightly as it descended. The two cummified girls dribbled from the vertical slit they entered in a languid and oozing stream. Kamatayan squeezed the genitalia a couple times as they appreciated how firm and pliable their fattened cock and balls felt. Although, that was interrupted by an odd sensation traveling up their cock’s fleshy tube. A presence distinct from the chunky cum slid down and out Kamatayan’s shrinking penis. Two garments, one white and one black, slithered out of Kamatayan’s drooling penis. The older predator removed the clothing as their departure left a pleasurable aftertaste. A final wad of cum spurted out. The corroded hijab and spandex shorts of the girls had survived the black-lipped woman’s self-indulgent holiday.

“Huh. After a day drowning in my scalding ball batter that was warmed by the beaches sun and sand, I wouldn’t expect that your clothes would survive.” Kamatayan said as they took the pair of clothes and wrung them out. They squeezed out the cum that soaked into the fibers before they would drag the now dried and fragile fabric over their cum saturated penis. Kamatayan wiped the semen off until their cock was satisfyingly clean. At least until they took a shower. Concern of disposing the cum rag was unneeded as the problem took care of itself. Wiping off all the cum off their cock broke apart the corroded fabric into small tatters. Kamatayan waved their hand and caused the pieces of fabric to flutter to the ground.

Well…at least that takes care of another pest that was trying to take care of Saga.

“Now I think there was a Gelato store nearby.” Kamatayan said as they began to walk off. Their flaccid length shrunk until they were able to hide it behind their bodysuit and sarong once more. Although, a seed of doubt was planted in the cousin’s minds after completing their actions.

What if Saga is saddened by Zehra’s unexplained disappearance.

Kamatayan fidgeted slightly before she beamed.

Well…if he is a bit despondent then he would assuredly appreciate if his kind older cousin offered their lap to rest his head on.

Thus, Kamatayan’s day ended with them walking with a little bit of pep in their step.


This was the Placating Archipelago. A developed tropical location. There would definitely be a gelato store nearby. Although, tourists couldn’t help but wonder if the string of casual vore any part in the process of had making this dessert. If Zehra and Mary’s experience were of any value, then maybe they served as a testament to support this rumor.

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Posted by Fatedmeal 5 days ago Report

Success!!!!! The image looks beautiful!!!!


Posted by ATailDesired 5 days ago Report

Looks lovely, and what a wonderful place to churn.


Posted by Fatedmeal 5 days ago Report

Wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the audience :-)


Posted by IcyHugs 4 days ago Report

Wish I had a cousin like her who gets jealous of other girls trying to take me away from her ~


Posted by Fatedmeal 4 days ago Report

Well…I would agree as well, but Saga might sing a different tune if he ever found out.

As Kamatayan and Saga were part of a restrictive and spartan household of prestige. That resulted in a life without much autonomy, and led them to lean on each others shoulders. As many of their family members were a bit cut throat.

Although, Kamatayan may have become a bit too fixated in protecting Saga from potential threats and being a fixture in his life. The latter may not appreciate that one of the few kind family members in his life is further restricting his freedom.

Oh well. You can’t really choose family.


Posted by Perv404 4 days ago Report

Lovely artwork and story.
Is there more content featuring Kamatayan? Or a character profile?


Posted by Fatedmeal 4 days ago Report

There is a character profile in the “artworks” section of my gallery with a unique way that I introduced their personality and settings of their world. I wrote a prompt of them finding you on the coast and they develop the intent of consuming you. Then in the comments section I continued this narrative with commenters (an impromptu roleplay) to reveal more info of their personality, new details about the setting they reside in, and describe the ultimate consumption and digestion of you. You are able to choose the core type the story will progress by ovserving a certain region of Kamatayan’s body. The item is still open to new entries as long as the individual responses by both party are long enough (as you will see that there was an issue to this that I didn’t predict when first writing that you will see when you check the item).

In short, yes there is one more item of Kamatayan for now. It is both a character prorifle and two completed stories (~7K words each) with oral and anal vore routes.


Posted by Perv404 3 days ago Report

Interesting. I may give that a try.
Any guidelines and rules besides it being 1st person and hinting at the preffered method of vore?


Posted by Fatedmeal 3 days ago Report